[dropcap]V[/dropcap]isionary and sacred art: dynamic founts of creative expression which trace their origins back to the very nexus of the human Akashic story. The visionary artist’s canvas courageously navigates through the long forgotten waters of the utopian dream, the sacred inner workings of a multidimensional universe.   The artist stretches far beyond the perceived boundaries of sensory perception, into a space beyond time where all potentials of experience reside. Solpurpose was recently blessed with the opportunity to share an intimate conversation with visionary art master Adam Scott Miller hailing from the mythical beauty of Queensland Australia.   A magus of artistic expression, Adam is considered by many of the worlds foremost visionary artists to be a premier progenitor of insight into the dawning world culture.  His work courageously navigates into the deepest uncharted waters of the human evolutionary experience.

~ Introduction Written By Ehren  Cruz 

.:Adam Scott Miller:.“The momentum of Visionary Art evokes transpersonal, integral, cosmic consciousness. The movement of human evolution is from the ego-bound to the transpersonal form, that transcends and includes all states and stages it has held before…” – Adam Scott Miller

Solpurpose: Your art reveals a deep connection to the hidden worlds of the human spirit, as well as our interwoven relationship to the world and universe around us. How has your journey of self realization and spiritual discovery led to the manifestation of your illuminating artistic style?

I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil, entranced in this sense of something magical in giving shape to my imagination and discovering it before my eyes in those moments of creativity.  Giving form to an internal process, as the metaphors of alchemy make the soul’s own transformations perceptible: symbols are the keys to dialoguing with the unconscious mind.  As an artist, I’ve had this sense of being an explorer- sailing into unknown territory to bring back maps to share of lands we are not yet in, or aware of.  We are literally swimming in a sea of vibratory information and our conscious minds only dimly begin to apprehend less than a percent of a percent… and that tiny window we have is only made sense of by, the significance of symbol.  Many extraordinary events throughout my life, have been stimuli in a continual unfolding of my capacity to witness the luminous tapestries of visual meaning that are within, and around us.  Esoteric, archetypal, alchemical, and geometric symbols are in my visions as they speak from a place of universality, a shared space that is transcendent yet implicit to the nature of reality.

Around age ten, for a year or so, I regularly experienced night terrors where I would wake up in the middle of a dream and the experience would be merged with my waking reality for perhaps a half hour or so.  Often, or perhaps each time, I felt confused, and panicked amidst the surrealistic place in which I found myself, awake.  This life stage of perceiving dream worlds superimposed over the “real” world had a major impact on my psyche and sensitivity to the subtle.

Akashic, Adam Scott MillerWhen I was fifteen years old, I suffered an impact to my head resulting in a concussion and damage to my optic nerves.  Obvious to me afterwards, my memory and vision was affected.  Mysteriously, I began seeing subtle forms throughout all space, within my immediate vicinity.  One aspect of logical evidence, giving these ghostly forms a proof of objective reality is that they moved in spacial accordance to physical reality.  Examples of this being: wispy strands that transfer between my fingers when held palm facing palm; snakelike currents of tendrils moving along floors, up walls and around corners; and perceiving things within a person’s “auric” field that move in immediate accord to that person’s movement.   This experiential proof has catalyzed my gnostic faculty to recognize occult dimensions of presence that are normally hidden from view by the perceptual mechanisms, biological and psychic.   This “shamanic wound” marked my life as a formative causal factor in how and what I see.  It was the way in which I healed also, that opened this latent gift.  There has been many documented cases of people accurately hearing the radio after a brain injury, when it is not on.  This implies that everyone has the potential to hear the radio when it’s turned off since it is already there inside everyone’s brain, we just don’t access it.  This is an example of extreme perception that can happen after a head injury, and the brain is rewiring itself.  I had already consciously begun my spiritual search, artistic self-styling, and the occasional phenomena of recognizing etheric forms… so it seems my intention directed this rewiring.

