I am a human being perplexed by the wonders of the world. To declare and share my experienceI I have created myself as artist first. It is being an artist that enables me to ponder on my daily experience to what seems to be nature. I realize that I am co-participating with life as an organism and how I interact with it seems to correspond. Within this experience my path has lead me to create The Religion of Creation which has answered the reasons I live….I have offered the IAM Interdimensional Art Movement as a platform to interact with conscious collaborators…. Tribe13 as a tribal family that includes EVERYONE as my allegiance….and as PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE… I belong to the CREATION PARTY represented by the SYNCHRONIZATION ADMINISTRATION destined to usher the world into evolving harrmonies.

My name is Roman Villagrana and represent the free and unified EARTH on the quest to the Eternal Party at the END OF TIME!

Roman Villagrana’s Gallery