“Tribal Convergence is an intentional gathering of Visionary Leaders from diverse regional conscious communities coming together as one human family to cultivate right relationships between ourselves, each other, and the Earth. We are an interconnected network united by our commitment to creating and implementing new living systems to generate peace, healing,and sustainability in service to the greater service of all life…” ~ Tribal Convergence Mission Statement 

 .:Tribal Convergence:.

Tribal Convergence EVOlution from Akira Chan Arts on Vimeo.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ribal Convergence has arrived at a very important time in the human story…a time where people are seeking to return to a more conscious and compassionate lifestyle.   A lifestyle which honors creativity, reciprocity, and a common sense of unity with all creation.  Solpurpose is honored to sit with Jamaica Jai Ma, creative director of Tribal Convergence and Convergence network – speaking on behalf of an ever expanding sacred tribe of conscious cocreators.   Can you speak on what lies at the heart of this sacred gathering of kindred spirits?   How did this momentous event emerge?

Jamaica: Tribal Convergence re-unites us with a sense of family and tribe. Providing an opportunity for people to gather together in a healthy, positive way – to deepen alliances, to celebrate and create, to share our collective intelligence, to showcase our projects and passions, and to collaborate on solutions that help our communities thrive and flourish.   Tribal Convergence is a reclamation of our ancestral roots – learning from the indigenous ways of being in right relation as a people and applying this wisdom in a modern context. These gatherings create a container to allow the exploration of finding our way into balance and tolerance as OneHumanFamily.  There is a potent force that heals as we collaborate, co-create, offer our service to each other, sit in council, share wisdom, embrace mutligenerational exchange, honor the earth with ritual – all as we find our value and purpose within a community.  We work to release the definitions and stories our culture has created and shed the layers of  grief, anger, hopelessness that many have carried for generations – revealing the true nature of humanity – that we are inherently good, loving, cooperative and that we all wish for nothing more than to live peacefully and abundantly.

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We are an ancient people, whose lineages dates back through the wispy veils of time beyond memory.  To a time of tribal roots, living symbiotically with creation ~ Honoring reciprocity and open exchange as children of the world.  In our hearts, we yearn for this shared sense of connectivity ~ of belonging to something deeper and more sacred than the broken social systems and conflicting ideologies prevalent in contemporary culture.   Do you feel that being a part of a tribe is part is an innate part of our anatomy?…that sharing this world in a cooperative community is imprinted within our very DNA?   And perhaps much of the worlds ails stems from fighting against this natural instinct to honor our bond?

Jamaica: Whether or not we act consciously, we are intrinsically connected to the Earth and to each other.  We share this  home and an innate similarity as a species.  Even as our cultural perspectives change how we express ourselves in the world there is a root that we share collectively as humans, and that root is absolutely imprinted in our DNA. Science has confirmed what we intuitively know- we are creatures of connection-we naturally seek to form into groups – communities and families.   This intrinsic desire to live “within the herd” is not only a human experience, all life operates on an inter-dependant web.  As we have evolved in our complexity of consciousness, so have our ways and reasons for “being in a herd” also evolved.  Now more than ever we are deeply woven together as One Human Family, each of our actions affecting the whole of the system. We have become inexorably linked in a way that has never  before existed on this planet before …although many fail to realize this profound truth. 

Many aspects of modern technology and Western Culture have become deeply disconnected from the natural world  – leading us towards a rapidly decreasing quality of life for all beings on this planet.  Along with the the natural world, we have become disconnected from each other.   Intolerance, prejudice, and fratricide has been seen throughout history, yet it’s impact on the very fabric of our existence is far more potent in these modern times due to the shear volume of occurrence.   But there is an uprising of humans reclaiming the ancient ways, coming out of isolation and courageously remembering and reforging our connection to each other.  We gain so much more collectively when we all offer our piece to the puzzle –  our mastery and our passion.  We thrive by sharing our joys and our challenges, by feeling our purpose and our value within the tribal family.  We experience so much more vitality in our life when we feel in our hearts that we are at home.

