* Heading art:  “Maria Davina” By Carey Thompson

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Who I AM is the innocent, the You that you forgot, the moment you were born. What I AM is your Self, the Spirit of your Spirituality, the You, you are searching for. There is no pathway in this life. There are no mysteries. These are illusions designed by your ego and by others to separate You from the truth. What are you looking for?  You.  Just as you are. You just forgot that …

Your I AM Essence says to you something that is very pure, clean and true, resonating deep inside…

I AM here to awaken you to Your possibilities. I AM here to show you there is another side to You that deep down inside, You knew about, but you have forgotten. I AM here to re-mind you that the voice of your Inner Self, which you deny, is very real.  I AM here to re-mind you to be the True Expression of who You really are. I AM here to awaken You from your imagination and your dreams to your reality. I AM here to awaken You to other possibilities about your existence on this planet which differ from the ideas you may already have. I AM here to expand Your horizons, to open Your eyes, Your ears and Your Hearts. Now, Your I AM is awakening…

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It seems that it is in a humans’ very nature to live a spiritual lifestyle.  We desire more than anything to live a “meaningful” life and therefore we look to find purpose.  But, there are so many ways to get in touch with Spirit…Going to nature, sitting upon crystal shores and peering at the shimmering light dancing across the water, watching a leaf spiral to earth, listening to the wonder of music, a small note, unheard by most, seeing yourself in a piece of that song.  It seems that the trees, and the grass, the water and flowers never lose sight of their purpose…they never depart from spirit.   Thus lets us allow our reflection, nature and the symphony of the land, to help us get in touch with our inner Spirit…for they have never forgotten.

As I sat down to write, many thoughts filled my mind, but there has always been one interweaving thread that is infinitely a part of who I am.

visionary art, sacred art, Solpurpose, Carey Thompson, Galactivation, Diosa Madre Tierra

A rhythm within, a remembrance of something beautiful and great, and that is the progression of the self, and the recollection that we are a perfect child of the universe.  I am an ancient part of the divine creation. I have taught many souls how to attain the complete victory of ascended consciousness, helping with the initial purification of consciousness abiding in the body, followed by the exploration of increasingly subtle layers of the multidimensional space, up to the Mergence with the Consciousness of the Creator.  We have all been there, and it is now that time we are to remember all that was forgotten. The moment has come when possessors of the highest knowledge have returned, I am one of those possessors, you are one of those possessors.  We are all an intricate piece of the puzzle, more rapidly being put together, coming into each other’s lives; we are that ancient culture being reconstructed.  I invite you to go with me on my journey, to learn my story, as it is yours as well…

A memory of a child standing in the woods, peeking through the soft glisten of the dewed trees sees a myriad of light from so far away. I remember thinking, “but really not so far!”

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The glimmer of the stars, blended with the small canopy of leaves above me and I felt a subtle change inside myself.  Even then, a voice has always nudged me, “Wake Up” the whisper would say.  Different paranormal or perhaps normal just rarely accepted by the forgotten) activities happened to me at a very young age, and I knew that we were not alone…and the others were a part of us…who is who I Am.

It is true that the darkness flies, but there is always a dawn of radiant light at its archway.  Dancing on the thin air of life, I ran circles around myself.   I lost track of space and time, living in the world of freedom as a child.  That freedom soon fell off, and I fell into the vortex of what everyone called the “real world”.  I felt as though I was spinning out of this planet, twirling into stranger times, losing control and falling faster.  The years seemed to roll around me, like a psychedelic cyclone.

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When adverse trials happened, I finally fell down, falling into zero point.  The colors I once saw as a child, the wild whirlpool of kaleidoscopic splendor…dimmed to grey and white, dissipating my existence into a fine grey mist of smoke.

These times were hard, no harder than yours were.  Yet then certain things started to take shape and I felt an expansion inside of myself.  Instead of the descending feeling I felt when falling into that vortex of loneliness, I saw again a universe of star like molecules when my husband walked into my life.  An eagles flight, a soaring dive, I climbed back to the clouds where I once sat.  Circles of magick danced once more, the volcano of passion erupted with beauty and I felt that searing untouchable love.  The circles I once saw as a child returned, spinning madly, into the one sphere of LIFE.

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The prayer of the Creator’s gift to all humankind, is simple; it unfolds like a fragrant, many petaled flower, joining words and movements into a single luminous event that engages our entire being.  The peaceful embrace of love lent its sacred rhythm to me once more, and finally I was able to find that profound inner harmony.

From that moment, all I had to do was allow the possibility to grow, allow that possibility to have no boundaries.   I decided to create the intention to discover my limitlessness and my power.  My mind once closed that door, and now my heart was opening it once more.   I am here, I have always been here. My inner self is not separate from me, nor anyone or anything I just needed to accept my inner self’s existence.  I did this in silent meditation, in prayer.  I found it within.  When I opened that door, I remembered.  I discovered the love and life that is in everything.  I remembered how to heal myself, I was shown once more the Peace of life and the grace behind it.

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We all can touch upon the life stream we all live in.  The universal consciousness is the Essence of who we are, and the synthesis of life itself.  We are all part of the luminous seas of the Infinite, we just have to remember. It is easy to see that there are many drops in the ocean, but can you accept that a single drop also contains the ocean? I am the thread between Nothingness and Eternity.

Every one of You that becomes, in Your Consciousness, in Your Awareness, a point of Love bringing Light into Life will become just that.  Just as many lighted candles more brightly illuminates a darkened room, the more of us that wake up to who we truly are will bring more Light into this Planet. All you have to do is  be the Love and Light you already are before judgment…freely express your Inner Self.  All You have to do is make it real – to ‘real-ise’ the Infinity of Innocence, the Worthiness, the Vastness, the Love You truly are .. to hold that intention…and become it.

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Re-member, accept my existence and allow help to happen. You are an expression of the innocence of the One Fire – Wholeness.  Do You dare to be the True Expression of the Inner Self You truly are?

Do You dare to allow each and every living thing to be the True expression of who they truly are?  That is the true definition of Love.  Do You dare to be the Lover, the Beloved and the Act of Loving, combined,  AS ONE?

Who I AM .. .the innocence – the One Fire expressed in all Being.
What I AM .. I AM your Inner Self.

~ By Renee Cruz