Originally from Hyperspace, XAVI grew up in the Washington DC metro area. At age 12, Xavi discovered and became deeply obsessed with Graffiti Art. This emergent form of art, with its never before seen levels of visual freshness, would be the primary stylistic influence of Xavi’s work for years to come. Underground Rap Music was the soundtrack for these times.

As a teenager in the early 1990’s, Xavi was introduced to Techno Music and the DC / Baltimore Rave Culture. The cutting-edge computer graphics, and exotic graphic design of rave flyers brought a fantastic new flavor to the visual mix. Entrancing dance-floor experiences inspired new thematic directions, and ideas like Paradise, Eternity, and Synesthesia began to glow with compelling force in Xavi’s heart and mind.

1996 marked a great shift in Xavi’s reality, when he and his family moved to Arizona. The monumental red-rock architectures and lush canyons of Northern Arizona contributed the ultimate influence of Mother Natures genius. From here on, the living patterns, shapes and forms of the Great Spirit itself would be Xavi’s greatest art teacher. Along side Nature, the art and design of Indigenous cultures such as the Pacific Northwest Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, and Huichol Indians of Mexico inspired and showed the way.

For the last decade, Xavi has been an active participant in the global Visionary Art movement, bringing his vibrant paintings, live murals and art installations to festivals and venues around the world. Xavi now lives and works in California USA.

Xavi Panneton’s Gallery