The Hopi speak of this time as the return of the Rainbow Tribe.  A time where the children of all races and ethnicities, social and cultural lineages, all paths and perceptions  will remember their sacred connection to each other and our Mother Earth.  What are your thoughts on the Rainbow Tribe prophecy?  Do you feel that this powerful prophecy is coming into fruition?  How does Tribal Convergence play into this calling – to return to an open hearted collective accepting of all walks and relations?

Jamaica: I KNOW with every cell of my being that this Rainbow prophecy is indeed being fulfilled, through us and through many other communities who are coming into right relations with ourselves, with each other, with the indigenous, and with the ancient new – with the Earth.  Tribal Convergence is a family encompassing many different cultures, religious and spiritual practices – different ages, races, and orientations. We ARE the RainbowTribe – remembering how to live in balance again, learning how to uplift and honor  our beautiful diversity.  As well we are finding our common truth – a constant within all walks – to live in peace, to thrive, and to consciously sustain our families with integrity.  The West Coast, as one of the last established civilizations in particular, is a melting pot and cross section of SO many Eons of ancestry and of multicultural influences.   We celebrate this collective intelligence and wisdom that we  carry through our bloodlines, our youth, our experience, our stories.  We are re-weaving the tapestry of the One Human Family by joining our collective threads together in support, acceptance, and cooperation.  At this monumental time in history, when the world is SO deeply in need of peace – we are working together to heal and make right relations again – and we know in our hearts this work matters…and Mother Earth hears our call.

The trees are dancing, the flowers whispering sweet blessings, the birds singing songs of healing and celebration…the sacred symphony of life is continuous ~ ever-present.  Yet many have forgotten how to hear this timeless song…most unfortunately through no fault or choice of their own.  It is difficult to learn to listen to that which has never been embraced or honored with any importance by the voices of the day.   How can we open up more deeply to the blessings of nature?  How can we connect more intimately to the life force of this world when many of us have grown up in a society that has forgotten or lost its connection?

Jamaica: Our first step to reconnection is Presence.  By creating practices that bring us back to our present moment, allowing the mind to quiet and silence the stimulus that our current culture bombards us with – we find a deepening of our breath and the pulse of our heart again.  We feel the life force, the vitality of our living body burn within our spirits ~ there with us in that timeless presence.  From that space we can begin to feel gratitude once more,  which is our bridge back to our connection with source and all life.   When we become present and simply give thanks for this AMAZING blessing of life, for the beauty that we exist in everyday, for the opportunity to experience all that our human life offers us, something shifts fundamentally within the very core of our being.  A compassionate love for all and a deeply felt connection to creation emerges from within.  When we connect with the miracle that life is, the beauty of the water, the sun, the forests, the bird’s song, the spiral dance of all life – every living moment becomes precious.  The THINGS that seem so important and demanding of our attention begin to fade into the background as we reconnect with our truest most sacred self. 

This is a time of monumental dreams and paradigm transcending visions – awakening to our highest sacred potentials of the spirit… Yet it is also a time of rediscovering the importance of simple eternal truths –  the power of friendship, family, and honoring the journey and process of others with an open heart free of judgment… The importance of  self-care and living as stewards of this beautiful planet?  Can you speak on the importance of these simple nourishing steps on our  journey of self and community realization?

Jamaica: Thriving, when we are sustained, when we are connected to our selves and our communities in a healthy, positive and balanced way, we become more generative, creative, and centered.  From this, we free up our energy to offer ourselves in service to help others in turn be more creative, generative,  and balanced.  We see the sacred gift of the world around us and naturally want to  take care and nurture what we authentically Love. We have to start first with self care and good healthy practices.  When we are sick, when we are run down, we have no energy to offer to anyone else.  When we start with caring for our central being and then, like concentric rings, then we may offer our energy to bring others within our communities into balance and health.  As our tribe becomes more healthy and positive, we have more energy to offer to other communities.  

