“We are all equal. We are all cocreators. Gods of Art and Rock is not the way things truly are. We all struggle – we all share in the pain of this world together. My message is to challenge each person to be courageous enough to find themselves. The real person beneath the baggage accumulated from centuries of glorifying others and neglecting our own divinity. The old “Pedestal Paradigm” as I like to call it, where everyone else is put above the self, is at long last coming to a close. We want our listeners and fans to find their own empowerment and fulfill their great purpose. There is nothing greater anyone can offer then sharing what they love with the world.” ~ Jason Hahn of Nadis Warriors

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]usic is a universal language.  A sacred force that fuses  light, love, and consciousness into manifested reality.   It holds no prejudice, no predisposition.  Its very essence lies at the heart of creation… and every note, every chord, every melody has the power to guide us back to wholeness.

All of reality is vibration in motion – a dance of resonance and frequency.  As we listen to the music that inspires our souls to create and minds to dream – we are giving ourselves permission to return to who we truly are – symphonies of light, color, and sound.  

At this critical juncture in the human story, we have each been given an opportunity to reclaim our authentic legacy as inherently divine family.  The Nadis Warriors have heard the call, and have chosen to utilize the most powerful form of expression ever developed to assist in our collective quest of self realization – conscious music.

The Nadis Warriors approach their audio craft much like ancient Yogi’s and tribal ceremonialists of times long past, sound sutras intentionally woven to heal and guide listeners into a state of ecstatic self realization and life-force celebration.  Through consciously fusing powerful frequencies with electronic dance music, they create a ritual environment in which the listener is encouraged to release all expectations of who they think they are – and feel their way into new beginnings of transcendent possibility.  Their eclectic mix of musical layers incorporates Tibetan singing bowls, tablas, live guitar and keys to create an electronic excursion through healing and dance. Focused on moving crowds and melding the collective consciousness, each Nadis Warriors performance is an odyssey built around connectivity.

Solpurpose is honored to have had the opportunity to sit down with Jason Hahn and speak toward the profound transformational power of conscious music.  As the conversation ensued – we rapidly discovered that many of our deepest aspirations – to cultivate a platform of empowered peace and understanding were reflected in every facet of the Nadis Warrior’s audio odyssey.

SolPurpose: The Nadis – perhaps best translated as “conduits” – constitute the composition of the subtle or yogic energy body.   Like the Chinese meridians, the nadis are channels within which the flow of vital prana life-force moves through the energetic body connecting one to the greater universal flow.  How has the band come to know these healing channels of lifeforce?  Is a key intention behind your music cultivate a healing and positive transformational environment?

Jason: I am trained as a natural healthcare provider. I run a wellness center in the Hill Country of Texas.  While I was in Chiropractic school, I came across Reiki.  Through intimately studying Reiki, I came to familiarize myself with the energy channels of the body.  I am now a Reiki Master and utilize this treatment with great positive results in my clinic.

But one day it hit me, whats the best way to heal the most people possible at once. I quickly realized music was the answer, so the Nadis Warriors concept began to take form. Music is the most healing force in the universe.  As a band, we feel if people are open to music – we can effect change easier.  The frequencies we are playing are intended to elevate the body, mind, and soul –  utilizing music as a powerful healing medium. 

As a holistic healer – I have come to experience many people are uncomfortable with touch.  Trauma has effected their ability to trust the outstretched hand.  It has become an unpleasant experience for many clients to undergo direct contact in healing.  But music touches the soul and opens them up to a greater truth – It’s an innate universal language they understand with ease and joy. 

Universal healing is our great mission.  Fulfilling prophecies of great change upon this planet through scientifically and spiritually proven audio healing.  There is a huge Compression of time we are feeling in the air – things are happening more and more rapidly each and every day.  We feel its important to embrace the power of now and transform.  We hope to effect as many people as possible.  The frequency of change happens when we choose to empower ourselves to heal.  And music allows us the most powerful passageway into making that difference real in the shortest scope of time possible.  

Solpurpose: A warrior is traditionally perceived as an individual skilled in the art of combat or martiality.  The term is particularly utilized often in reference to tribal cultures or those that honor tactical warfare prowess as its own class of citizen within society.  How did the name “Nadis Warriors” come into being?  What significance does the title of  “Warrior” hold at the core of your musical intention? 

