“It is said that when two waves collide crest to hollow they go flat. However, when they collide crest to crest they rise twice as high. Being inspired through resonant art and poetry allows us the freedom to rise higher and express our best potential. We are all perfect beings with the most wonderful unique gifts. However unlike the other life forms on earth, like a flower, we hesitate when it comes time to bloom. We don’t trust ourselves. We don’t believe we are beautiful and divine and perfect. Resonance with conscious art and poetry reinforces the common dream of our perfect beauty within all its imperfections.” ~ Liba Waring Stambollion

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hrough a series of books and exhibits, Dreams & Divinities offers the public a window into an emerging planetary movement of ‘Conscious Art’. The projects unite a culturally eclectic group of artists and poets, each embodying a unique dream of this experience brought together through the spirit of artistic collaboration as an intentional community.  The quest and expression of Universal Love is a central unifying theme for the books and exhibits.  Diversity in Oneness is a beautiful phenomena. Books/exhibit themes are inspired by cultural/spiritual references, nature, visions, dreams and/or fantasy. The principal visual styles showcased in the project are Visionary (contemporary & indigenous) , Surrealist and Fantastic art. Community building through collaborative projects and conferences is another central theme of Dreams and Divinities.  It offers an opportunity for artists with resonant dreams to find each other, to be inspired by each other and to unfold our greatest potential as both a global movement and as individual creators. SolPurpose is truly honored to share  the visionary art and poetry of Dreams & Divinities. Poet, artist, painter and a bookmaker, Liba Waring Stambollion offers wonderful insight into the creation of ]two amazing publications ~ featuring the artwork of over 100 of the world’s most celebrated visionary artists and 30 international poets.

What inspired the call to embark on such a momentous collaborative effort?

The momentous moment of our human story in time and place.  In this magic moment of alignment and deeper clarity we are faced with the ecological and social destruction of our planet.  The ancient human horrors are at an all-time high.  In recorded history we have never seen such concentrated financial and military power; we have never seen such a rapid ecological degradation of our planet since the disappearance of the dinosaurs. In this time of great contrast and teaching, I feel awakened to profound values and a deep desire for a sense of community amongst all life: human, animal, vegetable, mineral, elemental.   We are one planet and we need a big wake up call to preserve the deep potential and beauty this paradigm offers. I am a, so it was natural for me to use the visual arts and poetry to reunite people around book themes which would bring our community together in a positive and beautiful way.

The great American playwright Marsha Norman once quoted, “Dreams are grand illustrations in a book your soul is writing about the real you.” We spend half our lives in the astral realm, whether pondering the depths of our imagination by day or traversing the ethers by twilight.  Do you believe dreaming can rightfully be considered one of the most important dynamics of life itself?

Good question. It seems to me that whether awake or asleep we are always dreaming.  When in a state of lucid consciousness the state of awareness is the same.  When I am asleep I have the power to change things through my choices and intentions in the same way that I do when I am awake.  Only the rules for the environment, challenges and solutions are a bit different.  Shape shifting, teleportation, flying etc.. work in my head when I am dreaming at night, but in the waking state I am compromised by my conditioning in this collective dream that we agree to call reality.  I believe that through lucid conscious decision making in any state we manifest this reality. It is indeed a very important dynamic of all our lives.

Are dreams divine road maps through the greater potentials of our human nature?

“Dreams, plant medicine and meditation have been my biggest eye-openers and stand as my most respected teachers.

How do dreams assist the discovery of our truth?

I have developed a faith that the dreams we are given are wise guides.  I believe we have all the answers necessary to live in a loving, peaceful and creative paradigm.  There are so many conflicting explanations for dream symbols. I say forget them and just pay attention to all the details in the dream.  There are no superfluous symbols.  Everything is here for a reason as in life.  Look and know you can understand everything that is being shown.  Believe and trust in yourself.

How does the Dreams & Divinities series embrace and celebrate the experience of dreaming in a new light?

The intention of the project is to transcend collective dreams based on shame, fear and competition.  It celebrates our own unique dreams of our divinity, our common and higher Consciousness.  New paradigms, new collective dreams are manifesting, ancient ones are being remembered.  I believe all dreams and all realities are real and valid…it just depends on how we want to experience them in this paradigm.  If centering in Love and all its peace and bliss is the objective, then we must consciously navigate ourselves through the challenges and stories to this central hearth.

On the converse of the title of this series Divinity, a term which holds a vast spectrum of uniquely perceived definitions and connotations that vary from reader to reader.  How do you and the Dreams & Divinities team define the sacred?

A Love based Consciousness is at the core of this project’s view of the sacred.  In a time where Peace and Love, harmony, community and ecology are most needed, I feel it is important to go for the simplest and most unifying factors rather than get hung up on religious or cultural differences.On an ecological and biological level, we are all interconnected.  On a quantic level we are one energy field.  And on the Sacred level, I believe we are One consciousness; we are the dreamer and the dream.

