Header Art: “Discovery So Lucid, Discovery So Clear” By Cameron Gray

“I believe that there is much more for me to learn about this unknown spiritual art form and I hope to allow myself to become a clearer channel for more of this information to flow through me.” ~ HMP

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he human body: a symphonic masterpiece of force and form, electricity and magnetism, energy and light; the spiraling harmonics of the universe flow through every cell of our being; the song of creation weaves through the very essence of our soul. Every cosmic star can be seen in our smiles, heard in our laughs, felt in our touch…as we experience the sacred dance of life upon the beautiful world together.

Explanations for the meaning behind the human experience have been offered through the lens of science, spirituality, art, philosophy, and world culture; and each ancient lineage of life perception does indeed possess vital hints of our greater purpose. Alone, they only begin to scratch the surface of our story. Only through the fusion of these many seemingly polarized schools do we begin to understand the true interconnected nature we hold with the greater universe without and within.

The way energy moves through our divine vessels reveals a wondrous symphony of sacredly geometric design at the foundation of our being . Yet beyond sensory perception, the existence of the material plane itself is ultimately the product of sacred choice. Choices made each day to hide from or seek love…to isolate or share in the blessing of community…to withdraw into the Ego or engage in the dance of co-creation with hearts and hands outstretched. We can manifest the world of our fears or our dreams…the choices we make with every breath define who we are to the core.

Yet perhaps there is no greater celebration in existence than to choose to take this opportunity to embrace those we love and express the gift of gratitude through our art. To be here fully aware…free of the limitations accepted by the mind, body, and personality…immersed into this moment of sharing alongside brothers and sisters who have chosen to dance with, not against, one another. It is in these circles of celebration that we find new ways to offer and receive healing, exchange the powerful stories of our journey and discover the expression of joy and appreciation in creative ways that change the world. We manifest a brand new world built upon higher rules of respect, integrity, and compassion; a plane of experiential existence free of ridicule and judgment, doubt, fear, guilt, and pain…filled to the brim with the love of the first song.

The Human Mandala Project is the quintessential embodiment of celebrating our sacred connection with the life force; a human network of love, light and energy born at the center of our hearts emanating throughout all of creation through shared hands. Yet what inspired the visionary heart and mind of Josh Davis to offer this project to the world?

I recently sat down with Josh to dig deeper into the origins of this great work. The conversation that ensued brought us deep into the vast chambers of the sacred human experience where we discovered a powerful sense of clarity and understanding of our shared purpose. These are profound times of transformation, and now is the time to share with the world our greatest gifts of healing.

~ Intro Written By: Ehren Cruz


SolPurpose :: What originally sparked your interest in engaging brothers and sisters with the idea of creating mandalic alchemy with your bodies? Was this the next resonant step in utilizing previous work with the sacred geometry and sacred symbology?

HMP :: I have always had an artistic and creative spirit, yet I have often struggled in finding ways to express it in ways that truly resonated with my heart. My technical artistic skills certainly leave a bit to be desired, but my will to create always burns bright. A few years ago, I attended a partner yoga workshop with Elysabeth Williamson. There I engaged in a number of practices where we would join together to help each other move deeper into yoga poses and into our practice. While I observed other attendees practices, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful shapes and forms that we can create with our divine vessels. I was so moved that I gathered a number of my friends to experiment more with those forms, utilizing my knowledge of geometry and symmetry, coupled with a very spontaneous allowing of the practice to be what it will be in that moment. The energy is always different, but very powerful. That was the beginning..


SolPurpose :: As you embrace hand in hand, body to body, and heart to heart forming symbols of creation together…describe to me the collective feeling that is experienced with those sharing in this process?

HMP :: The feeling can be likened to the feeling of being in total unity with a large group of friends. Each gathered with the same important intention. At first it often begins very chaotic and scattered as ideas are whirling into focus. Yet slowly, through gentle guidance, the chaos moves toward order and we begin to feel the energy coalesce into something much greater and much more magical. By the end of the experience, most of the participants carry on like they have known each other for years. It is a very unifying experience, one that allows for the sharing and building of collaborative energy and lasting relationships.

SolPurpose :: We are each born with the sacred opportunity to recognize our true reflections. The luminous smiles that grace our eyes each day help guide the way…is the Human Mandala project a way of saying thank you to humanity and universe for the opportunity to share with each other?

HMP :: It is. But it is also an offering to humanity and the universe. When we join together, we offer our assistance in energetically guiding humanity into a new space. We are able to ask Mother Earth for forgiveness and extend our gratitude together as one. And as the project unfolds more and more, we continue to find new benefits and ways that this practice can influence and affect people and the universe on a very deep level. We are offering a new way of healing ourselves and our reflections…which is all of creation.

Rainbow Arch Human Mandala Project


SolPurpose :: As you journey throughout this world awakening more deeply to your soul purpose…how has your experiences with music, art, spirituality, and culture brought clarity to your sacred calling? How has looking deeper within helped you to share more boldly the magic of the universe with your brothers and sisters without?

HMP :: I find all of those aspects to be huge catalysts in manifesting new ways of thinking and being. Music and art speak to me in a way that no other language can. They offer profound, subtle lessons and inspiration through their many activating qualities. Music and art have been a guiding light for me to move through the unknown flow that is life. My relationship to spirit is ever growing, and I find that the more I am able to listen to the little clues that spirit offers, I am able to walk through life with much more confidence, trusting that there is more than meets the eye within the bigger picture.

Black & White Mandala


SolPurpose :: You recently entered into a contest to win a chance to journey to the ancient Earth-Mother heartlands of Peru with Chimbre Shamanic Center…what inspired you to bring the Human Mandala Project to the Tropical womb of creation? What intentions do you hope to bring into fruition from visiting the ancient land and engaging with the plant medicine spirits?

HMP :: I believe that there is much more to this project than I am currently aware of. For the past several months, I have been dreaming about the more potent, ancient and archaic power that this practice contains. I believe that there is much more for me to learn about this unknown spiritual art form and I hope to allow myself to become a clearer channel for more of this information to flow through me. Traveling to Peru will allow me to engage with life in a primal and humble fashion. It will allow me to humbly offer my heart and mind to the power of lifeforce within the natural realm in the hopes to awaken a deeper connection to my great calling to share this movement with the world.

Expanding Spiral Human Mandala Project


SolPurpose :: As we gaze across the magnificent landscape of Gaia we see many structures built throughout the ages honoring our connection to divine. Temples, pyramids, and ceremonial centers aligned perfectly with the stellar landscape above, the leylines and meridians of the Earth below, and the sacred geometries omnipresent within. Yet these structures although truly great, hold naught a candle in comparison to the perfect symmetry, alchemy, consciousness, and inner potential of the human spirit. Are we the final prayer…the final offering of gratitude by the universe to the universe?

HMP :: We are the next evolution of the prayer. There is no “final” prayer. All of life is a cycle, with a new beginning showing itself at the close of every end. The mandala’s that we create directly represent this. The scalar model of the universe has always intrigued me, these orders of magnitude nestled within each other but all working together in order to make up the reality that we know. For example, all of our cells act within the community of our bodies just like all humans act within the community of Earth to co-create the collective consciousness. The Human Mandala Project is an open reflection of the scalar model. But we definitely offer prayer and gratitude to the universe, as we are the universe seeking to express itself in order to know itself.