Jason: Our fight is not with any person – it is a fight to bring authentic truth back into our lives and culture from a society that has stripped us of our divine value in all systems.  We are grounded in our intention, ability and purpose.  Taking on the role of the courageous and peaceful warriors.  We need to understand that as a people we don’t have to fight each other anymore – we have to internally challenge ourselves…and that will transform our world.  These are the most important times in our history – and an order to fully capture the momentous gravity of what is happening it is more important than ever to take a stand with faith in what you believe to be right in your soul. 

One of the things we love doing is playing raves.  Going right into the heart of over consumption, imbalance and ungroundedness.   We have felt a great calling to help these kids – many of which are lost having an empty experience.  What might have begun with honest intentions has burned a void in their life and they are struggling in pain.  We immerse in that space as peaceful warriors to bring conscious vibrational healing into the mass.  Take their minds off the repetitive disjointed sounds and introduce powerful positive frequencies that we hope can change their lives around for the better.   A lot of times we are the only live band there…  But we stand firm in our beliefs we have a purpose to inspire and heal…and we cannot avoid those darker places whether in our lives or in society.  Those are the spaces that need the medicine the most.

We are witnessing the convergence of three major consumption cultures at this time.  Jam community > Rave community > and Bar community.  These spaces, which for a very long time were unstable in their foundation of overindulgence, are now starting to shift into a conscious and supported space by artists and activists who plant seeds of positivity at their core.  We have lost a lot of dear friends to overdose along the way.  And we have lost a lot of fans as well including a young teen at Electric Daisy just this last year.   It was after this experience that we decided to bring our message out more directly, no longer playing our shows with subliminal healing intentions in the hopes people would catch on to the sacred nature of their lives and choices.  We decided to release a direct statement: “We believe people are divine…and it is our great hope that they can discover that within themselves and share that truth with the world.”

There is a powerful Shamanic resurgence in our culture –  And these former indulgence cultures are at the nexus of this change.  They are all using substances to find source.   Yet for the most part they are void of ritual.  We desire to bring these traditions forward itno shamanic awareness through introducing intentional ceremony.  Standing firm in the idea we are the changes we seek in the world.

Its import we let go of our hangups.  We each have a lot power and purpose in this change.


Solpurpose: Many of our generation including all of us here at Solpurpose chose to run away from the Suburban metropolis – paved streets, quick attitudes, repressive structures, and competitive ideals – for the forest, the mountains, the woodlands, and hills…  In the hopes of discovering something meaningful and sacred at the core of life.  We knew there were deeper truths beyond the repressive world built around us, so we put everything on the line and took the leap – And it was through the discovery of conscious music, art, and culture that we connected with our souls.  Many of our brothers and sisters lost their way along the road, but discovering the truth of our divine nature was worth the risk…  It was worth every challenge and sacrifice along the path…

Jason: Our band has found our source of healing and truth in a similar way.  Through traveling the hidden pathways of music that touched our soul we discovered ourselves.   We are part of the tribe of lost wanders… We were all Phish Kids and walked a long hard trail in our youth… Yet, I believe the wanderers you speak of is in fact the Rainbow tribe…a great family seeking a return to each other.  Society is sick and we have seen and felt the sickness.  And we have chosen to react…

There is an element of pre-destiny involved at the heart of this searching.  We are the indigo generation – who has come together to save the planet from self-infused illness.  Even if many a wayward traveler feels lost – especially when we begin our search for truth and understanding – we are predestined to find the strength within our hearts and each other to rebuild this culture on new principles of existence.  There is a great purpose for feeling alone – to rediscover the power of community and family.

Yet now, the music culture is truly finding its bearing.  And the wandering travelers are making their home at a healthy foundation, branching into the realm of the collective visionary.  The “scene” is becoming far more intention filled.  At every show you find healers, crystals, ceremonial dancers, and sacred arts…  There is a great conversation happening.   Perhaps the movement of all movements is emerging within this vibrant culture we are cocreating together.  We are priming the truth engine preparing to shift with all we have cultivated in the visionary and festival culture… Transferring it into a self sustaining conscious system that we can then take into the heart of linear society.

We all have a great purpose on this planet.  The Nadis Warriors are trying to get the greater community remember what that is…and bring it back to their families and loved ones.  Music, art, writing, dancing, gardening, architecture – whatever you are good at and love to do is your great calling and you should be sharing  precisely that.  Nadis Warriors are here to help to catalyze and support that truth.

