Header Art: “Symbiosis” By Autumn Skye

.:A Roadmap to Sacred Presence:.

  • You are doing SO great! The whole Universe is celebrating your increased flexibility, your authentic expression, your mastery and capacity, your passionate focus, and your tender human heart expanding infinitely into more Love than we ever imagined possible. You are in the perfection of RIGHT timing and all is going according to Divine Plan! Keep up the great work.
  • You Are Beloved. Whenever you are in doubt- please remember- YOU are SO BELOVED by all of Creation and the whole of Existence is conspiring to bring forth your greatest Joy and your Highest YES! This is THE LIFETIME we have been waiting for- all that you dream and hope REALLY is coming to pass- it’s all happening! And you are a KEY element in making it happen.  Forces seen and unseen are here to guide you, support you, and activate you.  Ask for help WHENEVER you need it and SURRENDER at your edges, expanding into the vastness without comprehension, leaning into the Love that is always here for you.
  •  Please trust yourself. The mind is an antiquated operating system receiving an upgrade and is really doing it’s best to keep up with all that is transpiring- Let it rest!   Let the new operating system come online in peace.  This includes getting really familiar with your heart and it’s truth and honoring your intuition.  Its time to let ourselves be in the exploration of the “unknown” or “mystery” with trust.  Until we KNOW with the full empowerment of our Solar Plexus and making movement and decision from this place with KNowing!  Even if the logic is not fully formed – Be Patient with the process.
  • Be Authentic- you are vastly capable creatures- which you are only beginning to fully comprehend. AND it is VITAL for your wellbeing to balance your capacities with your truth- that we are also in a finite form that has needs. So, be authentic with those needs, those boundaries, those desires/wishes, those agreements and practice discernment about where to apply and how to apply your energy to optimize your capacity to fulfill your GREATEST purpose and JOY.  Let yourself be refined into the QUINTESSENCE of what you are here to BE in the world.  Then trust that someone else will step into their PERFECT place in their refined Quintessence to fulfill the role or task that we will ALL benefit from.  This will allow you to step EVEN more FULLY into your most Authentic expression! Let’s all support eachother in this great act of RESONANCE!
  • Practice Balance- Find the practices that give you the time you need to integrate and rest.  Slow down and let your neurology catch up with the transformation unfolding within.  Sit with nature and let yourself be renewed.  Set your projects down for a minute ( or a night, or a weekend) and get creative, or silly, or just tune out.  Share with your friends and ask for help.  Get Embodied and find the activities that help support your strength and vitality.  Eat high vibrational foods that nourish you.  Nurture your body and wellness. Drink LOTS of water. REST. DANCE. CRY. LAUGH.
  • Honor our Heiros Gamos. You are both the Creator and the Creation…. Let yourself be both Human and Divine, Ancient and Future, Innocent Child and Wise Elder, Masculine and Feminine. You are the Union of many things at once.Use the word AND as many times in your vocabulary as possible.  Honor these truths in your Brothers and Sisters and all life.
  • Meet yourself each day.  Allow yourself to embrace or release all definitions and stories that have served ( or perhaps NOT served) you up until this point.  Meet yourself as a new being each day, learn and intergrate fully – and then RELEASE what no longer serves so that you can be the Clearest Reflection in THIS NOW for your highest truth.  Please afford your Beloveds and fellow humans the SAME benefit- meeting eachother new EACH DAY as we are all changing and transforming at a rapid pace. Have compassion and grace for others AND yourself in this process and be watchful of judgement as it seeks only to create further separation. 
  • You might say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only One. Be INSPIRED, dream big, say YES! Spend time eachday ENVISIONING in your mind’s eye the world you want to live in- really see the vivid colors and details. See the Earth as Healed and Whole. Let yourself feel the feeling of peace, thrivability, joy, abundance, cooperation.  Make wishes.  Brainstorm with friends, engage with Co-Visioning Sessions. Reach for the Stars, follow your intuition. Let your imagination run wild! Play like a child. Listen to the silence.  Take a Leap of Faith.  Make Love to the Mystery. 

Tribal Convergence has been a journey into self and collective discovery. As we stand at a precipice of inevitable and necessary shifts in how we live, it is vital to remember and honor the wisdom of those who have come before and bring this wisdom into our innovative modern potential to create generative communities. Tribal Convergence and the Convergence Network have opened the pathways in my life, and the lives of many others, to explore how to live in right relation with the Earth, with each other, and with myself.

We are a collaborative collective in service to the living potential of our individual gifts and offerings, cultivating our authentic truths, honoring the diversity AND commonality of each other, and empowering the leader within us all. We strive to be cross-cultural, inter-generational, inter-faith, and holistic in our events and projects.  As I continue to be personally transformed by my stewardship of these organizations, it is my deep honor and privilege to be one voice learning to embody the Vision of the One Human Family united in peace. ~ Jamaica Stevens



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