The truth is that although some of us live an abundant life, there are MANY who are still struggling.  To think that this somehow is separate from our reality or to focus our energy too much on our small groups, and say, “Well I’m fine, so let them figure it out for themselves” – is forgoing our sacred responsibility to care for our One Human Family.  We have such a capacity to uplift, to bring knowledge, resources, aid, and healing to many.  Until all communities thrive – then we are still collectively suffering.  Even if you have peace in your land, as long as their is injustice in the world, we will all continue to live in fear.  Most conflict arises from a scarcity mentality, a need to get more because of the notion there is not enough.  Often this feeling  is unfortunately furthered by corrupt systems and our leaders, not solved.  When we redistribute and share our resources, when we offer our hands in honest service, we are ensuring that all beings have the same opportunity to prosper.  

We live in a micro and macrocosm.  First we sustain our own being and connect that with Source, then we link up with other beings who are also on this path of Self Love.  Then we link hands with all beings and continue to support each other through honoring our individual blessing, which organically creates a collective experience of thriving. I am not going to personally solve the problems in say, Africa, yet by affecting my own self and my own circle, and continuing to expand that circle in a sustainable way to others creating vitality in their circles, we can see how our collective reality can truly transform.  Yet EACH individual MUST start with the self.  From that FULL place of self Love we offer our overflow for the benefit and service of others. The Chinese have a simple but potent saying; “If we all swept in front of our own door the whole world would be clean.”  I say, if we swept in front our door and then realized we are strong enough to assist with our neighbors, then we can get their a whole lot faster!


We dance, we sing, we laugh, we create – in a life that seems so heavy at times – in truth we are children at play.  The ancients say we are the blessed eyes and voice of the universe – why is it so important to live in gratitude and celebration?   How does sharing with those we love, our tribe, bring fullness to this life experience?  What has Tribal Convergence helped solidify your about the need for joyous sharing?

Jamaica: So much of this life can be hard or challenging, so much that we have endured and continue to inflict upon ourselves is heavy, burdensome, and troubling.  Yet, even in the midst of this struggle, it is VITAL to keep gratitude for the beauty of life in our hearts.  Our perspective and thoughts shape our reality, what we focus on becomes what the predominance of this experience of life entails.  There is a real need in the face of so much adversity and grief over the state of certain atrocities in the world to HONOR the beauty, to recognize our gifts,  to express our creativity and our joys, to say YES to our lives!!  The more that each day is imbued with a sense of celebration- of each moment being an opportunity to rise up collectively singing our the love in our hearts – the more it blossoms…and the more our life reflects and mirrors back this truth to all we know.  Not every day will be “rainbows and unicorns”, but to cultivate joy brings us strength through the rough patches, brings us a way to honor what is right with the world and also what we have endured along the way.

Truly I believe that we are GOOD at our core, that LOVE is the very essence of our being.  Celebration through song, through dance, through ritual, through laughter is what connects us to that Love, that Source of our being. It is Love that makes this life a miracle.  And it is within a tribe of compassionate hearts, in this space of trusted sharing and infinite potentiality, that we recognize the truth meaning of being alive…to share in this blessing together…and to THRIVE.

.:Convergence Network:.

Throughout the globe many visionary pods are taking form ~ offering conscious sustainable platforms for living in harmony with each other and our world.  However, due to perhaps the lack of supportive mediums to proliferate these beautiful contributions to humanity in a more expansive light ~ many of these projects fall into relative obscurity, isolated within small communities.  Yet recently you along with an amazing tribe of visionary minds and compassionate hearts have introduced a new platform designed to branch together these conscious communities together under one network.  Can you tell us about the Convergence Network?  How did the ideas for this innovative platform first take root?

Jamaica: The Convergence Network mission is to weave a synergistic web of social architects activated in their individual organizations to bring about generative living systems for the benefit of all.c Through web services, conscious media, inspiring events, leadership councils, and alliance partnerships – we are in service to educate and empower communities to live in right relation with the earth and our global human family.  We serve as a hub space for organizations and leaders to align, creating an opportunity to collaborate on projects and share collective intelligence about new systems and ideas. We hold solution sessions to bring leaders and innovators together and then offer a host of projects and services to support community development.

The idea for this Network came from my work with Tribal Convergence and all of the amazing leaders I was meeting.  What I found was that there are so many people and organizations working on similar projects and ideas.  I felt it was of vital importance to bring these elements together – to catalyze, synergize and exponentiate their efforts as One Family.

