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Solpurpose Innerview with the Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very moment is a sacrament, a ritual offering from the Cosmo-Gaia to us, and our offering back to the Cosmo-Gaia. As celestial filaments of the galactic crystal code web, we reflect the light of all life, celebrating the miraculous instance of being in our ceaseless creative communications. As conduits for the Other, we are part of the multifoliate glow of the universal world flower, a petaled poem, one chorus in the universal orchestra of the Allever. Every instant is an opportunity to exist as love. Love for ourselves. Love for each other. Love for all living and non-living things. Love for life.

In this time of transformation and change for our civilization there is a new renaissance at the edges of cultural creation. One of the flowers of this emerging gardenic culture is found in the form of art. A revitalized spirituality anchored in peoples own personal direct connection to the Divine can be seen in art arriving at this apotheosis. Each continent is alive with arts organizations and amazing artists navigating the rediscovered ancient territories in the inspired imagination. Pouring forthe are visions of otherworldly landscapes, angels and entities, alien architectures, alternate realities, higher order physics, languages of light, and all manner of magics. Collectively they remind us that we are a part of a penultimate ecology of being far vaster than we will ever be able to know. ~ Introduction Written By : The Oracle

Leo Plaw GTCLeo Plaw Back GTC

Ehren Cruz : When the heart, the mind, and spirit align fully what culminates is one’s perceptional reality. When one thinks, feels, and believes something is real, then that is what they essentially experience. Free choice is the modicum of our universe. Many have difficulty allowing the power of spirit to fully resonate, since for most the magic of our world is shrouded by self imposed limitations. How does the sacred visionary art allow seekers of higher truth to open up doors of deeper growth into there own lives to create and experience spirit and common~unity?

Oracle : Visionary art is a meditation on the sacred in the everyday.  Glimpses bring a momentary meditation on the transcendental, after which we return to our practical lived lives with renewed inspiration and recapitulated memory banks of the akashic.

Galactic Encoding I

Ehren Cruz: As many styles of art have blossomed into the visionary catalog, how does one maintain their own unique imprint on art as a whole while homogenizing into the singular expansive genre?

Oracle: Visionary art looks beyond the past and into a present moment shimmering with the possibilities of a galactic future culture. It is inclusive and welcoming to all that venture out into the hyperconsciousness of the adventurous artistic impulse.

Embracing visionaries in all genres of artistic, cultural and intellectual fields, each individual expression is a facet of a living field of collective visionary expression. It is from this field that flows the forms of the future.

Galactic Encoding II

Ehren Cruz: So how do the trading cards help to uniquely celebrate both the authentic genius of each artist while honoring the collective achievement of art as a whole? A space that has proven difficult to harness due to the dynamic and expansive nature of visionary art.

Oracle: The galactik trading card oracle complex exists as a self-contained ritual vehicles of artistic intent. Single cards travel the trails of the worlds conscious communities operating as a gifting currency, leaping from dashboards to desktops, fridges to mantles, easels to notebooks to altars. Often the cards join together to form sets, displays and microgallery installations, some as small as two cards, others as large as 64 and complete with all manner of media. The celebration of light and life is born in the fusion of artistic expression.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Ehren Cruz: How can one honor a more prosperous lifestyle through the example of the project?

Oracle : The cards are a special kind of non-profit entity. Curation and crafting is volunteered, art is given freely by artists and most of the cards are gifted into the world to a growing global network of arts organizations, galleries and aficionados. Single cards, sets and subscriptions are sold to recover basic printing, design and mailing costs. For a decade these cards have been printed yearly and made possible through conscious funding of no-interest loans and grants from generous spiritual friends which will one day be paid back from future card sales. Extra costs are covered through dedicated gardening and permaculture teaching, creating a living educational space to reconnect people with the Sacred Food-Medicine plants of the First Peoples.

