.:SynchroMystic ~ The Art of Roman Villagrana:.

  Your artistic name is Synchromystic.   Can you tell us about the origins of this name and how this alias speaks toward the essence of your creative calling?

For me to answer the question, is to speak through linear dialogue.  I enjoy it, no matter the challenge.  As of matter of fact i feel this is the only challenge that needs to be met.  That being said I would say to describe “SynchroMystic” is to open up to the truth of multidimensional existence and non-linear reality.  It is a title I created to represent one who uses synchronicites as a language to know the ‘space’ you are in and synchronicites as a language to define your ‘time’.  It is about presence, where future and past collide.  Its based on an understanding I was integrating into my being in the early to mid 90’s.  There was a rising of synchromysticism and most people take it back to 2006, but unfortunately that is false, and I feel those cirlces fall short in the activation.  Meanwhile those circles are growing and overlooking the presence of synchromysticism in the visionary art community that have in major part been brought forth by Tribe13 and other affiliated networks.

Many ancient spiritual traditions speak of a sacred cosmic design unfolding at the heart of the universe…a matrix of frequency, vibration, and sacred geometry that weaves throughout all creation in perfect harmony.  Our journey of remembrance is uniquely tied into this cosmic blueprint.  At times where we feel most deeply aligned with the truth of our source – we experience the blessing of synchronicity…a time where the inner and outer experiential universe become as One.  Many of your sacred visions reveal this phenomena in exquisite detail…how has the power of synchronicity transformed your life and heightened the power of your vision?

My life is based on this focus…synchronicity.  As expressed in the prior question, my world relies on synchronization.  To me, in life, I want to be free.  To be in a blossoming state of free being.  I realize that the freedom of others’  allows me to sustain freedom within.  Our societies of Earth have fallen short to answer this fundamental connection we have to the ineffible.  Synchronicity is the awareness that allows us to be interdependently free.  My path to this understanding was from my desire to communicate with God, The universe, or whatever this thing was that I was born into.

As I set upon this with true intention. Walking and meditating.  As i kept on thinking for days that turned into months and ultimately years….I started to see synchronizing elements in my reality that were reflecting my interior thoughts.  That is when I realized that synchronicity is the language of God, a transcendent universal language that communicates directly to me. That is the day that I was ordained a SynchroMystic to bring awareness to the language of Synchronicity and the presence of interdimensional existence.  This is the only way we are gonna make a democracy work or any other design of society.  This world must be composed of whole parts so the whole may not be apart from the truth of who we are. Practicing presence is essential.  The last thing we need is to have citizens in a state of fear  as fear overrides harmonious functions of our being.

How have you been able to map this synchronous experience of the universe with such vibrance and clarity in your work?

It is broken down into 3 parts.

1. What my mind is thinking or wanting to ponder in the moment.

2. My materials or medium and external influence. It could be a sketchbook, conversation, or chores, yes chores!  Our daily duty is but an art medium. The needs of our world is part of this.  Ultimately the function of art can answer to any and all forms of needs.

3. And Spirit, the rhythm of my strokes, the openness of my intention allows the symbols in my mind and the external material world to coalesce into my art.  It is the dance that creates the style.  As the prior two parts belong to all of us collectively, but this last part of art belongs only to the intimate connection of the artist and the universe.  It is what we end up seeing and loving in specific artists and or artistic expressions.


One of SolPurpose’s primary goals since its inception is to help bring awareness to the expansive breadth of cocreative action at the heart of the visionary movement.  The importance of collaboration is a major underlying theme at the heart of our mission.  You recently shared a message calling for all of the visionary community to come together in the spirit of open hearted cocreation.  Can you speak on the importance of coming together and sharing our creative passions with brothers and sisters at this time?

Like I said earlier, the language of the Universe is Synchronicity. This states that we must be willing to pay attention to the world around us.  EVERYBODY, in their highest light, wants to bring this world together.  That is why we…SynchroMystics have to synchronize with others…with our reflections…because there is no other – it is the oneness of our existence.  So collaboration and all other synchronic actions such as rituals are the model of an ascended society and the root is always love.  Focusing and putting intent on sharing our existence is the fundamental blessing of this world. When we step away from that focus, disease and disharmony become.  We are here to share this beauty, why remove ourselves from this truth?

The inspiration behind visionary art is as beautiful unique as the creative product itself – Reflections of past experiences, dreams of transcendent possibilities, perceptions of transforming culture, observations of the mind, body, and spirit, and even statements on social and political situations unfolding are but a few of the many mirrors we find in the movement.   What fuels the fire behind your visionary pieces?

Presence! Beyond presence, I dare not know….as it is the mystery that unravels itself through experiential time….I dare not get into defining the space for all of us.  I will say that if we as a world of individuals do not learn to be present, we will always have a controlling elite….and as WE ALL KNOW….that power takes influence and we will always be chasing our own tails in the illusion of separation. So, I say lets empower our center, let’s be upright in our presence, learn the language of synchronicity.  Do not control the universe but allow the mystery to disrobe itself into the most ecstatic union that will blow all of our minds and enrapture our hearts to create.

How does inspiration change as your life experience and journey of self-realization deepens and refines?  Where do you see your sacred art and creative calling headed as we approach the dawn of a new paradigm? 