How can we successfully unite creative initiatives throughout the globe while still honoring the integrity of each others work and reciprocating abundance and support in a balanced fashion?

Jamaica: What appears to be emerging is the remembrance of how to support the macrocosm by anchoring in the sustainability of the microcosm. What I mean is, that if on local or individual organizational levels, we are sovereign, generative, holistic, and thriving, then we can begin to share from our full cup with our neighbors and other communities.  From that place of expansion and abundance, we can link arms and support broader outreach efforts in a balanced fashion.  Concentric rings of support always from the wholeness of the center.  Because of course, what we are collective rediscovering is that we are all DEEPLY interconnected and need eachother to thrive.  We are awakening to the truth that this planet is an interdependent realm in its conception, whether it’s our environment, our commerce, our resources, we are woven together in such a way that our thoughts, words, and actions directly affect all life.  

We are like the human body, each individual cell or organ or vessel is unique and sovereign unto itself with a particular function that is necessary for the viability of the whole. Yet, we are currently opperating as a dis-eased organism, fighting eachother and not communicating, not cooperating for the sake of the whole.  This simply has to end as a way of being on this planet- or we will not survive.  Good news is that like a wildfire, humans all around this globe are awakening to this fact and choosing to come into harmonious balance – choosing to collaborate, cooperate, create solutions, and reach across lines and barriers to welcome and embrace the commonality within the beautiful diversity ~ which is essential for a sustained way of living.  The short is, when we work together, we all benefit.  Convergence Network is just one example of people and organizations choosing to share their efforts to be in service to unity.  And the key is sharing within a platform that at its very foundation has been developed with a model based on higher principles of integrity and respect – to ensure all who take part in the exchange are honored with adequate resources.

“The Convergence Network is a synergistic web of social architects activated in their organizations to foster and collaborate on new living systems for the benefit of the Human Family. Through web services, inspiring events, leadership councils, and alliance partnerships, we are in service to educating and empowering communities to live in right relations with the earth and our global human family.” ~ The Convergence Network Mission Statement


 What steps does a visionary organization have to take to become a part of the Convergence network?

Jamaica: First by an organization simply needs to agree to the core root principals of being in right relation. Essentially having an organization that operates under a core mission to be in service to empowering, educating, and inspiring. Then, an organization would visit theconvergencenetwork.org and tribalconvergence.com. 

In these websites you can get a better understanding of who we are. On the Convergence Network site in particular there is a tab for affilites that gives futher information about what we offer and how to participate.

An initiative of such immense proportions certainly needs some form of organizational or governing body.  What approach have you taken to incorporating a sustainable system of responsible and honorable leadership at the heart of this program?

Jamaica: We operate with a base structure following the Dynamic Governance  and Holographic model, which are organizational tools that use Sacred Geometry and nature as guiding principals. We work with a core council of 8-9 people that shares accountability and responsibility for various aspects of our creative mapping, decision making, and organization of initiatives.  Each member of Core Council is “holding” a particular function and acts as the voice representing that area in our meetings, yet we also weave and collaborate on eachothers areas, sharing our ideas and creative solutions with the collective. This core council works intimately with a Lead council of 8-9 people that supports the implementation and vital functioning of different facets of our organization, acting as liaisons or team leads to the various “Actions” or programs that the Convergence Network offers. They help inform the decision making of the Core Council by representing their team. We have various Action Teams that are responsible for co-creating and carrying out the actions or projects of the Network, informing the Lead and Core Councils of key issues or needs, and receiving guidance and support in return. We also work with a Source council that creates the energetic and spiritual support to our grounded action based work.

Along with this core 3 part concentric council and Action Teams we support regional groups to self govern and create sovereign regional nodes of leadership that then have a voice in our shared interest and alliance.  We utilize Convergence Network and the Tribal Convergence as hub spaces to support, empower, educate, inform, and cohesively align these regional actions within the context of a larger system. By supporting the microcosm of individual teams or regions and creating feedback systems that carry information back to a centralized place that then links the collective intelligence to the macrocosm – we have a top down, bottom up approach to empower collaborative and accountable action without a traditional hierarchical leadership system. While we don’t operate by traditional political models or pure consensus decision making, we do operate on trust and respect, which allows us to disagree or offer varying opinions and to find our way to cooperative decisions that most of the Councils can support as being mutually beneficial.