Working hard so we don’t need to rely on art to pay our rent and food, we vision the day our dreams will pay the bills with a willingness to work for someone else’s dream until that happens. Humbly we balance the outer and the inner work.

Ernst Fuchs Unreleased GTCErnst Fuchs Unreleased GTC Back

Ehren Cruz : The Galactic trading cards also include a series of energy signatures and divination elements within their alchemical design, Including: chakras, tarot, sacred geometry and Yi-Jing readings. How can this collection of spirit art be used as an aid to guide one into a more harmonic alignment with their highest selves for the greatest good?

Oracle : All oracles offer only reflections to help inspire your own process of making decisions yourself. The ancient oracle of change, the Yi Jing is the core anchor for the divinatory metaphysical underpinnings of the Galactik Oracle. This code language illuminates your imagination and inspires your own inner exploratory process of making decisions and accepting outcomes. Doing a reading with the GTC may happen when an individual card comes your way, or drawn from a deck. There is a ritual process at the heart of all the divining systems synergizing into this syncretic oracle complex. First one holds an intention, asks a question or opens to receiving a communication. Following this, one encounters the oracle. In this case some combination of visionary art, oracular symbols and open system metapoetik channels.

What follows is a kind of confrontation, often characterized by the question ‘How does this relate to me? to my situation? to my question? or to my life?’ What follows is a creative process of exploring deeper who you are, what situation you are in, what answers exist for your questions, and what path you are called to take towards the next level of your life. With the Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex you can start as open as you like, just with the art and decide for yourself what it means. If you flip the card you can add more elements to the experience. If you seek a denser landscape you can follow the divinatory elements to corresponding locations in Other oracles, matched to the art and archetype. Alternatively the card itself could be just a doorway to doing a reading in one of the Other Systems, simply a not-so-random generator of synchronicity to help you do a casting with the Yi Jing, Mayan Calendar, Chakras and Tarot.Galactic Encoding III

Ehren TaytaKura : How did these particular sacred visions find their way into such an elegant system of self awarene creative genious?

Oracle : Divinity is everywhere around us and accessible in all moments. The sacred mathematical geometries at the heart of all oracles reflects the codes that make up reality and the imagination. Look closely enough and you will find that these codes are everywhere and everything.

Galactic Encoding IV


A new visionary tome is being released this month through the auspices of to celebrate a decade of design in the galactik trading card lineage. From the humble handwritten photocopied cards of the year 2000, and each year redesigned by the Fleet Avatar Design Team at www.onbeyondmetamedia, the cards were forged from a sunmoon dynamic.

In 2010, the cards took an evolutionary leap and incorporated design remixes of the Onbeyond platform environments by visionary designers the world over. Explore the history of this innovative global visionary art culture community building initiative, as well as the concept of visionary nanotech design remix in the new world of digital expression.

You may find the tome as a free downloadable web pdf, or links to purchasing it at cost direct from the print on demand printer, along with galactik trading card singles, sets and subscriptions at where there is a new web store offering free international shipping!

 Solpurpose Reflections

Exploring the vast inner realms of imagination, while exploring new realms of an ascending world visionary culture. Gently guiding the universal blossoming of sacred art, while honoring the virtue of individual achievement centered in a collective spiritual movement. The sharing of ancient wisdom, self awareness, and cosmic connectivity through a syncretic system of metaconscious pioneering artistic expression ~ Galactic trading cards are facets on a diamond of transformational potentiality, revealing the dynamic ways we are connected to the beauty of this reality.

Art heals ast he powerful expansion of cocreative culture continues, revealing innovative ways to laugh, love, connect, and dream an ascended reality into being. The Galactic Trading Cards stand at the forefront of a global cultural renaissance, guided by the hands of artists,designers, and visionaries a world apart…with a heart beating as ONE. Solpurpose bows in loving gratitude to the ever gracious Oracle, the masters behind the Galactic trading cards art and design, and to the harmonic evolution of Mama Gaia.

Reflections and Interview written By Ehren Cruz