Positive Creations: The Visionary Artwork of Chris Dyer

“Artists are superheros with super powers. And those powers should be first and foremost be used for the collective awakening of mankind.” ~ Chris Dyer in Positive Creations

Chris Dyer Photography J.F. MaihotChris Dyer is known throughout the world for many reasons.   A pioneer of sacred visionary art and culture, his masterful visions are recognized and respected by gallery curator and young skateboarder alike.  Chris also positions himself firmly within social spheres as an activist, honorably standing up for the shared inherent rights of humanity and the sanctity of the natural world.  Yet beyond his wondrous creative feats which shine with a potency as beautiful as they are unique, it is Chris’s vibrant heart, profound love for this life experience, and appreciation of people he is blessed to share this world with that places him within the very core of the cocreative cultural movement.

The mediums upon which he applies his craft are vast.  His evolving pallet guides him deeper into innovative and unexplored realms of creative potential.  Whether painting on traditional canvas, skate board decks, building sides, shoes, helmets, or T-Shirts ~ his vibrant colors, rich textures, powerful imagery, and sacred symbolism is delivered with a passion that enlivens the heart and expands the mind.

Solpurpose recently had the sincere pleasure of connecting with Chris , who was wonderful enough to share his new autobiographical documentary “Positive Creations” with us to dive into.    In the hopes of empowering brothers and sisters to continue to follow their he~ART Chris offers a candid look into the winding path of his own life journey. From a place of bitter conflict and aggression toward a life of inner peace and astounding creative prowess, Chris reveals his road of self discovery in the hopes others will find their way as well.  Through city streets and countrysides, ancient temples and grassy hilltops, at times nearly losing sense of mind…to rediscover peace of heart.


“Everyone comes into life with a creative blueprint… A greater destiny to fulfill.” ~ Chris Dyer

As the venerable  mythologist Joseph Campbell once stated in his timeless interview turned cult classic “Power of Myth”, “Each one of us is a hero, on a journey to discover that which nourishes our souls, enlivens our hearts, and awakens our minds. What we each seek to find…is that which allows us to connect with the true power of being alive.”

Truth can be found in many ways.   Our quest to self realization is as unique as our faces.  From a young age Chris showed a tremendous aptitude for art, documenting every aspect of his life through paint brush, spray can, and scrap book.  Yet as passionately as he strove to hone his craft, his inner fire often lead him into spaces of self destruction.

His roots began in Peru, within a culture that honors the beauty of one’s natural connection with the land, and the power of creating what you need with your hands.  Lima was a big crazy and aggressive city for a sensitive person like Chris.  Due to the importation laws in the 80’s it was difficult to access good toys and skateboards, so he made his own.

Yet many unhealthy and even wreckless decisions were also embraced by Chris during his early college years.  More often he could be found dead center on the power drink party scene, shattering his and other peoples senses with plenty of aggression fueled by big bottles.   But there comes a point where many of us realize that that which we are really seeking, that which our hearts truly yearn to discover can never been found in places of gross excess.  Feast nor famine, that which is healthy often resides in a place of harmony and balance, a space of equilibrium.

In an attempt to recapture a sense of self, Chris retreated into Nature taking a job as a tree, helping to restore the vast and beautiful forests of Candada.  It was here Chris reinvented himself, honoring the simple beauty in connecting to nature. 

“Living in nature allows one time to think and just be…  I rediscovered a spirituality without words.  A simplicity of existence…being in harmony with everyone around you.  Being in touch with the soul.” ~ Chris Dyer

The forest nourished his heart and soul, guiding him deeper and deeper into realms of clarity and peace.  This experience guided him to further spread his wings hitchhiking first to Mexico then steadily through the world.  Sacred temples, big cities and small towns…mediation, yoga, medicine vision quests…sharing, trekking, learning and growing… all the while painting, sketching, filming, and dreaming of broader and more beautiful ways to enjoy all the life experience has to offer.