Tribal Convergence from Akira Chan Arts on Vimeo.

Many are feeling an immense call to link arms in solidarity ~ to reach out to brothers and sisters who share common dreams and goals and begin collaborative efforts bringing a vital new culture of trusted sharing into the hearth of our story.  Yet it seems that perhaps these groups may not have to “reinvent the wheel” so to speak in getting a solid footing on how this can be accomplished with integrity and love at the core.   A deep bow in love and gratitude to the efforts of Tribal Convergence and Convergence Network for fulfilling this pivotal role!  What projects does Tribal Convergence hold for the near future?  What are the long term goals of this initiative?  For those that are interested, what ways can communities assist in aiding the dreams of Tribal Convergence and Convergence Network come into fruition while simultaneously supporting the manifestation of their own visions?

Jamaica: Oh my! There is SO much happening. We have our first in a series of Convergence Network Solution Sessions in March which are focused work sessions to inform, strategize collective solutions, collaborate on projects,and fortify the relationships of various Affiliates and CN leaders.

  • We are working on producing a Global Wisdom Council in alliance as a programming partner for the Global Summit happening this August focusing of global solutions to human flourishing.
  • We are implementing the Visionary Forum Program which brings Tribal Convergence and Convergence Network leaders & wisdom keepers to West Coast festivals in the form of workshops based on sharing our models/ methodology/ values, empowering emerging leadership, creating collaborative sessions for participants, and creating an opportunity for networking.
  • Along with the Visionary Forum, we are offering Tribe Talks, a video sharing platform allowing festival participants an opportunity to personally share their projects, their passion, their visions with the world.
  • We are working on producing our next Tribal Convergence event which will gather West Coast leaders together in British Columbia this June.
  • We are taking Tribal Convergence and Convergence Network to Burning Man by collaborating with Red Lightning and running the Entelechy workshop programming and the sacred tipi’s in August.
  • We are actively engaging and supporting several conscious media projects, along with some innovative social technology projects to be unveiled as they develop.
  • We are creating virtual platforms for networking and sharing collective intelligence and using our web presence to cross pollinate many exciting projects, festivals, and organizations.
  • We are working on some alternative education platforms, community development projects, and alternative currency initiatives to offer through our Network.
  • We are working with an Organization in South America that is doing very similar works to build the international bridge of collaborative alliance and global partnership.

Truly, there are many other endeavors that are being sparked by the Convergence Network.  As an emergent organization we offer a fresh template for many seasoned innovators, creators, visionaries, conscious organizations to bring their mastery and wisdom to the formation of this hub space innervating networks within networks.

We are always looking for allies and affiliates who want to join our efforts. We are inviting communities, organizations, transformational festivals, and leaders of the new paradigm to participate in the network and share the mutual reciprocity of collaboration. We are actively seeking sponsors, donations, and funding sources to continue to offer our projects in a generative way that supports the people who are devoted to bringing this Network forward in service to the whole.

For more information on how to support our efforts, people can write to theconvergencenetwork@ gmail.com

Ehren CruzOn behalf of Solpurpose, I offer our sincere love and gratitude to you Jamaica Stevens, and to all of the compassionate hearts and minds guiding Tribal Convergence and the Convergence Network forward at this critical juncture in the human story.  At the core of our being, we believe this is a great and sacred opportunity in the maturation of our species – to rediscover our inherent bond with one another, our world, and the source light that guides our footsteps before they manifest – and take that sacred fire and create in balance for greater good of the whole.  S0 in the spirit of common~unity, we salute your efforts with a cheer of solidarity in assisting this momentous cause in any capacity we are able moving onward.  And we look onward with great love and joy to all the wondrous initiatives to come! 

Interview By Ehren Ehren of Solpurpose and  Jamaica Jai Ma of TC and CN