visionary art, visual art, sacred art, Solpurpose, Adam Scott Miller, Thermo HorizonI was then at a point of no turning back, as my determined wish was to use my gifts to create and in so doing, evolve myself and help others attain the healing understanding I’d find in medicinal visions. I chose to be an artist because I couldn’t think of a more sensible and important role to play (in consideration of my talent and philosophical bias for it).  The image is the most powerful tool we have in the sense of forging and communicating new ideas.  It transcends linguistic and cultural barriers, and along with music- is the most direct form of communication.  [pullquote_right]”The visionary power is found in the quest for discovering novelty, but not merely the new for its own sake, but novel ways of perceiving reality that touch upon numinous truths in personal experience.” ~ Adam Scott Miller[/pullquote_right]  I came to feel and begin to understand the confounding dynamic of the unconscious projection between self and universe.  I also felt somehow responsible for, reciprocally involved in all suffering in the world, through humanity, animals, all forms of life.  Of course, I knew this to not be absolute, but also true enough to drive the point home for me that if I wished to heal the world, I must first heal myself.  For the diseased carry their dis-ease wherever they go.

In my explorations, I realized in study and experience that I am a song of patterns, every act fractally repeating out into the world: knowing that my own consciousness plays an integral role in how reality is shaped.  In recognition of the implications of how “the artwork lives beyond the artist” and the unforeseen interpretations, I came to feel the importance of creating from my heart’s space of integrity that would minimize distortion and optimize my best intentions.  Though I am serious about my intent, being true to it requires that I wield creativity in an attitude of play. “Play” optimizes those qualities that best serve our “evolution”: avoiding constraints, the expansion of the self, allowing a flexibility of finding new options, and always involving the imagination in adapting to messages from the environment.   In my view, art serves as a reflection of our context, and achieves its maximum potential when it acts deliberately to improve and benefit the whole.

Solpurpose: When speaking with many young artists, they often feel intimidated when attempting to understand the development of your work and that of other masters. A feeling of, “Where do I even begin” seems to be a common thread, being that visionary art is such a widely expansive yet free flowing intuitive genre of the craft. What is your advice to aspirant visionary artists to build confidence in developing their own style as well as learning and integrating the work of accomplished artists?

visionary art, sacred art, Adam Scott Miller, Parabolic Vehicle of Conception, SolpurposeStay true to your own creative intuition, but still be open to suggestions from any direction.  It is extremely important to be, and do, from the integrity of your own honest vision rather than succumbing to what you learn is “successful” in some way.  In regards to this, I believe it is best for me share the fundamentals that are universal to all of us who strive with a creative spirit, for clarity.

Begin from the basics, like an alchemical process of gradual refinement, remember the principle of “general to specific.”  Apply that to specific projects and also over an extensive period of time. This is an axiom to aid clarity and minimize confusion.  For an image-maker, those foundational skills include attaining some mastery with value before using color, simple compositions before complex fugues, triangles before dodecahedral hyperspaces, broad washes prior to fine details, and observational drawing before fantastical painting.  I’ve always had a tendency to make things difficult and frustrating for myself by detailing too early which tends to result in bungled effort.  But, I must say, this principle is a guide to follow and/or consider.  I’ve remained obstinate in the face of this advice and huge amounts of nearly invisible artistic efforts, but made this “rule of refinement” work for my own unique process in a complex way which has yielded a compelling technique, but nonetheless with limits that I want to be free of, and so am striving to discover other ways that are more suitable for the visions that require this.

We discover our own way of translation and communication by absorbing as wide a range of languages available, so that our vocabulary is sufficiently vast to elucidate the clarity, profundity and integrity of the original vision.  The visionary power is found in the quest for discovering novelty, but not merely the new for its own sake, but novel ways of perceiving reality that touch upon numinous truths in personal experience.

