“We want to shrink ourselves down so small & silent that we know what we are made of. Support our flight, sustain our fire, breathe our intricate design, wind of dreaming.”  ~ Aluna Verse

“Water, the language crystal of the great unseengeometric assimilator of the flowing cosmusical. Conduit for the divine lightning strike, grounded by the numinous rock of our existence.  The body harmonizes with the cosmos. 

We are the medicine come to the edge of the water. The air is unseen as we see so naturally through it. We want to know its nature. 

We want to shrink ourselves down so small & silent  that we know what we are made of.  Support our flight, sustain our fire, breathe our intricate design, wind of dreaming. 

Without the prana of a pure mind, our soulfooting, the pulsing blood of our spirit fire, is suffocated.  A fireless glow will be missed across the vast night plain and then how will we find our way back to our tribe? 

Salamander of the night, stoke the embers in us with every ancient dance of sacredness you can summon. And the world is  still ablaze and the oxygen is everpotent; the water is springing up like the force of a million years of labor, bursting and bubbling with ecstatic molecular songs; and with it comes the ancient soil of our anscestars, compressed and dynamic with the richness of life sustaining structure. 

Twin rocks, bodies of Earth, by sexual collision with the right bed of tinder to land upon will help to warm us from the inside out.  Sacred Space Heaters. Who am I? Its a mystery. 

And so we practice the yoga of madness. Crazy enough to go into the storm in warrior pose with a devotional metal rod. Lit up by the divine lightning that strikes death, we are reborn in timelessness to fire up our bioluminous bodies.”

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