What element or facet of the spiritual life do you hope to convey through this body of this work?

The series hopes to transcend the sectarian consciousness which divides our planet with an understanding of the inherent universal divinity existent in all peoples and all Life.  Not only are deep archetypal symbols seen recurrently throughout this wave of Conscious  art and poetry, but Buddah and Christ celebrate together; Pan dances with Amazonian Plant Spirits; the Goddess unfolds as Maiden, Mother, and Crone; and Insects, Snakes, birds and Fish are honored; as the elements too are revered. Khalil Gilbran sums it up eloquently: Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, “I have found a truth.” Say not, “I have found the path of the soul.” Say rather, “I have met the soul walking upon my path.” For the soul walks upon all paths… The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.

Dreams & Divinities features a host of prolific artists and writers who hail from all four corners of our beautiful world.  Due to to its global panoramic nature, it appears to speak toward a greater creative story that expands far beyond all boundaries and borders.   What made you decide to reach out and solidify such an eclectic international presence in the series?

What inspired me is precisely the fact that there is so much diversity in this global expression of Conscious Art.  It is testimony of one planetary heart expressing itself in infinitely surprising and exciting forms of eclecticism.  I hope to show the diversity in our unity and the unity in our diversity. I see it like world cuisine.  Many cultures cook noodles, as one might make spaghetti while the other might make ramen, but both are noodles!  Both are food.  Eclectic and diverse expression is what makes our little planet so exciting, interesting and such a pleasure to explore.

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This surely must have been a challenging logistic endeavor requiring an immense degree of coordination and patience?

“I have had many people helping me in the development of this project and it has been wonderful.  A full listing can be seen here!  It is indeed an enormous amount of work especially since I am also an artist, mother, writer, furniture designer and I run my eco-furniture company with my husband.  Lol… There have been many sleepless nights making deadlines to say the least.  Customs also blocking paintings for nonpayment of taxes is another common hurdle.. etc…  However, mostly it is a very enjoyable experience to receive all these jewels and have the honor to arrange them together in strings of glittering necklaces.  The results, the sense of community and the enthusiasm from artists and appreciators has made it all worthwhile.

How has the presentation of an international voice and vision changed or evolved the dynamics of what this offering speaks toward?

In this age of internet we have international access to the voice and vision which resonates with us.  Because of internet, the humble tribe of artists and poets I knew has grown into a very large global community.  I have worked in other group projects throughout my life and never have I seen such an incredible networking tool as the internet.  It allows us to internationally network at the click of a button.  When we are listening, we hear the call…and we find each other. This offering of painting and prose is an international voice of vision that definitely came about through listening and honoring a resonant Global heart-song.

Despite the featuring of such a refreshingly diverse expanse of creative offerings, do you feel there is a common thread that links together the various expressions of visionary art, poetic word, and conscious culture championed in this series?

A quest and expression of Universal Love and Consciousness.  The art and poetry offered throughout the series does not only deal with the pure and easy expressions of love, but the often difficult quest to find it.  It expresses both our light and our shadow, for after all, it is one that defines the other.  From growing through Hate – we come to truly know Love.  From understanding the choking grasp of Greed we know the virtue of Generosity.  Our demons are our best teachers when our intentions are to be, see, and experience Love in the end. On a textural note, the stylistic common thread also comes from the fact that there is only one curator, so automatically the layout, design, and flow corresponds to my given preference of written and visual aesthetic.


We are witnessing the emergence of an age where women are coming more deeply into their power and divinity.  After centuries of the dominant world culture and social structure being overwhelmingly masculine, a great balancing of the scales is underway.  How does your first publication “Sacred Expressions from Women” celebrate and honor feminine divinity, creativity, and evolving social significance?

Sacred Expressions from Women was precisely made to honor this emerging acceptance. I think the sacred feminine was always here but was just ignored by society. This crucial need for balance ultimately honors both women and men. A man who has a degrading image of the feminine doesn’t honor himself in taking her to be his ‘other half’ The other issue is the lack of respect for women artists. There is a new documentary out called ‘Who does she think she is’about women in the arts. It speaks to how despite the majority of art students being female there is only a tiny percentage in the museums and galleries.

Dreams & Divinities covers an incredibly rich and diverse pallet of art and poetry. Numerous styles, genres, employed techniques, and meditative intentions are magnificently displayed throughout the compendium.  How did you move about the selection process of who or what would be chosen to be featured in the volumes?

There is both stylistic and thematic consideration.  The work has to thematically fit into the structure of each project. Then as a curator, I have a specific style I am looking for as well as  a level of mastery which resonates and appeals to me. My heart has to skip a beat or I have to be fully engrossed.  It’s a visceral type of appreciation.  There are many styles in this project, but the primary visual styles are visionary (contemporary and indigenous), surrealist and fantastic arts, which have very similar visual characteristics that bind them all together. I am drawn to vibrancy in color, that is both fearless and celebratory.

