“Discover a deeper part of yourself, explore your subconscious mind, and share your creative journal with the world. A global social experiment to map the collective un-conscious, Dreamcatcher is your space to chart the mysteries of the mind, explore global dream trends, and inspire greater synchronicity in your life. Start sharing and become part of the digital Dreamsphere.” ~ Phong


Phong ~ Cocreator of Dreamcatcher.net, Solpurpose [dropcap]A[/dropcap]re dreams just mere musings of the wondering mind or are they much more? The ancients considered the dream realm to be just as important a part of the life experience as the awakened state. Can dreams perhaps serve as keys to unlocking the great mysteries of our soul purpose? Upon the astral plains, we step into a realm ascended possibility…~awakening~ to an entirely new world of creative expression and experience.

Solpurpose recently had the great pleasure of connecting with Dreamcatcher’s cocreator Phong, for a rare opportunity to speak about the rising significance of reawakening to the power of the dream. A dynamic visionary artist and deeply conscious dreamer, Phong shared with us his thoughts on why dreams are so important during this age of profound global transformation…and why the pioneering social network Dreamcatcher.net has chosen to create a portal where we can dream together to manifest a more positive world culture.

Ehren: Dreamcatcher offers us the opportunity to take the social networking phenonemon much farther, into a realm where the inspirations of the mind, the compassion of the heart, and the eternal nature of the soul becomes the mark of measure for our creative potential. From Egypt to Greece, the Qabalists to the Mayans ~ Dreams and visions played an intimate part in the shaping of ancient culture and spirituality…Why do you feel the power and significance of the dream is returning to the collective consciousness?

Phong: Modern technological culture has taken us out of touch with nature, and put us in a psychic interconnected sphere with our contact list. For many people, dreams are the only true connection they have with nature, and so they have a primordial significance that appeals to us in many ways. In an age where we have answers to everything with one click, and there are rules that define every aspect of our lives – dreams put us back in touch with the mysteries beyond this world.

Ehren: The great American playwrite Marsha Norman once quoted, “Dreams are illustrations…in a book your soul is writing about the real you.” We spend half our lives in the astral realm of dream…can you speak on how dreams can guide one to their core truth. Can dreams perhaps be considered one of the most important dynamics of life itself?

"Lucid" ~ Dreamcatcher.net, SolpurposePhong: Dreams can become a valuable tool for addressing social, cultural and global trends as well as larger world issues on the collective level of consciousness. Dreams are a key which can open the doors to the soul.


Ehren: Our world is undergoing a period of rapid and profound transformation.: Technology, science, spirituality, art, culture…from the changing face of the earth to the cosmic alignments abounding…How can dreams and visions help us navigate the challenges and opportunities we face? Are dreams road maps through the divine potentials of consciousness?

Phong: As the world we were raised in crumbles and transforms, and as our parents and grandparents pass on leaving us at the helm of the planet – we require powerful and revolutionary visions of the future. What is the highest potential for all the new conditions we’re faced with? It is critical for the long term survival of our species that we cultivate radical new ways of relating to this life experience.

Ehren: So where is the dreamcatcher lightship ultimately headed?

Phong: Dreamcatcher is a vessel for users to share a deeper part of themselves, beyond the shallowness of tweets and status updates. Where is it going? Lets dream together and find out.

We stand and watch the steady demise of disconnected social and cultural paradigms which have rigidly defined our world for millennium. Humanity is entering into territory never before experienced upon this plane, where the collective heart and creative imagination are becoming the sole determinants of our fate. We have reclaimed the right to choose our own destiny…and each day more and more brothers and sisters of the one human family are aligning with their most sacred dreams: the restoration of peace, unity, and magik to this beautiful world. As we each play our parts in the dance of life, may we honor the power our dreams hold to awaken the collective to the majesty of all we are. Visit Dreamcatcher.net and share your dreams with the world!


"Lucid Dreaming" ~ Dreamcatcher.net, Solpurpose