Aloria Weaver was born in 1979 in western New York. She began oil painting at the age of 14 as an apprentice to several professional artists at the Buffalo Art Studios of Western New York. She also studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, then SUNY at Buffalo. In 2010, she attended the “Visions in the Misch Technique” seminar in Italy, taught by Laurence Caruana. The “Misch” technique is a process of painting with tempera and oil glazes which was the secret method of the Italian Renaissance masters, and revived by Viennese artist, Professor Ernst Fuchs (of whom L. Caruana was a student).

In addition to the Fine Arts, Aloria discovered a natural aptitude for the Healing Arts and became licensed as a Massage Therapist through the New York Institute of Massage in 2003. She is also a Reiki-Master, and practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy I (Upledger Intstitute).

Aloria studied the human form through life drawing, figurative sculpture, oil painting, anatomy & physiology courses, and hands-on through massage therapy. After exploring a variety of mediums as a young artist, including bronze metal casting, ceramic sculpture, photography, etching & printmaking, she dedicated herself to oil painting.

Along with sculptress Carley Jean Hill, Aloria co-curated a gallery in Buffalo, NY, which exhibited cutting-edge, evocative works in various mediums, hosting regular art exhibitions that evolved into cultural happenings. She also co-curated the Plant Gallery in Buffalo, NY, which played host to a number of resident artists (herself included), and showcased a wide range of styles, from classical to pop-surrealist.

In 2005, she relocated to Seattle, WA, where she met visionary artist, David Heskin. Drawn to one another’s artistic styles, they began painting together almost as immediately as they fell in love, and were later married in 2010. Along with her husband, she is a co-founder of the cultural arts organization, Art Spirit Now, and the collaborative arts collective, Dreaming Co:nexus. Together, Aloria and David travel extensively throughout the US and Europe, painting, exhibiting and giving lectures and presentations. They began teaching together in 2011.

Aloria Weaver’s Gallery