Upon immersing into the Divining the Dream text, it becomes abundantly clear that each masterful vision and poem holds its own unique mythos. Is there a singular underlying story board or subjective theme conveyed in this work?. Is there a greater message you are hoping one can experience exploring cover to cover? Or is each poem and art selection a constellation resting within the greater literary universe of the series?

I think the best way to answer that is from an excerpt from the introduction: This book has no chapters, but quite shortly you might note that it follows the romance of our divine mother and father as they weave the wheel of the year.  Moving through the solstices, equinoxes and the forgotten holydays which originally marked the beginning of our four seasons, we follow both their dance and our own heart.  Dancing in the same rhythm, through our familiar humanstory, from birth to growth, decline to death, we rise so high and dip so low.  We are on a hero’s journey; harvesting lessons and revelations.” I figured the structure of Nature’s cycle was something we could all relate to and hopefully honor.  How we express is of course the beauty of diversity.  From the creation myths, to the dance of Love, to the manifestation of eros, family, and community, to the introspection of our Self with all our shadows, to our inevitable death, which completes the circle with the Sun’s and our own rebirth.

Your “Divining the Dream” features stands as one of the most comprehensive visionary publications ever created to date.  As we continue to explore the beauty and greater significance of cultural diversity, creative genius, and honoring our uniqueness, what does the “Diving the Dream” publication add to conversation?

The objective is to show how there is a real live, contemporary movement of Conscious, Visionary art.  Dreams & Divinities is the “no wait solution.” Rather than wait for the publishers, I have published. The book has been a lure to find the appreciators. When there is true beauty it will always be honored, as there are always those who dare take a chance with something they are passionate about.. The established places which are hosting us in Spain are testimony that the attitude is changing.  Each step is a step in the direction of creating a vitrine full with beauty and meaning.

Our world is undergoing a period of rapid and profound transformation: As Technology, science, spirituality, art, and culture are converging into the hearth-fire of the human experience.  From the changing face of the earth to the cosmic alignments abounding, How can dreams, visions, and conscious words help us navigate the challenges and opportunities we face?  How can art and poetry be further utilized as agents of healing and transformation?

Through inspiration and resonance.  It is said that when two waves collide crest to hollow they go flat.  However, when they collide crest to crest they rise twice as high.  Being inspired through resonant art and poetry allows us the freedom to rise higher and express our best potential.  We are all perfect beings with the most wonderful unique gifts.  However unlike the other life forms on earth, like a flower, we hesitate when it comes time to bloom.  We don’t trust ourselves.  We don’t believe we are beautiful and divine and perfect.  Resonance with conscious art and poetry reinforces the common dream of our perfect beauty within all its imperfections.

We are incredibly excited to share this amazing project with our readers!  The work and care channeled into the Dreams & Divinities series is a true inspiration.  How can one obtain a copy of the Dreams & Divinities books?

For the moment the first and second volume are available through my website. I will eventually get it on Amazon and some bookstores off and online.  Time is all I need! 

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Are you planning on heading out on tour? Will you be hosting any special events focused around the series?What does the future hold for Dreams & Divinities?

Yes! The idea is to have all the original work from all the Dreams & Divinities books be exhibited.  This first Dreams and Divinities 2013 show and Conference has been made possible by volunteer work and gifting!  I have been offered a museum, a gallery and a Cathedral for this year’s travelling show and it is truly a blessing.  Fifty eight artists will be exhibiting along with two concerts, presentations, and a video show. On the Spring Equinox of 2013 a travelling show and the book ‘Divining the Dream’ will be launched at a Dreams & Divinity Conscious Art Conference in the landmark Iglesia de San Marco in Toledo, Spain.  The inauguration will be on March 22nd 2013 at 20:00 in the Centro San Marco. There will be concerts by Schaye B and by Teresa Gabriel, presentations from international speakers and artists, discussions and networking.  From there the show and book will go to a museum in Andalucia: Instituto de America.  We will finish on the Autumn Equinox in a Paris Gallery. The next project is a playful collaboration with artist Gromyko Semper. We are laying the structure for an invented Fernal Garden. Fernal being a created word meaning all that is in contrast with infernal. The book will be called The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs. From A to z the encyclopedia will break down the botony, the Gods and Goddesses, lifestyle, creatures, customs and culture of the fernal garden. Text and art will be, like all the books in the series collected from the planetary community. Original artwork from the book will then be exhibited along with the book.  I will be putting out an official submissions letter after the launch in Toledo but artists are welcome to contact me as soon as they are inspired by an idea. libaws@gmail.com

We have Already been offered two amazing places for 2014 – 2015 for the Garden of Fernal Delights!

Interview, Editing, & Article Curation By Ehren Cruz