The great shift is happening…everyone involved in festival cocreation is just a bit ahead of the curve.  This is going to help change the face globally and internationally.  Boom festival in portugal, Rainbow Serpent in Australia, Symbiosis in Nevada, Shambhala in B.C., Burning Man in Black Rock, Ozora in Hungary, Electric Forest in Michigan – coast to coast on every continent – Creative culture is emerging everywhere.  

The 1960’s planted the seed for much of what we are experiencing now, but its strength was targeting the political and social imbalance.  But we are now realizing that we do not have to play by the old rules at all.  We are cocreators…we can evolve our way through a broken society by changing our approach to how we perceive life…shifting our energy to what we feel is more important.

In Washington D.C. in 1994 – 2000 people meditated for 3 months at a time the crime rate was the worst within the capital it had ever been… By the time the meditation was complete the crime rate dropped 23%…all variable factors as to why this would occur outside of meditation were scientifically eliminated.  The crime rate dropped because people cared and came together – and dreamed change into our shared consciousness.   There is something profoundly conscious developing.  There is a spiritual evolution occurring…we are evolving past all mental, physical, social, and emotional and emotional barriers….we are experiencing the quickening.

Solpurpose: It appears that at a foundational level the Nadis Warriors are inspired by Ancient wisdom and spiritual traditions.  Can you speak toward how your connection to these rich spiritual lineages and how they influence your music, songwriting, and performance?  How does this ancient sknowledge synchronize with the contemporary Neo-tribal renaissance taking form in our culture?

Jason: Looking through the many ancient traditions…The Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Torah, the Kuran, the Tao Te Ching, and messages of the Buddha – there are incredible similarities at the core of every vital spiritual path.  They all are built upon foundations of truth – that we are to care for each other, respect life, honor the planet, learn to cocreate and share as family.  Then religiosity came in with linear subjective thought bringing beuracracy, dogma, and politics perverting the initial intentions of the good works.  As the Buddha says, “Thought becomes things….”  Harmful misinterpretation of very simple truth got the emotional and spiritual underpinnings twisted.

Yet now what we are perhaps for the first time experiencing is an era where the science and spirituality are in relative agreement.   The Quantum physics frontier is validating and affirming the most ancient and sacred truths…and those truths are converging with the greatest knowledge of today into active lifestyles.  For millennia, our society was fed hollow reflections of the wisdom these traditions were built upon.  The people are now at long last taking back spirituality from religion.  Just as music is stealing back their art from record companies.  Psychologically the people are taking back control of their power to choose who they are and how they perceive this world.

The Occupy movement happened through facebook and youtube.  No one up top would share the very real powerful messages hitting the streets…so we shared it ourselves.  We no longer are dependent on corporations and the machine.  And in this manner we are also taking back grounded expressions of spirituality.  We are experiencing a shamanic and tribal renaissance on all fronts.  We are engaging in deep ceremonial behavior that will change this world.   And this time we aren’t afraid.   There are earth shattering changes occurring in every sphere of our lives and people are not running in fear… they are joyously embracing it.

Solpurpose: There is an underlying challenge facing many that attempt to take on the juggernaut of corporatism, and that is finding pathways toward abundance and sustainability through developing new innovative forms of resource reciprocity.  You mentioned taking back your music from the record companies and utilizing different channels to share your art with greater integrity.  Many artists have decided to share their music for free or suggested donation.  In fact Radiohead recently shared an album for donation and broke all preexisting records for their album sales by a landslide.  Many other wonderful initiatives have taken root through donation based systems such as Kickstarter, where a visionary can  request funding for a project and in return they gift an array of unique resources.  How do the Nadis Warriors feel about open source sharing?  What are your thoughts on the benefits of a resource based economy as opposed to currency – a practice common in ancient civilizations throughout the globe?

Jason: We record and share all our music for donation or for free.  We also try our best to share our live pieces on archive or other spaces that support free exchange.  The idea is to spread our message of healing and conscious transformation as much as possible to all who resonate.  And if it’s of value to you, your family, and friends…We ask you to please come to the shows and share time and space with us.  The energy and magic we are focused on is really created for the live experience.

All of our music is given for free because we believe such offerings are felt by the universe and we will be provided in other means as opposed to a direct fork out of currency.  The economic ramifications of this mindset – is that the old way of doing things is not only unnecessary, but a blatant mishandling of the resources we have been blessed to share.  A new resource based economy is indeed developing at the heart of this all.  A shift is occurring and it can be observed in every facet of human culture.