The momentum of Visionary Art evokes transpersonal, integral, cosmic consciousness.  The movement of human evolution is from the ego-bound to the transpersonal form, that transcends and includes what states and stages it has held before.  This more inclusive awareness helps us survive by being open to more of the information that reaches the mind than the dominant consciousness of today.  The role of the visionary is to be a shaman for society, the art is intentionally medicinal novelty that provides the creative variable for society, like any system needs to thrive.  This could have momentous consequences for the potentially perilous circumstances that we seem to be facing collectively. It elicits greater empathy among people, greater sensitivity to animals, plants, and the entire biosphere.   It could create subtle contact with other parts of the cosmos.   It catalyzes a life-affirming worldview in correspondence with the divine imagination.   Our imaginations are best used to see beyond surface appearances to reach a richer and deeper truth.  Visionary artworks are attempts to make some kind of coherent, integral whole out of our experiences and view of life, and by virtue of our perceptions, enrich everyone’s lives that see them.

‎”For humanity at large to experience a true renaissance of resonance, we need to live with an earnest clarity, to see accurately the interrelationships that compose our lives. A culture hallmarked by the transpersonal vision is not likely to be materialistic, self-centered, or violent; it would be more deeply and widely informed. The visionary artist is recording the zeitgeist of humanity’s hidden life, and shaping it as well as according to that which the mystic heart envisions.” ~ Adam Scott Miller

Like a scientist, as an artist, —I consider the consciousness or model of perception that I stand on as only scaffolding from which to articulate more relevant and inspired visions of beautiful truth to the world. As sentient beings in relationship with the world around and within us, we need new, higher and integral perspectives to counterbalance the habit of taking life for granted. To articulate novel visual vocabularies and sight syntax is to give greater depth to the language of seeing.

"The Epiphany of Sophia" By Adam Scott MillerVisionary Art provides an amorphous new language with which to understand the world in a new way.  It can catalyze a state of being by helping to describe new exemplars of envisioning that amplifies the coherence of that state.  Our directive as visionaries is to engage and communicate the meaning inherent before our eyes, which we normally do not see.  Seeing it as it is, as well as what it could be, the revealed reality is set into relief- rendering a shifted set of polarities, choices, belief. Simultaneously, as a way of life in the golden rule, we should encourage, advise, and help each other to find our way independently of the corrupted world state that sociopathic interests have created and thrust upon us.

Personally and collectively, we operate on a narrow scope defined by cultural conventions.   If it is important for humanity to respond to the environment with the greatest degree of effectiveness and harmony (as it is for any evolving body), then it is integral to try and locate the blind spot in the culture- where the culture isn’t looking.  It dares not look there, because if it did, its previous static power structure would dissolve- the deception accepted by convention.  Akin to the solar gold found in the soul’s shadow, the disclosure of repressed information from a body politic will inevitably trigger a cascade of recalibration because the entire context has to shift in relation to the new consensual reality, as the hidden comes to light.

Throughout history, people have used the creative imagination to contemplate experience and reality in new ways that have led to the kinds of questions that facilitate paradigm-shifts.  Artists strive to see and hear the world in novel ways, and the way they convey their transformed perceptions, whether in grace notes, stories wrote, or brush strokes, can help others experience a similar recalibration of perception.  The shamanic search has been the crux of invention since time immemorial. As the shaman is to the tribe, visionary creatives are to humanity at large. The art is the medicinal vision that presents knowledge of the world and ourselves that is helpful for survival.   Only that tool which we can handle (perceive) can we wield.

As Einstein said, “”We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  As Buckminster Fuller filled in,”You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

The potential for anyone to be a visionary artist is limitless.  It is not determined by skill, by experience, or by technique, but by the understanding that an artist must remove themselves from the mindset of ordinary life experiences, the mundane close-minded tunnel vision experience of reality, to artistically portray that which is intangible: making the invisible visible.  All signs point to the recognition that we must adapt to survive, to these environments that are outside the domain of physical senses; and those subtler signs imply that this shift is towards a new worldview that honors and experiences reality as an interconnected intelligence, an ecology of energy.   The concept and experience of the all- pervasive fields of the mind has, as we know, a long recorded history, but in our time of accelerating change and disorientation- a reorientation to a deeper and truer experience of the energy of mind, cosmos, of life must become the new normal.  To comprehend and live in greater resonance, these significant but ignored aspects of reality must be experienced and that is the role of visionary creativity.  This greater resonance catalyzes the energy glue that heals all schisms, unites the opposites, and gets us from one level to the next: Love.

