NEYEN by itom lab

GalacTemple | Psy-Dream | World-Whomp

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We are deeply moved to announce the exciting release of this music onto the dream scene.  Itom lab’s freshly released album is an inspiring power groove of the spirit, flowing through the synapses of timeless adventure. Blast through these landscapes of sound that inform your inner being and the galactic warrior within.
Featured CD art include the visionaries Geo Glyphiks, Adam Scott Miller, Jesse Noemind, and Chris Varthalamis.  A more in depth Feature on the rich music of itom lab is soon to come…

“A galactic journey into the stars with sonic vibrational compositions of electronic music hybrid with organic sounds. Utilizing a variety of control surfaces and performing several instruments. The evolving arts of Electronic Shamanism is my mission, whether it be on the dance floor, sacred ceremony, desert parties or festivals.

I want to engage the sacredness of all. Shapes, color, emotion, mind travel to infinity and beyond. I am imagining my dreams consciously and developing these worlds of sounds into cosmic compositions. In honor and gratitude to release these artistic creations into our reality.” -itom lab

Aluna means initiate, student, alight on the moon and daydream. Verse is song and poem. And so it is that with these symbols, I choose to show up in life. At the apex of my sol mission, I am an inspiratrice in service to reawakening mastery of the sacred in "work", art and dreams. I believe when we align with our sacred, we remember our sol purpose as creators, lovers and dreamers. In addition to being a student of vulnerability, I'm currently receiving my bachelor's degree in Game Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA. Trained in digital artistry, ever expanding in my ability, I have a variety of design skills to offer up to the community.