Week of 20th through the 26th

“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.”
– John Maynard Keynes

Monday: Moon in Libra, Sun moves into Gemini


Art by Jake Kobrin
Art by Jake Kobrin

The week starts with an explosion.  Followed by racing winds being surfed by novel ideas, your mind should no doubt be blown back into a new dew with these celestial energies manifesting.  Today is the 3rd square between Pluto & Uranus.  This battle of the Titans has been going strong since Spring/Summer 2011 and will not quit until 2015.  The nature of the square is conflict, friction, and resolution.  Pluto wants power, consolidation, and change; Uranus wants liberation, freedom, and change.  At least they both have change in common–it’s just their way of going about doing it.  In the big world, this is the aspect responsible for the unrest in the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, and the general feeling of revolution in the air.  In the little world (your world), it is responsible for all your fears popping out of your shadow attempting to block you from the greatest breakthrough of your life.  Again, this aspect is exact today. Use the brilliance of the bright Gemini Sun to put all the peices back together.  Shoot, why not start a new puzzle.

Tuesday: Moon in Libra


Art by Robert Graham

Amongst the aftershock of yesterday’s Clash of the Titans (Pluto/Uranus), we reflect with copious amounts of mental vitality on what/when/where/and why the change looks the way it does.  The LIbra Moon visits both of these heated Outer planets (squaring Pluto, opposing Uranus) and asks, “Why can’t we all just get along.”  Peace is made, change has come, but how long will it last?

Wednesday: Moon in Scorpio


Art by Darin Rader
Art by Darin Rader

The Moon is growing, moving swiftly towards her 3rd Eclipse of the Spring.  But before Friday’s Eclipse arrives, we all must travel through the intense and rotting sign of Scorpio.  Not to be so dramatic, but having just experienced the Pluto/Uranus square and Saturn being in the early degrees of Scorpio, our phoenix is still shaking off the blood and decaying flesh of its old form.  It is vitally important today that we give ourselves the time to sink deeply into the changes we are calling in.  The portal is about to close.  This is the end.

Thursday: Moon in Scorpio


Art by Alain Margotton
Art by Alain Margotton

Imagine yourself standing next a moonlit river around the time of the witching hour.  The river is large, flowing strong, yet seemingly standing still.  As you look closer, you begin to see images.  They are familar.  You want them.  You want to be them.  They are flashes of YOU.  Of who you could be.  Perhaps, who you are becoming.  Be careful though, these are just illusions.  Projections from this dark and mysterious Scorpio Moon who is passing across Rahu (the North Node of the Moon).  There is always a destined quality to this monthly transit.  A feeling of fate–even de ja vu.  You are being gifted a taste of whats to come.  It will come soon enough!

Friday: Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius



…The eclipse starts on May 24 at 11:43 P.M. EDT and ends on May 25 at 12:37 A.M. EDT. Note that the penumbral magnitude of this eclipse is only 0.041! The Moon is just barely grazing Earth’s shadow, making this a rather pathetic “eclipse” to watch, but not neccessarily to FEEL….

I feel blessed.  It is my birthday today.  I get to turn 3o under a Sagittarian Lunar Eclipse.  The Gods must love me….or hate me; This isn’t the easiest Eclipse.  The Portal is squared by Neptune, making us naive in the face of all that is happening.  With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sag–the Axis of Knowledge and Wisdom–I am reminded of the Mesoamerican natives inability to see Cortez and his ships coming to shore.  Something truly bizarre is happening in this Eclipse chart and it’s hard to see it.  I feel it relates to information or an experience that we are not yet ready to upload into our consiousness.  Whatever it is, it is good to recognize what you can of it, and not forget what you see.

Sabian Symbol: 4-5 deg Sagittarius ::::
 An Old Owl Sits Alone On The Branch Of A Large Tree

…Stunned.  To tired to hoot.  We are this Owl under Full Moon light, wondering what is wrong and what is right?

Saturday: Moon in Sagittarius


Art by Alessandro Fantini
Art by Alessandro Fantini

What you should know about today is that three planets (Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus) will all be visible in the West just after Sunset, during Moon rise.  Here is where we can fuse back together the rift between Astronomy and Astrology.

A Lesson of the Opposition:

…it is when planets are 180 degrees from each other in the sky; opposed; opposite; facing off; creating tension; a polarity

During Moonrise tonight you will see these three planets (Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus) on the Western horizon.  They are all currently traveling in Gemini, meaning they are arguing with the potential dogma and beliefs with the Sagittarius Moon.  Sag is about belief, philosophy, religion; Gemini is about ideas, logic, the facts.  As this celestial back and forth continues, the banter within the human realm increases.  Tonight, is a good night for scrabble!

Sunday: Moon into Capricorn


Art by Asokan Nanniyode
Art by Asokan Nanniyode

Finally….Earth.  Tired from the fiery winds of change, la Luna shoots the arrow of Sag into the hardened stone of Capricorn, creating an axis mundi for the days to come.  The trifecta in Gemini is still visible in the West at Sunset and Mercury finishes its conjunction with Jupiter as well, bringing one last blast of information overload to the world.  But our axis wavers not.  It is all coming clear.  I’m 30 now.  I’m a grown kid.  What does it all mean?