Solpurpose: Do you intend on holding any workshops and courses delving into the complexities of your technique in the near future?

Absolutely. I’ve facilitated workshops in the past and will continue to, always.  Throughout February I will be giving solo lessons to a remarkably talented painter- communicating the gems of knowledge I’ve learned and providing guidance.  I also offer this personal guidance online for those not able to fly to my home in Queensland! Group classes will be offered also at Infinitus Art gallery occasionally.
"Kindling the Enigma" By Adam Scott Miller

Solpurpose: Many artists who search to reveal reflections of inner light are early on faced with the powerful challenge of healing from the shadows of their own past as well as the ancestral karma of our collective community.   This process of soul retrieval can be witnessed in the early stages of your art and journey.  What can you share with young artists who are valiantly honing their craft, yet are facing barriers to the full maturation of their sacred work due to vigorous challenges of self healing and self care?

The visionary artist is both a shamanic hero on the mythic journey and a journalist who as witness, records the journey to share with the community.  In common unity, we share the same basic patterns of self-development within and around us. The artwork is an open-circuit scrying surface, like a crystal ball, that when looked into with open eyes- reflects back the viewer’s own empathic insight, as their perception closes that circuit to recreate it anew in their own quest’s context.

In recognition of this mutual benefit, I have catalogued my story of soul retrieval, the search for that precious thing I’ve had all along.  Bringing the inside to the outside, an unfoldment moment by moment, image by image, in the act of being the becoming as an open-source creative flow.  The path is fraught with challenges, but those obstacles are opportunities for discovering how to proceed.  In the shadow, the hallucinatory embodiment of what we haven’t wanted to face in the light of awareness, is the seat of creativity itself. As visionary psychologist Carl Jung elucidated, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”  Our personal and collective shadow, serving as both trickster and teacher, adversarially undermines our conscious intentions so long as it is not integrated by acceptance.  It is important to remember that all descents are followed by an ascension, and through it all- always be centered in compassion, patience, love.  We are nothing without Love.  The only way worth devoting your whole self to, is the path with heart, follow your bliss and find that bliss in every space you are, every thing you do.  It’s an adventure!

This self-development is not only important for our own way of becoming whole beings, but for the species as a whole. Like a fractal hologram of reflective causality, as we are effected by the environment around us, the patterns with which we live and create ripple through the world.  The healing of the creative self recapitulates in the collective.  The inspiring hope is that enough of us will take up the torch so that a threshold may be reached, initiating a critical mass that triggers a cascade of evolution.  This principle of cause and effect is exemplified in how species develop new abilities, where in proportion to the quantity and quality of individuals exhibiting it- the inertia gradually lessens until a threshold is passed when the potential exponentially blooms.

The world is shaped by contrast: the dancing relationship between polarity, and as the light brightens, the shadow reciprocally darkens.  The diagnosis is that is due time for the dire gnosis, to live from the heart and to take responsibility for the whole.
"Phosphorescence" By Adam Scott MillerSolpurpose: There is an unseen lifeforce within us all. A rhythmic pulse rippling through our bodies, minds, and spirits connecting our vessels to the whole of creation.   This sacred geometrical light weave appears in numerous forms throughout your visions: Whether swirling through the fabric of the natural kingdoms, vibrating through the energy reservoirs of our multidimensional light bodies, or cascading through triumphant outstretched palms into the universe, the appearance of this kaleidoscopic lifeforce energy has become a trademark of your work.   How did you come to experience this lifeforce current in your own life experience?

