Get your Free SolPurpose Desktop Wallpaper and Google Chrome Theme

Ahh…the first days of spring.  They make such lovely time for growth, expansion, love and gifts of life.  Here in the SolPurpose lightship, we are feeling so much gratitude for the opportunity to spread all of this visionary light and love to all of you.  And to show our appreciation for your engagement and encouragement, we are happy to offer you a few gifts of our own.

First we have an incredibly vibrant desktop wallpaper for your computer screen. Created by SolPurpose artist Isaac Mills, aka Mugwort Artemisia, this desktop background will inspire your digital creation over and over.

Next, we bring you our rendition of the Google Chrome theme.  Designed by Digital Empathy Design using various elements of the SolPurpose lightship design, we offer you the perfect visionary accompaniment to your forays into the endless land of the internet.

With these gifts, you will also receive a subscription to our digital newsletter.  This will give you updates and new looks into the art, music and initiatives of the new visionary culture.

To get all of these awesome things, click this link, fill out the forms, follow the email instructions and presto!

Lastly, a gift of prose to inspire the fullest, deepest, reaches of your creativity during this most fertile time.  I hope you enjoy it.


What is it about the opening of springtime that makes us want to blossom and bloom into our full creative manifestation of spirit? How do the corpuscular rays of sunshine reach so deeply into the soul that we have no choice but to push back with full creative force, so hard that we don’t even realize the full potential for creation of beauty?

With the illumination of the soul after the hibernation that must be undertaken during the darkest days, we begin to see the germination of the seeds that have been harbored through the long meditative winter. Little green buds of inspired ideas creep through the surface to erupt so brilliantly in the warmth of the soul of our home. Stretching boundlessly toward the glorious creative entity, the smallbud begins to pick up some momentum after tasting a sip of it’s new found freedom. It takes on new shapes and forms, ever transforming to adapt to the new surroundings. As the bud begins to take on it’s destined geometry, it begins to grow faster, with more vigor, until it doesn’t even recognize itself as the seed that it once was. Being joined with it’s ultimate lover has allowed it to be itself in all it’s glory, growing and expand at rate that it never knew possible.

With firm, strong roots in place, it feels safe to show it’s most vulnerable and beautiful side to the world. Soft, luscious petals open sensuously to the sun, showing it a beauty that it never thought possible. She shines in all her glory, teasing and taunting all who dare to look deep into her. We are changed by looking that deeply into something so magnificent, so simple, so glorious in all ways.