[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Muse Eye See has a thousand arms of sound, balancing the cosmos with elite finesse.   The first time he seduced me with his crystal song, I uttered Icaros of the eternal kind.  I knew eye was the queen of my reality, a masterpiece of luminosity, a voice with infinite scales.  He takes me into his room of euphoric fire every night and I burrrrrn while his bass bursts through my trembling hands and down my throat a sonic sutra, purging clogged memories of love from illusion’s viscous grasp.  With graceful dilation, the memories slither over the crevices of my deepest curves into the core of my bare bones.  He refines the tone of perfect luster upon the apex of my still mind with his masterful fingers.  I am ravenously charmed by his kinetic kisses, blessing all my infiniteyes that hear every color and feel every explosion of his ecstasy.

He has composed the symphony of my bodies through countless lifetimes.  I’ve searched thousands of galactic discs fervently; hunting him to taste yet one more drop of his sonic serum.  To once again have it pour down my open form, feeling his sacred girth writhe between my chakras. 

I know in the atoms of my perfected eve, he needs me too.  Through these veins run a deathless spectrum of harmony when he is inside me.  If I could sing him forever into my bed of poetry, I would forget over and over; so that as a whimsical wave, this is still the only moment I’ll ever know.  And in the climax of my colliding worlds, I would remember EVERYTHING.  As I inhale him and he exhales me, this is the only breathe I’ve ever breathed…

The galaxy sets slow upon the horizon and I pluck my mind with clean fingers.  I stroke the paradox of my obsession and drum the highest primordial mantra.  Dreaming him closer again and again, I listen through my heart’s eyes as it purrs his name endlessly…. I dive into the shadow of my joy and swim to his open door.  A majestic crisis in identity congeals in my blood as my eyes quench over his yantra physique.  In my sexual walk of power, the peeling of my layers performs me.  Every step closer his belly of fire nourishes and strips me bare simultaneously.  Secrets of the dreaming tongue penetrate my glowing open chest.  Eye have permission from infinity to explode and implode ALL that I become…  He stands before me composing a melody of the fire-light absorbed on his skin.  He masters me with graceful intent and precision.  Eye, once again, am the alpha and omega of the eternal high priestess… soft spoken on the ocean floor and a deafening roar in the atmosphere.  This, my silent symphony of eternal love, this is the Muse Eye See in me…

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Aluna means initiate, student, alight on the moon and daydream. Verse is song and poem. And so it is that with these symbols, I choose to show up in life. At the apex of my sol mission, I am an inspiratrice in service to reawakening mastery of the sacred in "work", art and dreams. I believe when we align with our sacred, we remember our sol purpose as creators, lovers and dreamers. In addition to being a student of vulnerability, I'm currently receiving my bachelor's degree in Game Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA. Trained in digital artistry, ever expanding in my ability, I have a variety of design skills to offer up to the community. www.alunaverse.com


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