“No time matters, just the beauty of the moment while journeying on the road.” ~ Chris Dyer

The power of experiencing culture, the full expansive breadth of human perception.  Allowing one’s self to be an open channel continually learning, growing, evolving through the bounty of experiences and relationships forged.  On this high quest Chris’s life turned toward the bigger existential questions pondered on by philosophers and sages, poets and explorers of final frontiers for millenia…

Where is humanity headed?  What can we mature into if we follow this journey to the end?  What is the key to true wisdom, love, and peace?  Pondering the evolution of the human spirit… Recognizing the magical connections we share with each other and the universe…Chris’s art turned ever more deeply toward the timeless realms of the super human self actualized potential…

“Making art is far from just painting…it is demonstrating we have the power to manifest our dreams continuously.” ~ Chris Dyer

Another major influence on the maturation of Chris’s style has been urban art.   A celebration of individual expression and masterful creativity, the “Positive Creations” documentary reveals a look into an underground movement that holds deep roots across the globe.  Blossomed over the crude architecture of capitalist landscape, conscious spray can upon brick, bridge, train, and corner store has the power to awaken and inspire youth to create fearlessly, a blessing worth sacrificing for.

Continually opening more doors for the expression of art, Chris stands as a true pioneer in introducing positive skateboard visionary art to a populace that has been inundated with negative graphics since the 70’s.  Skating is a long loved past time of his.  A liberating part of his path that embodies his sincere love of independent expression.  The skateboard for many stands as a universal symbol of freedom personified.

“Two people can do the same exact trick, and it will never look exactly the same.  When I see amazing professional skateboarders soaring on decks I have created I feel my art is in the best place it can be.  The art has taken on a life of its own, continually moving, shaping, twisting into new forms of expression.  When I paint on decks I feel that I am honoring the tree, the basis of life on this planet, with authentic expressions of the heart.” ~ Chris Dyer

Chris’s gentle smile and outrageous yet lovingly demeanor are parts of his character that will forever remain.  A reminder for us all perhaps that  life is far to damn awesome to be taken too take seriously.   Yet beneath the light heart and joking persona of the visionary artist lies a rock solid oath he honors with every breadth.


Chris and his wife Valerie

This task is best described by visionary art master Alex Grey in the video, “The artist has an ethical responsibility to create and share openly.  And if its going to influence young people I am in favor of positive imagery.  Imagery that translates a higher possibility of being for the people.  A new way of seeing the world creates a new way of being.  The visionary artist is an architect of transcendent possibility.”

Visionary art offers our world the potential for our culture, our people, and our world to be a more harmonic, sustainable, abundant place for everyone to live.  It forms bridges between cultures…helping to heal a lot of the divides that separate us from each other.  We are connected. ~ Saimon Haiduk in Positive Creations

Perhaps the most important message I’ve taken home from Chris Dyer’s “Positive Creations” documentary,  is that spiritual evolution is about accepting who you are…and enjoying the human experience.  Not trying to model yourself in a particular way, just having the courage to express yourself freely.  We cannot be afraid of the universe, the universe is not afraid of us.  Nature, the human body, our feelings, our love, its all connected…and its all listening.  The beauty of life stops when we decide to stop exploring.

Music and art are some of the most potent expressions that are moving the world toward a more positive place; authentic soul creations elevating this world to new heights.  The greatest magic is not calling down thunderbolts from the sky or turning lead to gold…it is offering a piece of your spirit to another inspiring them to make a positive change in their life.  Which in turn inspires others and others…until before you know it…your words, your art, your energy has changed the lives of millions.   You may never know it happened…but the important part is that you made a difference.  And that difference makes this world a better place.

“The first place your going to see planetary civilization is in the arts.  When cultures that normally cannot come together in harmony find a lasting intense convergence, through the discovery and acknowledgement of an underlying unity inherent in all of humanity.” ~ Alex Grey

Article written By Ehren Cruz

“The artist has the ability to show his dreams as well as the other dimensions he sees to other people…who can then start a process of opening up to the other potentials in layers beyond this world.  I believe that art is truly the final frontier.” ~ Chris Dyer

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