“There is an unspoken knowledge that the fans are the artists, the artists are the headliners, and the headliners are the fans, all working together to create an unforgettable experience”
– Gilad Egar & Matt Braun


Namaho |na-ma-‘ho|:

  • The recognition of the clear and infinite divine essence in all sentient beings
  • Acknowledging the polarity and shadow (or deep fried sacred geometry aspect) of what we are experiencing as spiritual beings inside of transformational consumerism and culture
  • The meta~skill of rewiring and restructuring language, creating new paradigms through the collective imagination

Lotus Altar Rootwire FestivalAcross the lands of middle earth, a new type of gathering is spreading. Like digital mycelium, these ancient~future festivals have been sprouting up all over the world, and they seem to have one essential element in common :: to unite within the sacred energy of “Namaho.”  Whether you are experiencing Symbiosis near the shores of Pyramid Lake, or nestled by a river in the Rocky Mountains vibrating with Sonic Bloom, there is a thread of similarity that courses through the veins of this movement.  Unlike most of the festivals out there, where music and capitalism are the primary focus, these “Transformational Gatherings” are offering much more to all who attend.  There are a plethora of activities being shared throughout the days, spanning interests from yoga to visionary art, collective dream journeys to simple solitary meditations.  There are art galleries, mind~blowing installations, activation domes, sacred ceremonies, eco~groovy food; and above all, activated, conscious, loving individuals waiting to be engaged with.

Why are they called “Transformational?” Because it is the point to leave your baggage behind, check your ego at the door, and allow the pure force of the collective imagination to take hold of you, and gently unfurl you out on the other side with a fresh perspective.  For us, there was one such gathering that not only brought the transformation, but also rose above all the rest in its ability to do so.  It was simple, cohesive, and contained all of the essential elements.  This gathering of the hearts and minds is called Rootwire Music & Arts Festival.  And it is where the term “Namaho” was birthed.


1 [ predic. ] (intent on/upon) resolved or determined to do (something)

Papadosio at Rootwire Festival

Whenever you are planning a large scale festival or a small gathering of people, it is important to have intent. In our eyes, “intent” is an arrow pointed straight to the heart of Namaho. Why else would you want to gather with thousands of people, other than to be touched, moved, and changed deeply inside the core of your being. Changed by what? By love of course! And that is exactly the intention that the visionaries, producers and collaborators of RootWire hold. With Papadosio (such nice boys) leading the charge, a perfect foundation was created for transformational energy to flourish. It was laid back. It was dialed in. People were well fed and taken care of, on a base level as well as a deeper, genuine heartfelt level. And most importantly, there was ample room for improvisational growth and creative collaboration. They said it over and over again, “We aren’t doing this to make money. It’s not the point.” What a perfect intent for the future that we continue to birth. Even the tickets for the entire weekend were under a hundred bucks. It’s unheard of. No other festival of its kind offers such an opportunity.

SolPurpose Sanctuary


…If you follow the soft glowing lights to the nook of the woods, you may stumble across a magical playground, a space where synchronicity and collaboration are afoot and you never know what  experience you might dream-awake …


The Solpurpose Sanctuary, as we affectionately called it (thanks for the inspiration, Nature Dreamweaver and Unkle Freedom), was a space to create “space.” Envisioned by SolPurpose and activated by Yes Tribe, it was birthed by twenty plus volunteers who helped construct and create it.  The foundational composition was led by the direction of Amanda Jane, and was filled with nature altars, crystals, art, and other intentional objects. Equipped with a raised projection screen, lovingly painted by artist Chris Dyer, a low~dwelling dj booth, carpets to sit on, and a resident astrologer, it was a pure and gentle atmosphere one could easily find their center in. Throughout the day, people would graze through and be intimately entranced by the soothing and uplifting audio elixirs being offered by Yes Tribe.  Yoga mats would unfurl as people would practice and play, transforming through acro yoga jams, contact moshing improv and deep breathing. Grandfather Matzatzin led discussions on a massive 12 ft. x 12 ft. Aztec calendar, teaching the long forgotten ways of our ancestors.  The beautiful sisters from Rising Appalachia even dropped in to lead a movement workshop. Across from the path was the Tribal Council dome space that held afternoon workshops, ecstatic evening kirtans and everything healing in between. Artists and musicians lined the path, allowing a perfect environment for manifesting spontaneous and future collaborations of the finest flavor. Our entire little forest block was a space for Self remembrance.

