This is a prayer of intention and soul purpose that has awakened in my heart this beautiful morning. I humbly extend these words to brothers and sisters who walk upon the many sacred paths of our world. Those who inspire and guide others home to the truth of our transcendent nature with loving hearts. Whether directly or from afar, you have made a profound difference in not just my life, but for all of humanity. The essence of our art is born of the same shared inner grace…and our expressions of that sacred potency awaken and inspire with resounding strength and love. Be fearless beacons of awakening and Great Mother will guide your footsteps every step of the way. I pray these words travel swiftly on the wind and find all who have been a part of this transcendent movement. I love and thank you all for your being progenitors of the inner light in your own unique and beautiful way.  Namaste, in humble gratitude. 

Buddha Vibrations[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are conduits of the Prana, embodiments of the Lifeforce, facets of the Eternal Diamond of Creation.  We walk this sacred plane of manifestation to share in the rapture of being, and to fulfill the highest honor of guiding humanity into an age of ascended Union and Cocreation.

Many paths we have traveled, and many forms have we embodied.  As we journey through the karmic streams home to our Universoul purpose.

The Magik of Ancient Days flows through our timeless forms.   The essence of humanity awakens within our subtle frames, as we remember the omnipotent source of love that binds us all.

We are here to heal, guide, and inspire our brothers and sisters to embark on their final journey, toward the boundless fount of creative love we share within us all.

Our lives are that of service to the highest ideal and virtue; To humbly embody this world, humanity, and all of creation in all its wondrous forms, as aspects of the true higher self.

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Through thought, word, and action, we are whispered mantras of love in motion…unhindered by self-imposed or socially accepted barriers, flying free in the endless blue hue.

We are maguses of akashic magik, seers of transcendent vision…architects of tomorrows transcendent reality. With each breath we are born again, with an opportunity to rediscover the blessing in each moment of life in this manifested experience.

Within our true nature lies an unshakable, unbreakable strength of purpose; to be the Light we Wish to see in the World and actualize that Dream unhindered by any obstacle faced on the path toward self realization. The triumphant march of becoming.

The ancients say we are all made of stars, for our love and light radiates like the essence of the Sun. Unwavering in its all pervasive healing luminescence. So here we are, here and now.  Dancing on the cusp of an age where humanity is at long last returning to our cosmic roots.  Reaching outward embracing the universe as did Great mother receive Great Father’s light at dawn of creation.

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With humble hearts we search for a way to love more deeply, dream more vividly, live more honestly,  and create more harmoniously.  Understanding there are a million ways to live in balance with God’s breath of Light and Goddesses’ embrace.  But may we also know that each path begins with surrendering to the power of love.  Opening our hearts to the connection we all share infinitely within.

Each moment is a blessing.  A precious gift bestowed upon us byGrandfather force and Grandmother form.  May we Bask in the beauty of that ineffable connection and flow with the symphony of supernal creation; finding our way back home again and again to true compassion and happiness.

Michael Divine, Gratitude, visionary art, sacred art, Solpurpose

We are born to extend a hand in fellowship to all of our brothers and sisters of the rainbow tribe free of judgment. All paths, lineages, and sacred ways united through the shared essence of the ineffable Source. We are here to offer an ascended vision to mankind so that we may cocreate this harmonious future together.

Continue to smile easily, laugh mightily, create monumentally, love wholeheartedly; and be in peace with the web of creation.

May we be empowered in our mission and weave through the magik of the heart flame.  And let us return to that sacred place where dreams are made of.  The Fountain of Eternal Youth, The ocean of bliss with no end nor beginning, The essence of who we are and always will be.  The breath of Light, the gift of Life. Sons and daughters of love.

As One.