Luke Brown’s visionary art is an open portal into the higher-dimensions of our being. Riding on the wings of the creative imagination, Luke is being dreamed up as a medium, oracle and amplifier for a deeper process of awakening that is unfolding in the collective mind-field of our species. In creatively giving such unique and vivid shape and form to his inner experience, which is to say himself, Luke is stepping into the archetypal role of shaman and healer for the community at large, which in this case is the whole human species. In being in-formed by and creatively translating the deeper transpersonal energies that are pulsing through him into a communicable language, Luke taps into forms, vibrations and realizations that exist in the formless, synchronic, archetypal dimension of consciousness itself. This is a dimension existing “outside of time” – which, like hidden treasures of the soul, are waiting to be discovered, formulated and brought forth so as to be rendered into visible form at the right moment “in time.”

A genuine spiritual practice made material, Luke’s art co-joins the opposites of spirit and matter in such a way that matter has become animated with spirit and spirit has materialized in shape, form and living color. Re-creating, transfiguring and healing himself through his creative process, Luke’s work becomes imbued, encoded and empowered with this very same trance-forming, trance-sending and transformative energy. Because Luke’s making of his art is a sacred, higher-dimensional form of worship and communion with the universe and himself, his work becomes a living receptacle of and testament to this experience of awakening, making this experience of transcendence openly available to all of us in an act of living transmission. Luke’s creative works are timeless and magical “art-i-facts” from the other side, symbolic messages from beyond time and space and outside the conceptual mind, acting like transducers of the semantic, symbolic power encoded in the human psyche. To say this differently, the art of Luke Brown by-passes the mind and speaks directly to the heart and soul of humanity itself, where it touches and activates something deep within us. “Psycho-activating” beyond belief, Luke’s art activates the psyche and stimulates our own dreaming imagination, a direct experience which, nonlocally speaking, leaves no one unchanged.

Luke Brown’s Gallery