Rising Appalachia Workshop in the Tribal Council Dome at Rootwire FestivalAs day turned to night in the Nest, the environment morphed. Intelligent lighting lined the space, tiki torches burned bright and the altars began to take on a whole new form. This is when the real play began. Many musicians gave surprise performances, including music by Krystyn Pixton (2 different sets, 1 for 8 hours!), David Block (who played a record breaking 6 hour set), Joshua Penman (Akara) and others. And it wasn’t just one after the other like an open mic, it was full on cooperative collaboration. To see such artistic camaraderie was enough to bring a tear to your eye. And it wasn’t just the musicians, artists lined up and painted, dancers twirled and swooned, and even some appearances were made by digital maestros Justin Totemical and George Atherton (who were both seen on occasion spray painting buses and creating with paint instead of pixels). It was the richest state of free-form artistic creation we have had the honor of being a part of.

SolPurpose Sanctuary Sunday Night

Genuine Desire For Collaboration

With any sort of large gathering of people, certain social dynamics are bound to surface. Many of these dynamics are the results of societal and familial programming, through the shadows of the way that we were raised, the soulless media that we are constantly bombarded with and our own fears around not being good enough. These dynamics tend to look like social hierarchies, cliques and a certain aire of arrogance that can permeate any group of people. In our experience of the west coast festival scene, there is feeling of cultural consumerism, spiritual materialism and new age pretentiousness that isn’t being looked at. Many festival promoters are solely focusing on their big name music acts and rarely giving attention or resources to painters, visual artists and other collaborators that are assisting in holding the space and creating the vibration that we are all enjoying. There is almost a feeling of tribal cronyism at play.

Collaboration Stage Painting :: photo by Jenna SchreckRootWire had none of it. From the very beginning of the festival, the atmosphere was ripe for collaboration. Everyone agreed to come to the same playing field in order to assist each other and revel in each other’s expressions; to see how we all could add to it to make it something wildly better than any one of us could ever imagine. The team led by Papadosio made it easy; having many staff members who all knew what was going on and were willing to step up and take responsibility for their part in the festival. And big ups to those boys for having the capacity to let go and trust the flow of the event and it’s participants and collaborators.

The Ego was left at the door. People were willing to truly connect. It wasn’t about who you knew, it was more about “Who are you? How do you show up?” The interest we felt from everyone was like a young child asking with open and pure eyes, “What are you doing?” “Where are you from?” “You wanna play?” It was as if we were all kids meeting up on a strangely familiar playground from some forgotten childhood, collectively remembering how we were truly born to play and create with one another.

Rootwire Poster by Christian JaxheimerRootWire |root-‘wire| (Yes Tribe definition):

1. The digital mycelium network which connects all tribe together in a unified field to birth visual, sonic, and meta fruits that assist in the inevitable ascension of the human species.

After numerous experiences with festivals and the culture surrounding it, we love to say that in our hearts and through our lenses, RootWire was the best festival ever (Yup, we said it). Put simply, here is why:

  1. Intent :: It was felt deeply through the entire festival and carried out for the whole experience.

  2. ART :: Amazing art exploding out every nook of the festival grounds (music, painting, dancing, performing).

  3. Foundation :: Papadosio’s vision and managerial brilliance in allowing people to freely create and thrive.

  4. Cooperative Collaboration :: If nothing else, this festival shines because of the space being primed for peaceful and creative collaboration.

  5. Nature :: The gentle Appalachian hills were a beautiful setting for pure magic to transpire.

  6. Workshops & Ceremony :: Educating and dropping in was a primary focus of RootWire.

  7. The experience of “Namaho”

Who would have ever thought that the festival that inspired so many souls would have happened in a small town in southeast Ohio. RootWire will go down in the akashic records, so it can be mixed and remixed, as one of the greatest star gates and promises of what lies beyond the eschaton. Wherever we are going, whatever is happening on our shifting planet, we will find solace in sacred spaces like RootWire.

Infinite gratitude goes out to all the amazing beings who helped create this event…

Truly a paradigm shifter.

Written and Curated by :: Yes Tribe :: 
Chris Valle | Adam Sommer | Josh Davis |

RootWire Music & Arts Festival

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