By “happy accident” and willful exploration, I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate to directly witness the astoundingly fascinating and beautiful fields of energy-language that are everywhere at all times.  I am tuned to have some relative ease in perceiving particular frequencies of subtle perception when my mind has sufficiently “let go” and is minimally grasping at things, more so as a passive observer in wonder.  These fields seem to respond to the quality of attention, simultaneously registering any change in me and reacting in various ways. I’ve called it an “electromagnetic liminal feedback” (E.L.F.), contemplating how my own electromagnetic torus of consciousness (literally pumped into life by my heart) is nested in, amongst others befitting other lifeforms, is interrelated and my mind projects its state into the grander energy plane.  It seems to me that, these projections of expectation and reaction “pull the wool over my eyes” and conversely, shifting into an attuned “zen” space proportionately gives space for the subtle to emerge in my present-moment awareness.

Solpurpose: How did it begin to manifest itself with such astonishing clarity through your sacred visions?

Once I could grasp the spirit semiotics, the appearance and behavior of, these planes of energy- it eventually became sufficiently clear for me to articulately recreate through my own visionary art.  Also, having my artworks around as reminders have been integral in solidifying an artifact of memory of what could have otherwise been easily forgotten. This is a conscious purpose in my art: to discover, articulate in context and reinforce the etheric into the earthen so that the experience of these unseen realities can be more easily comprehended and implemented.  The development of this subtle sense is endless and provides the potential for an inspiring vibrancy to every nuance of life.  I sense that the clarity with which I perceive around me has a direct correspondence to how clear I am within myself, like a sentient crystal.
"Fulfillment" By Adam Scott MillerSolpurpose: Does bringing an awareness of this subtle omnipresent force through art assist in the awakening of our human family? How so?
A fundamental dictum of science is that physical energy can be described as a capacity to do work, to effect change. We know that it cannot actually be created or destroyed, but rather changes form as work is done. We also know that perceived energy is defined by context.   A car moving quickly shows far more kinetic energy than a rock on the ground, but the actuality remains that both may actually have similar levels of potential energy… especially if that rock has traces of uranium or reactive chemicals.   Science has contributed examples how to utilize and transform energy, but an enlightened society has needs beyond what can be metered on an electric dial.   It is the fuel, form and foundation of reality itself. The artist experiences and translates the scope of reality, which when shared potentially enriches life itself by expanding the appreciation of beautiful potentialities.  So it seems obvious to me to explore the subtle and profound, the unseen majority of the environment, to further our possible evolutionary responses and simply, our quality of life.

We live amongst the countless strata of an ecology of energy, literally swimming in a spectral sea of information that gradates in layers from the eternal ground of being through various spacetime densities, and entities.  We are that which creatively knows, and that which we weave into our tapestry of perception reciprocally knows us.  We perceive by the associative qualities and belief, effectively clothing the 0.1% of information that gets through. This is a masking of the ineffable: both revealing and concealing.  This may be bewildering to consider, but this is how it’s always been.  As lifeforms involved in an exchange of energy with an environment, we’ve developed patterns of behavior and symbols of interpretation in adaptation to the phenomena of experience.  These languages of doing, seeing, and believing; are our tools of defining channels to receive and transmit sensory information, the life experience.

Each particular mind is an antenna for all the channels it tunes into, however remote, but more fundamentally is lo-fi translating the hi-fi broadcast from the cosmic intelligence network.   The visionary creatively translates with as high fidelity as they can transduce.   At any moment, the screen of our conscious minds is transmitting the information surrounding us to less than of a percent, of a percent. We filter out what is programmed as a distraction to our “purposes”.  As described by neuroscience, our brains behave more like translators, as receivers of an unfathomable field of information, beyond comprehension, and then in translation behave as reducing valves of that vast field of energy into the bubble of reality that we define as our personal world, as “life”.  Language blocks images from becoming conscious, language defines what we can and cannot see.  Alternative consciousness states provide a more open access to the raw data incoming from the initial filtering stage of the physical senses.  We don’t experience the raw data, only the schema. Instead of scanning over the top of everything and labeling and prejudging, if we stopped at any single thing and experienced it fully in the presence of now, we would find that there are universes within each thing that we are not even glimpsing.


