Week of May 13th-19th

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.”
Tom Robbins

Monday: Moon in Cancer


art by manfred danner
Art by Manfred Danner

Love is not unrealistic.  Only those who relate to it selfishly may feel this way.  Today, the two Planets who relate most to Love –Venus & Neptune–square off, creating a potential tragedy in the hearts of all you helpless romantics out there.  Neptune says, “There is nothing wrong with being a romantic, just as long as your not helpless in it.” This is Personal Love, or Eros.  It’s only a fraction of the infinite fabric of Love.  Venus says, “But how can I love without any expectations?” A whisper from the depth of our Collective Heart answers, “Without trying, you find it.  A love that never dies.”

Tuesday: Moon in Cancer


art by Jamie Kaminskas
Art by Jamie Kaminskas

Patience is a virtue.  Perhaps this is why so many people lack virtue.  We are always reaching for something.  Getting our instant gratifications.  This impulse in us relates to Mars–our desire nature.   Today, as the Moon swerves into a sextile aspect with Mars, there can be some irration.  A feeling of subtle rage by not getting what we want.  Patience is everything.  The Gods will give you what you Need, when you need it!  Be patient. By the time the evening blankets over us, Sun & Moon will make the same aspect (sextile).  Bask under this sliver of the nurturing Cancer Moon.  Rock in her, legs swinging, staring into the infinitude of the sky around you.  All your hearts desires will come in perfect time.

Wednesday: Moon in Leo


art by Scott Fagan
Art by Scott Fagan

We live in a mercurial world.  Probably the most  it has ever been.  You cannot even go to a cafe–or a bar for that matter–without everyones face glowing from their electric screens.  Our language is morphing swiftly (LOL. btw. nm. XOXO…..~*~).  Nothing wrong with this speedy evolution, it’s just hard to keep up with–esp. for all you idealists who are still trying to resist technology.  My advice for today: Don’t resist it!  Mercury moves into Gemini today, joining both Jupiter and Venus in the Airy sign ruled by Mercury, increasing this fierce breeze of novelty.  Embrace your tech. Have fun with it.  It’s a Leo Moon after all!

Thursday: Moon in Leo


art by Jay Garfinkle
Art by Jay Garfinkle

Recovering from the electronic buzz of yesterdays ingress of Mercury into Gemini, the moON squares Saturn today.  Cause & effect.  Perhaps your left eye is twitching from all the computer time and caffeine.  Or maybe your head is spinning because of all the conversations you had about this, that and the other thing, and you are now more confused than before.  Saturn has a way of bringing all our stuff to the surface.  Your goal for today is to learn how to keep a smile on your face amongst all the energy trying to pull your mouth to a frown.

Friday: Moon in Leo


art by Jay Garfinkle
Art by Jay Garfinkle

Think back to last Thursday, the 9th of May.  It was the day of the Solar Eclipse in Taurus.  It was a heavy day.  Solar Eclipses usually have this quality.  And more specifically, what was your day like? Did you have any intentions for the Eclipse, for this Lunation?  If so, today is the day of your first big test.  It is the First Quarter Moon today (Moon square Sun).  Mercury does the same with Neptune (square). Your thoughts may be slippery and hard to grasp.  You may find it challenging to remember last Thursday.  It could even be a doozy articulating anything today.  Do your best, then let go.  You are more intuitive today then you were yesterday.  Trust your feelings, not your mind.

Saturday: Moon in Virgo


art by Geoglyphics
Art by Geoglyphics

Diving into the weekend, we backstroke in the memories of the days just lived: the week starting with the confusion around our hearts, then getting plugged in deeper to the outlets of our techy minds, and then tested by the first quarter square of Sun and Moon.  This Saturday’s theme is around finding your muse–both human and otherwise.  With Venus creating beautiful overtones with Uranus (sextile) it is time for mating.  Today, the body goes electric!!!

Sunday: Moon in Virgo


art by Michael Hoffmann
Art by Michael Hoffmann

Sundays are my favorite days.  Not because it is the day of Christ, or because many say they are Fundays, but because there is a tangible signature of chill to them.  The sky is mostly free of aspects today, with the exception of the Virgo Moon squaring Jupiter.  Translation?:  It is an auspicious day for cleaning up and getting things done. Make sure you don’t make your list too long though, Jupiter can overflow easily.  Whistle while you work.  Do whatever you need to do in making your duties ecstatic.  The Zen and the Art of a Keeping it All Together–while staying calm.