Free music and donation based music is the best way to transfer the energy while staying true to your roots – why you started playing music to begin with.  I am not saying that it isn’t important to support the artists.  Do your best to give what you can and share with the people you care about.  In other words, pay it forward.    But really the most important change this is bringing to the music industry as a whole is artists are no longer forced into creating music that sells.  We are once again given the freedom to play from the heart!  Returning to the pureness of what it is meant to be.  Prepackged McDonald’s happy meal music is dieing.  The Free music and art ideology has changed music for the better.

20 years ago no one would have ever signed the Nadis warriors into the 5 to 10 pop labels that owned everything the radio or t.v. promoted.  So no one would have ever heard our sound or felt our message.  Everyone now can go to facebook, pop on youtube, hit up Panndora, visit artist websites…. Download, trade, and share openly.  Some say we are being exploited…I say we are being saved.  We play so others may listen, get inspired, and carry on that energy to make positive changes in the world.

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Solpurpose: Do you believe expressing ones passions through music, art, dance, and ceremony can lead to a more conscious and balanced lifestyle? How can music, creative expression, and visionary culture help us recognize our inherent connection to each other, our world, and to our universe?

Jason: We believe the more powerful the experience we have – the more culture is created from that initiatory experience.  And humanity is continually striving to find culture and bring it into their lives…  If we can encourage the proliferation of a positive culture rooted in creativity …. Bring a collective value to divine nature of honest creativity into the mainstream once again – Think of the healing, happiness, and empowerment that would take hold.   Creative culture stimulates renewal and the importance of coming together.  It is born of unity.  Encouraging this form of expression helps a new visionary culture blossom and change society.

Each member of the Nadis Warriors has walked a long visionary path.  Traversing the edge of the psychedelic and spiritual universe…    We grew up captivated by psychedelic culture, its lack of limitation and encouragement of progressive mystical exploration.  There is definitely an element of predetermination guiding our inspiration – we all sought visionary lifestyles and artistic culture from a very young age.  We knew the suburban succubus cycle was empty and lost … We knew there was more to it.  Visionary culture is a spark inside all of us from the band to fans.  It’s not an experience for the few…we are all involved in this movement.

The seeds of visionary culture have been with us since from a young age.  However, as a band Nadis Warriors are only two years old.  And we are blessed to say that on our second show ever we had the opportunity to play with Alex Grey on stage.  How this came to happen… is two years ago Alex and Allyson suffered a terrible car accident 2 months before the first Manifestation Celebration event.  The Grey’s have always been a tremendous inspiration in our lives and we felt called to assist in any way we could.  We reached out and offered for the Nadis Warriors to play a benefit show for Alex and his wife.  They agreed and even came out to show their support.

The second Alex Grey came on stage we knew we had to bring it…we had to be at the total top of our game for the right.  When Alex stepped on stage his spirit was palpable.  It was a very inspiring moment… very heavy for the band.  We cherish it as a beautiful coming together of our dreams and intentions – a true life affirming experience for all of us. 

Solpurpose: The level of intention placed into your new album is staggering.  From the album title, to the names of title tracks, to their momentous delivery in the live arena.  Can you describe the meaning of your new album title “Allele Frequencies”?  Where did the inspiration for this title come from?  What is the greater musical story or journey you are hoping to convey with this album?

Jason: Allele frequencies is definitely an intimately composed concept album.  Allele frequencies can be defined as – When the population of a genome changes or evolves – A powerful mutation triggering transformation occurs spawning ascended expressions of life.

Each track in Allele Frequencies is  correlated to a physical, emotional, and spiritual process starting at Prophase or Mitosis –an evolutionary process of our DNA.  Mitosis is subtitled “Dismantling inhibitions” – Releasing our old baggage and preparing for the new.  The next track is Metaphase – dismantling trauma –  The grief, blame and shame we have ingrained into our beings and culture for millennia.   Then on to the Telophase – Dismantling the cycles –  The hamster wheels we find ourselves trapped within preconceived or accepted limitations.  All of these things stop us or stifle our progress from reaching our ultimate destiny – the cosmic convergence – Cytokinesis.