The external world will constantly change, but even future and past are expressions from the center.  One is not going to the other….they are both emanating in the outer level of manifestation projected from the center.  So the way we interact in the external world is through perfected synchronic language that allows us to be in a state of creative being.  Our language should only express those needs and expressions in ways that empower a harmonic order.  This way we can interact in the external while being present in our center as a divine witness.  The root would be love, through love all actions central and outward is the universal essence itself.  This is the challenge of society – to maintain a state of love while engaged in action.

The opposite side is also real however….and maybe more real to most people.  As SynchroMystics we are here to heal.  That is why we are artists…to project rhythm, vision and song….to reflect and not neglect the needs of creative presence.  Not only an expression but a duty, so others’ can learn to experience their own center. It is the gift of life and we have been blessed to give.  Together in the act of sharing in our world is beyond any one of us, but is composed of every one of us.   See how easy it is to see the disease of separation?….We need to activate creativity within all beings, when they share their light we all grow and dispell the darkness clouding our eyes from the truth.

 Visionary art seems to hold a unique alchemical power.   Transcending barriers of preconceived human potential guiding us into the realms of extraordinary.   Do you feel an important aspect of visionary art is to assist in the evolution of human consciousness by opening new inner doorways to outer possibilities?

All there is, is creation.  The ills of the world come from the lack of creation.  Most humans are trained consumers when we could easily be trained creators…. through “reflect technology” which means to BE YOUR REAL SELF.  Through honoring our truth we influence others to be themselves… I devised the “8 steps of Synchronization” to go in depth to this understanding.  Like an alchemical procedure, the 8 steps describe the levels or dimensions of synchronic order. Even though we are speaking through symbols these symbols can be woven to reflect  a foundation of reality more etched in echoes of truth than what we have.

How does presenting visions of ascended potentials of spirit help to bring about positive transformation for society as a whole?

I am an ascended being,  I am only held down by the perceptions of others.  That being said I believe we all are ascended beings, chosen to live on Earth.  What a blessing!  We need to awaken to this and elevate…For me to be present in higher dimensions I need others to believe in me…or more true…believe in the “I” within me…. What allows someone to believe in me is for them to feel, perceive, and know…”I” believe in them. This reflection of belief in each other is love ~ and it creates an abundance of energy. With this energy we elevate.

We are living in a time of great remembrance, a time where we are reconnecting with Earth Mother in  vital ways.  We no longer feel called to honor our land and our relationship to our human, animal, and plant families solely because it makes rational or logical sense, but because we feel the pain of our world’s suffering as if it were our own.   Do you feel this reconnection to source is a sign that humans are evolving in their hearts?

Yes, we are becoming an interdimensional civilization…and for those that are so stuck on one dimension are likely experiencing “the End of the World”.  And on the opposite is the SynchroMystics using mythic vibes and stories of multidimensional beings so we can reflect and ground the existence of interdimensional presence. Art as all other offerings such as spirituality have the power to reflect this presence.  When your being is centered on true foundation and can interact with synchronic language you see that the whole world is designed for you to interact with the experience as an elevated being.

How do you feel visionary art can assist in providing clarity, awareness, and perhaps even guidance in how to harmonize with this powerful transformation taking form within us?

The best art is the art that allows the viewer the perceive outward and inward with presence.  There are consistent symbologies in our contemporary visionary community, like meditating beings, central columns of light, goddess imagery, sacred geometries, and other empowering motifs.  These images are attached to beings that have opened themselves up and given birth to them…. Often times through entheogenic ritual, but always through a moment of focus ,when we are centered enough to bring forth these perceptions that are beyond ourselves.  It isn’t until we share those with others we realize that this is not the total truth of it.  These images are ourselves not beyond us!  When artists open up, with intention, a collective spirit that lives within us all comes through.  Artists that feel they have a duty to envision a collective well being without the viewer are fabricating dreams. Through art and expression we unite in our creative center. With the right intention, we take flight and ignite the truth that is infinitely within us all.


Each day we are witnessing the momentous fall of the archaic old world paradigm.  A world built upon fear, competition, and judgment – where hunger for power and control over others stands at the core of our mainstream sociopolitical and cultural arena.  Yet the archaic institutions that have held dominion over our world for so long are fracturing at their very foundations.  But as they fall, we are left with the question of where to find a new blueprint of how to live in harmony with this world and our human family.  How do you feel visionary art and culture can help provide answers to the deeper questions humanity faces at this critical juncture in our story?

All answers prior are the answer to this. Presence! That is why I vote “I AM” FOR PRESIDENT! Only  “I” has the power to consciously govern over my actions. the campaign is backed by the EPPOC-evolving political party of creation and represented by the Synchronization Administration…..that is why I created the I AM …Interdimensional Art Movement as a reflection of the true “I AM”, a platform for artists that represent the healing of our fragmented world through harmonic synchronization in the act of free creative expression. That is why… Tribe13 was conceived to bring forth the creative beings that are present and are able to belong to a culture of symbols that don’t trap us with agendas, but are expressions of a free society.  That is why my church is the EVOLVING CHURCH OF CREATION…Evolving because we need to believe that our individual gifts are sacred and our offering is neccessary….and Creation as the fundamental principal that the world is composed of direct reflections of what you offer….so offer it up!!!  CREATE!!!  And bring forth the light on both sides.  The “creationists” and the “evolutionists”….how could you separate the both unless you separate yourself….time to bring it all together.  All these things i just spewed are just that…spewage.  Just like all other religions, philosophies or political ideologies that try and define the numinous. Yet, we have a duty to define our time right now.   And it is time we all rise….synchronize….and harmonize!                                                                                                                                                       

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