Header Art: “Manifestations” By Wizart Visions
sacred art, visionary art, ditial art, Andrew Jones, Android Jones, Purge, Solpurpose

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]umanity on the brink of collapse.  Great Mother earth writhes in pain as vampiric jaws clench deep upon black earth.  A collective led by false justice, blinded by spending to many years wondering shadows.  Afraid to face the sun without shades pulled low.  A synthetic world, sick minds projecting holographic silouttes separating source from true majestic form.  Phallic skyscrapers, concrete jungles, constrictive neck nooses indicating success; pensive pens playing with our lives in a distorted  parcheesee.  Commercial fornication with a biggy side of fries.

Abomination of man, visionary art, visual art, digital art, Anroid, Solpurpose

Toxic word candy fed to the innocent awe struck child.  “An angel!” She yells. “Look Mom an ange!l” The little girl cries out again.

“No darling…that’s just a silly bird.   Shoo silly bird. Be gone!” Dismisses the blind mother.

“Oh look what blossoming colors exploding in that green!

Mommy its a miracle!  What magik!” Gleefully cries the child.

“No sweety that’s just a flower…a PLAIN old flower.”  Replies the lost mother.

Disease.  The heart’s remote controller, the brain cage, given the reigns to run the show. The fall of mankind…from what garden did we tumble?  Edenic love alive in the perpetual reflection of eternal self…crucified by the Me, My, and Mine show. The he, she, is bad, good, and ugly event…the win, lose, power and status ruse.

Urban Subversion, George Atherton, Viradical, Visionary art, visual art, digital art, Solpurpose

“What’s left?!” Cries the indigo child with needle in hand cause he can’t stop the pain.  “What happens to love when we can’t see past the fingertip that touches and clutches at a crumbled crushed Benjamin F.?  What happens to love when the hips swing to the rhythm of a coin cling or bottle clank and not the beet of the heart?  Is home a stack of bricks thick with smoke from a roasting fire pit?  Or a comfort only known to those who hold hands tightly clenched to chest, heads bowed low upon dirt, sand, ice, or snow?  Screaming AHO!!”

“Enough!” Roars the voice whos name is born of Eternal flame!

visionary art, visual art, digital art, Wanderer Awake, Andrew Jones, Android Jones, Solpurpose

Footsteps shake the earth as titans reborn stand face to face with the storm.  But clash not will the high warriors do against this enemy sworn.  We choose to Love… Facing the seeds of discord unwavering…darkness unfurling amongst innocent lives who know not the source of the great hurt.  But fight not…who are we to condemn any among men…as we breath in the same wind and share the same sun upon the same earth.  So what does one do…when tear stained cheeks run wild in the streets…when family loses hope and finds lusts and addictions to cope.  When mirrors and smoke shroud the light at seemingly every bend…and when you have to say goodbye to a lifelong friend…because they have chosen to sew pain and hate among men?  You LOVE!  You smile in the reassuring silence of an eternal embrace…you heal with the slightest of touches…and you give that reflection the room to unfold and grow.

We seek to find meaning for why we are the flesh manifested in motion.  “Oh to touch!  Oh to hold! Oh to feel…but is that all?”l Cries the lovestruck belladonna?

Bruce harman, transfixed, sacred art, visionary art, Solpurpose

The angels proclaim, “Lucky man!  Lucky Woman!” in response. “Does thy heart not know the grace!  Do you not see the Great gift it is to just to be?”

“Be what and who?!” Cries back he and she drowning in  a sea of self doubt and social inadequacy. “The me, my, and mine that can attain the fancy and shiny in the big, large, expensive, and grand? Is that who we are to be?” Replies the panicked and lost soul.

“No!” Cries the cosmic flood of infinitely known.  “You are the LOVE!   You are that chance to dance!  To sing, to see, to become! Breath deep the light of existence and listen to the perpetual hum! For you are the One.  The daughter!  The Son!  The truth you now know now go!  And be BOLD!” Booms the Becoming.

“Oh to be free!” Sighs the heart pouring liquid lullabies that fertilize the beds of cocreation.  Karmic bonds shattered and accepted expectations released with an “Ahhhhhhh!”

visionary art, visual art, sacred art, digital art, Jalai Lama, Solpurpose

“That bird is an angel little one!” Says the big One in a soft voice to the little one.  “That grass, that tree, they are alive and they laugh and they love,” says the one to the one.

Wild eyes…recklessly in love.  Abandoned senses to seek and find the oldest common sense.  Sacrificing sanity to finally become insanely alive.  Liberation, acceptance, the choice is made!  “Oh Great Spirit…take my hand, i do not fear!”  Head bows low…knees buckle from the force of the FORCE.  But you endure…you remain…Chest raised high…hair pulled back in the burning wind that does not singe the flesh.  Eyes wide to the Glory.  Thunder without sound.  A thousand lives died and reborn.  To finally…at long last…stare in the eyes of he who dreams all dreams!

visionary art, visual art, transcendent art, digital art, transpersonal art, Ka Kathryn June art, Solpurpose, Eye Wish“WHO DOTH STARE UPON THY EYES AND PROCLAIM BEHOLD FOR THERE THOU ART!” BOOMS THE PROCLAIMER OF THE PROCLAIMED!

Its the one. The you.  The I. The we!  Creators in creation we are…as we ARE. Now Awaken!  Remember.  “Oh flexible world!  Of what shall we dream of next?”

Ah yes…Ascension. Beyond the beyond is where we shall go.  Allowing only our hearts to guide us home.  In peace, in love, as One!  Onward into the Light.  Aho.