Solpurpose: We are currently living in an age of profound transformation.   A time in the human experiential cycle where old paradigms of competition, conflict, linear logic, dogmatic religiosity, and subjective world experience are fracturing at their very seams.    This dissolving of old truths has manifested in chaos and hardship for many, as they struggle to make sense of a rapidly evolving universe where the rules have dramatically changed.   But it also has opened up many pathways for exploring into the deeper potentials of the human spirit, free of self perceived barriers or socially accepted limitations. Visionary art has played as honorary role as a powerful catalyst for this awakening, planting seeds of a rising cocreative culture in which the power of our love serves as the new barometer for what we are able to achieve and create.  Can you speak toward the deeper collective intention of awakening propelling the visionary art movement?

"The Witness" By Adam Scott MIller, Solpurpose

Visionary art is the creative response to a personal quest.  Entering an intentionally inspired state to converse with that which inspires, as a medium to affect change in our reality.  These visuals are the artist’s personal periscopic perceptions with dimensions or layers of reality that are not considered by the species’ consensus.   That is why poet Ezra Pound dubbed artists as, “The antennae of the human race.”  This is why artistic perceptions are so often discounted as “not in reality,” when in fact they are a part of reality that we are not yet in, or not aware of.  The visionary artist, like a scouting shaman-scientist, explores the territory of the human heart, braving the dark unknown to report back to the human tribe with the numinous experience.  Scrying into the [as yet] unknown to describe the paths that are ahead and pioneering new thoughts and empowering images with virtues, towards the ideal.  We’re on the fringe, courageous witness of the mystery and discover the reality- sometimes terrifying and often beautiful…we bring this back to share with the rest of humanity so that we all may have these stepping stones to skip into the future.

For humanity at large to experience a true renaissance of resonance, we need to live with an earnest clarity, to see accurately the interrelationships that compose our lives.  A culture hallmarked by the transpersonal vision is not likely to be materialistic, self-centered, or violent; it would be more deeply and widely informed.  The visionary artist is recording the zeitgeist of humanity’s hidden life, and shaping it as well as according to that which the mystic heart envisions. The globally-identified visionary culture: egalitarian and inclusive, living in accordance to an expanded sphere of compassion with an awareness of biosphere we’re a part of, ultimately in recognition of the encompassing ecology of energy.

Solpurpose: Many artists are being called to come together and foster the creation of art galleries and temples to honor the beauty and sanctity of visionary art and culture.    Solpurpose has caught wind that you are in the process of cocreating Australia’s first sacred art gallery.  First and foremost we offer our deepest love and support to this beautiful initiative. What has inspired you to create a permanent residence for sacred art in Australia?

For over two decades I’ve wished for a stable space of harmony and beauty to concentrate my best energies into the greatest creations I can make, sharing them with as many people as I could.  I have learned over the years, as I’ve engineered my lifestyle around art being my “job”, that financial “survival” demands incredible effort. So, in order to ease this strain, it is best to simplify and connect the channels for attention into one space. So having a gallery adjunct to an artist’s home in an area of international traffic, would make perfect sense, wouldn’t it? But before that could happen, another ardent dream manifested, the meeting of the love of my life, my co-creating visionary fiancée Donna Raymond, also known as D.  I’ve moved across the globe, from northeast America to northeast Australia to be where my dreams and heart coincide.  Sharing corresponding inspirations, together with the gracious support from D’s mother Heather to realize this dreaming into being, we’ve been working towards opening Infinitus Art: Australia’s first Visionary Art gallery.   In Australia, the Visionary Art scene is in its infancy, and we hope to create a grounded platform and portal to share, connect, catalyze, and expose visionary creatives to people from across the globe, that pass our doorstep everyday.  We’re located in Kuranda, a mountain village in Far North Queensland, situated amidst the oldest rainforest on Earth.  Part of this space is also our working studio, which we’ve decided to welcome to the public to share the mystique of the creative process-in-action.  The grand opening will be in early 2012, exact dates of announcements will be on my website and the gallery website www.InfinitusArt.com which is in the process of being created.

