In my early 20′s I had many recurrences of eagles which followed with dreams of a large white wolves. I became very interested in the representation of these animals in my life and aboriginal spirituality. Around that time I started using totemical as my art alias as this was a turning point for my art path. I went from graffiti street writing into the dimension of fine art and design within a year.

I equip myself with a variety of software as each one serves a different purpose for me.
I love discovering new software and technology as I feel electronic created media is still in its first stage of blooming. My favourite current software is: Corel painter 12, Adobe photoshop & Illustrator, C4D, Zbrush, Poser & Groboto.

“Justin Guse (Totemical) continues to grow in the northcoast of North America in Vancouver, BC. Utilizing digital tools since the age of 12, Justin has found himself blurring the lines between the material and the virtual as well as the scientific and the spiritual. His precision offers viewers of his work insight into the depth and complexity of nature, but his vision carries us beyond known realms.”

Justin Totemical’s Gallery