“My name’s Randal, and I am an artist.”

In 2004, around the time I turned 30, I started introducing myself with that. I’d met and been deeply inspired by the great visionary artist Alex Grey, quit the factory job, and began a nearly year-long road trip exploring life and the country where I was born in an old pick-up truck named Suzie-Q.

The exploration continues.

Life appears to be made up of a truly overwhelming grid of gifts, and each one increases in elegance and detail the closer we look. Upon reflection, the only appropriate response to these gifts seems to be gratitude. I try to make art about that. I pledge to do my best work for the highest good, to practice my art as a way of spiritually awakening myself and others.
I offer myself and my materials to divine influence.

To the creative flow and language of the Universe, and the whole love tribe:
Thank you.
I love you so.
So I do my best for you.

Randal Roberts’s Gallery