The intention of the album is to free ourselves, our fans, or anyone who may listen or experience our shows from anything that holds us back from awakening to our true potentiality.  We also added in the Chakra system into the tracks showing that there is a process to realization starting from the ground on up.   So we followed the evolution process both scientifically and metaphysically – as advanced research in quantum physics is now showing that DNA can changes through thoughts, words, and intentions – as the ancient wisdom has always affirmed.  We hope to help others Break free from enslaving the self through ideology.  That is the deeper intention behind the musical journey of this album. 

Dismantling cycles > dogma > trauma > Repeating the same patterns > problems with relationships and trust = viruses that plague our collective psyche.  Its time to break free  from all these things that hold us back – that make us not realize the light we truly are.  Its time to shatter barriers – biologically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually until we arrive at an end point of cosmic convergence and connectivity.

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Solpurpose: Many young artists or musicians have the tendency to view accomplished visionaries as demigods.  People that are somehow gifted and advanced beyond any capacities they can ever hope to accomplish or become.  A main mission and focus of solpurpose has been to reveal to everyone they have a special gift…a sacred offering to their community and this world that is magnificent beyond measure.  Do you have any messages for the young visionaries who are setting out courageously on their journey?  The wanderers who are seeking their path toward liberated empowered expression?

Jason: We are all equal.  We are all cocreators.  Gods of Art and Rock is not the way things truly are.   We all struggle – we all share in the pain of this world together.  My message is to challenge each person to be courageous enough to find themselves.  The real person beneath the baggage accumulated from centuries of glorifying others and neglecting our own divinity.  The old “Pedestal Paradigm” as I like to call it, where everyone else is put above the self, is at long last coming to a close.  We want our listeners and fans to find their own empowerment and fulfill their great purpose.  There is nothing greater anyone can offer then sharing what they love with the world. 

If it’s just a handful of us heeding the call the change we dream of will never occur.  A massive group believing in ourselves and creating what we love is where  the true change rests at.  The Nadis Warriors took on the role to ground ourselves in the truth of our sacred being.  We have taken a leap of faith, and at times it can certainly feel daunting.  But its time to take that leap for yourselves.  Don’t be a bystander…Believe in yourself.  Anyone can change the world – once you get rid of your baggage that truth will shine brighter than the sun.   There is no one better than anyone.  When we put our heart and desire into our passions and set no limits we can create whatever we want. 

Bullshit lies have held us back from the truth of our momentous purpose for too long.    Trust in who you are.  Believe in your light and purpose… And then it will become easy to believe in the goodness in everyone else…

Solpurpose: Hand and hand – tribal circles are forming… A sense of humbleness and gratitude is emerging as peaceful warriors hold firmly to their deepest truths.  Spiritual teachers are no longer speaking down at everyone from the pedestal, but are speaking among their families around the fire, around the dinner table, and within every corner of the community.  We are all one tribe, we are equals, and what each one of us have to offer is important.  This is the message I am getting from the Nadis Warriors…is this correct?  

Jason: Embrace who you are.  When we look around there are sparks flying in every part of our lives.  Even though a lot of these changes seem world rifting…there is a sense of Innocence and wonder at the core of this blessing.   This is a time for rejoicing.  A time of Equality, honoring tribal family values – No more angst from fighting your brothers and sisters.  Share in the Joy in a new tomorrow.  We are the generation that is to bring the truth of our common bond into fruition.  Our purpose now on this planet is the purpose we have always had!  To heal, to share, to grow, to create….but now we know it…we are experiencing it together and it is empowering.  It is magnificent.  We are super excited to be in these times side by side with an ever increasing array of beautiful family taking up the call to change the world!

Solpurpose: Any big events brewing on the horizon?  What projects do you have in store as we approach the legendary Spring and Summer of 2012?  Where is the Nadis Warrior Lightship heading next?

Jason: The event we are most excited for is the Manifestation Celebration in Dallas on May 5th. Our friends Alex, and Allyson Grey will be there, as well as Thievery Corporation, Flying Lotus, EOTO, Daniel Pinchbeck, Rennie Davis (member of the Chicago 7, from the 1968 Democratic National Convention protests), Rick Doblin (Founder of MAPS), and more.  We are also performing at Nocturnal Wonderland, Wakarusa, Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, and Rootwire Festival this year.  So we have a busily awesome season upon us.  

We are also beginning to record our new album…  As we have deeply immersed ourselves into the world of science and metaphysics in this last project…our new concept album will dive into mythos and the intellectual genome.   The literal and creative side of things.  Our first single is called Language of the Virus.  So get ready – our musical odyssey has only just begun…