Kalya Scintilla [dropcap]I[/dropcap]magine, if you will, a dark desert-scape with nothing to see but stars for miles. You come upon a crystal city in the distance, in the midst of a lush oasis. As you move toward it, deep, low frequency vibrations begin to pulse through your being. You feel them welcoming you and urging you to move your body. You dance and as you do so, you become all that is around you. This is the embodied feeling one might experience when listening to the mind-blowing music of Kalya Scintilla.

SolPurpose had the pleasure of speaking with Aussie Yaygon Lamagier, captain of the Kalya Scintilla lightship. Go deep with us as we explore 2012, ecstatic experiences and tribal culture with Kalya Scintilla.

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Kalya Scintilla is a pseudonym. Where does it come from? What does it mean to you?

Kalya is a romanian gypsy word that means yesterday and tomorrow. And scintilla is a spark, a flash, a moment in time. So its all about being in the moment.”

You recently spent some time in Brazil. A place that is brimming with primordial energy and ancient cultural roots… Did you record this album there?  How did your experience in Brazil help to stimulate your creative genius?

The album was recorded here in my studio in the Blue Mountains, Australia. I just happened to be in Brazil at the time it came out. Brazil as a place is so beautiful. The land is rich and abundant, and the people are so alive with passion and fire for life.”

What does it mean to “Dance the Spiral Never Ending”?

It kinda like a metaphor for life. Our lives are a dance and our path is the spiral. The spiral is never ending because in some form or another we will always exist.”

A new world culture is evolving before our eyes ~ and a major part of this transformational movement is the proliferation of conscious inspired music, especially within the electronic scene. Can you tell us a little about electronic music scene in Australia in comparison to other places you have been throughout the world?

Australia has something special. I realise this having traveled a lot now. Thats not to say its better or more conscious, it just has a certain magic that I feel is mostly due to the resonance of this land. There is an ancient energy here and when a conscious gathering takes place that honours it and works with it, amazing things happen. There seems to be a great awareness and respect for the land here too. A lot of the tribes in this country are constantly looking to create more sustainable events, and often the local indigenous peoples or traditional land holders are invited to take part in opening ceremonies.”

“Beyond music and musicians, what are some of the major influences and inspirations behind your work?

Mother gaia and all her beauty mystery and wonder. The heart and that wonderful frequency of love. Crystal energy. Channelings and non-physical perspectives – particularly that of the Hathors, the Pleiadians, Bashar, and the Arcturians. Sacred geometry. Ancient and tribal cultures. All forms of heart bassed human creative expression.”

Wolfgang Amadeus stated once stated, “I am only composing the sounds which are already present in all of creation. The rippling stream, the windswept plane, the magnificent mountain peak…each are singing a song more wondrous than we can ever hope to fully convey. My hope is to give voice to that which is already humming in perfect tune.” Do you feel that musicians are channels for a symphony already at play? What provides the inspiration behind the mindblowing audioscapes in “Dance the Spiral Never Ending”?

We are totally channels! Though I feel that there are different levels to this. At the ‘base’ level is creation from the ego and the intellect, where one creates bassed on what they think sounds/looks/feels good. Then as one moves beyond this and into the heart you tap into something much greater. From the heart creative flow comes with little effort and little analytical thought as to how it ‘should’ be. Its through this state that an artist will often look at a finished work and wonder ‘where did that come from’. The Kalya songs that I resonate with the most come through in this way. There is always a little ego in my creative process as this helps define my sound. I always intend to create a balanced work with equal parts of strong bass and delicate melody. If I play on deep darkness in a song I feel it necessary to add an equal uplifting part. Often I will choose something that inspires me and create an audio journey bassed on the energy of the topic or thing. Sometimes I will create a journey bassed on a chakra and its corresponding energy and colour. Form the moment that I opened my heart to the path of music and sound my intention was to create music to inspire, awaken and heal, so since then I have researched the ability of sound to heal on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, and incorporated what I have learn’t and remembered into my music.”

If you had to describe your music as a visual scene, what would it look like?

Picture if you will a desert scape at dusk. The sky is filled with millions of twinkling stars. Far off in the distance you see a glow and wonder what it is. You realise that although it is a long way off you are a infinite being full of potential with 12 strands of DNA and a fully activated light body, so teleportation is defiantly an option. In a moment you are there standing in front of the most beautiful most magical city you have ever seen. It is made of crystal and sits in the middle of a lush oasis teeming with life. Pillars of light shoot up into the sky. Waterfalls of golden energy cascade from the crystal structures. You feel a sound coming from within the crystal city, a sort of bass frequency pulse. With you intention to discover the source of this sound you teleport deep into the heart of the city and find yourself on an epic dance floor surrounded by your love tribe. The urge to dance consumes you as you loose your sense of self and dissolve beyond all limiting beliefs. Your being expands as you relise that you are your love tribe and they are you. You expand even further and realise that you are the crystal city of light. Expanding even further still you become aware that you are the desert and the stars, that you are multidimensional and a reflection of all that is.”

We are moving into an age where shamanic and mystic traditions are reemerging within the hearts of many. Your music speaks intimately to the rising Neo-Shamanic tribal culture. Do you consider yourself a part of this visionary culture? How has this culture shaped your life perception and artistic approach?

First and foremost I feel a part of human culture, but I defiantly resonate most with Neo-Shamanic tribal culture. In 2007 when I discovered this culture I experienced a fairly swift ‘awakening’. In the first 6 months of 2007 I had discovered and researched Sacred Geometry, 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, extraterrestrials and other non physical beings, sound healing, the illuminati, and many other esoteric and cosmic perspectives. These combined with using psychedelic medicines as a way to de-program and re-program meant a massive shift in my life and being. Also,Intending to be a healer through sound has taken me on a path of self healing, helping me to go deep and work on myself. As a result I have become vegan and no longer drink, keeping my body as free as possible of dense vibrations.”

Tell us about one ecstatic experience that has changed the way you perceive your life experience.

In 2007 I was contacted by a group of non physical beings. Within two weeks of this experience I had left my relationship of 1.5 years, my job, my house in the city, and let go of a lot of my material possessions. Re-connecting with these beings awoken me to my mission and purpose on earth in this life. I called up Mum and Dad and said, ‘I’m moving back to the farm’. I set up a studio in a little cottage on the property and started creating.”

We finally have arrived at 2012. Any predictions, insights or beliefs you wish to share about this prophetic time?

Far out man. I remember back in 2007 thinking, ‘Ha, 2012 is ages away’. The biggest lesson I have learn’t in awakening to 2012 and all the magic and mystery surrounding it… Be in your heart and be in the moment!!! We effect the outcome of 2012 and beyond by what we do right now, right here, in this moment. We are all creator beings, and science can now back this up. One of the greatest things we have for creating and shaping out own lives is the energy output of our hearts. Many people on the planet right now are so caught up in thought and the mind and have forgotten how to live through the heart. When you live and breathe through your heart your life gains so much more meaning and you invite synchronistic adventure and intuitive guidance to your journey.”

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If there is one message that you would like to share to aspiring artists and musicians what would it be?

Listen, look and live with your heart!”

Interview By Josh Davis