Solpurpose: What types of events and collaborations will this space hold?

Infinitus Art (Latin for “infinite” and implying “infinite us”)will host solo and group shows, thematically ranging from “international visionary art” to “indigenous Australian.”  Foremost, we’ve recognized that Visionary Art needs a refined space beyond the usual informal presentations in festivals.  These are the humble beginnings of what will increasingly grow as a symbolic beacon for harmonious living and visionary creativity.  Part of our inspiration is knowing how our own dreaming will catalyze many others to do similarly.

An addition to the gallery is our “DnA PermaSculpture” garden: plants and sculptures growing from a space embodying sacred geometrical proportions in its layout.  The sculpture garden will elegantly integrate permaculture design systems, in so doing, functioning as a specific example of what can be created in the Tropical Rainforest.  We take in the sustenance of inspiration from nature, so symbiotically we wish to give back by creating a habitat that nurtures a harmonic spectrum of local biodiversity.  Our intention is to educate guests about natural systems and ecological relationships, in hopes of inspiring visitors to take ideas from our humble example and apply them practically in another space.  Infinitus Art and DnA PermaSculpture are convergent expressions of profound living, as a caduceus of energy and earth- marrying art and ecology as a holism of health and happiness.

Solpurpose: Being that we are blessed with free will, our reality is dramatically shaped by the thoughts, actions, and beliefs we embrace as our truth. Can you speak on the power of choice and how attuning our lives to higher frequencies and ideals of community, fellowship, and cocreativity can transform the very fabric of our collective reality?

The fabric of our collective reality is woven by the consensus of patterns and perspective from time immemorial until present. We do individually have a direct relationship to this magic carpet of consciousness karma, but the shared experience of how reality manifests is a group choice.  Each of us, in the context of our lives, may be our own relative prime mover and weaver of things.  But it is not as simple as “the law of attraction”, which is a general principle that when taken too far becomes a destructive delusion.  But as parts of a whole gestalt, the effectiveness of our personal intention in relation to reality is proportionate to the degree to which we devote focused energies, and are whole unto ourselves.

The vehicle of vitality is the motion of emotion, the energy that drives consciousness from a place of placid stillness to storms.  This prime substance is tuned along a bandwidth and expressed experientially in accordance to personal and environmental frequency habits.  This is where the power of choice tunes the instrument, and can put new patterns into play that serve a conscious direction of will towards the ideals.  As we integrate and embody a different proportion of habitual frequencies, our perceptions and ensuing actual realities are effected as an environmental response to renew equilibrium.  We feed the nature of mind with the fruits of fractal trees out of holographic seeds.  Our potential, call to action, and destiny, is to realize and willfully wield our conspiring hand in co-creation with the manifest world.

Solpurpose: Are there any other messages you wish to share on sacred art and creative culture?

Learn to love things you never gave a thought about loving or not loving, and do everything with that, as the driving force.  Give attention to the quality, not the quantity… and share. Love more.

What do you hope humanity takes to heart from sacred art?

Art is at the heART of eARTh.

Where is Adam Scott Miller’s visionary lightship headed next?

I am going to be focusing the majority of my creative attention on a visionary film mostly composed of animating my paintings.  Also, I’m beginning to craft a storyboard of my cosmology to then communicate through a series of paintings for 2012, and after.  I feel that these visions I have are more clearly shared as a distinct story, not linear per se, but readable as if from an oracle or a thread of golden meaning that leads the viewer, and myself, through the labyrinth… and out into the fresh air of mythic truth and beauty.

Thank you SolPurpose, for offering me this opportunity to share my vision.  Love and gratitude.

Solpurpose Interview held by Ehren  Cruz