Calling all Dreamers!

Shiva's Dance by Josip CsoorIf you’re stoking your dream embers, then you are cordially invited to submit your dreams around the SolPurpose fire for interpretation.  Here we will vision quest with two dreamers per week and feature: your dream and my interpretation.

To submit a dream, you don’t necessarily need to understand it or even remember it fully.  Anything goes.

My strongest suggestion is that you have a desire to understand its message…that you are in a kind of wonderment about it.  It would also be a juicy time for all of us if its a particularly powerful dream that you want to open and breathe more life into. If it is a frightening dream, bring it on.  I believe that our “nightmares”, or shadow archetype dreams, herald of some of the most potent medicine.

Submitting your dream:

  • Transcribe the Dreamemory with as much detail as possible, including your feelings and thoughts within the dream.  (Its fine if you don’t recall the finer details, just be as clear as possible.)
  • Email the dream to (Subject: “Dream Submission”)
  • Or [iphorm_popup id=”6″ name=”Dream Submissions”]fill out this form[/iphorm_popup]

If your dream is chosen to be interpreted and featured, you will be notified (and celebrated!).

These insights will not be the trite dream-bookey-kind.  Rather I will engage in a deeply intuitive process, fueled by archetypal dream symbols, totem wisdom and mythological story structure.  They will be offerings of a new perspective from someone who is thus unattached to the dream.  Therefore, the dream stands upon its own two (or infinite, if you like that sort of thing) legs.  That said, I don’t believe that dreams can be fully interpreted by anyone other than the dreamers themselves.  The insight is designed and intended to be meditated upon and either received, rejected, or adapted.

tumblr_m3elnwkJ4Z1qg2z72o1_250My philosophy is that dreams are shapeshifting stories, wisdom keepers, that journey with us as companions of change, providing continual self-regenerating pearls of wisdom each time we visit them (recurring/lucid dreams, in meditative/daydream states).

Whether they are aspects of our psyche interacting with itself, memories arising from the unconscious or experiences in other dimensions, there is undeniably a deeply rich wealth of ancient wisdom, creativity, and inspiration available to us each night.

I also keep an online dream journal you can explore here.  Join the community there for some yummy connections with which to flow into the dream waters, and a space to record and track your dream cycles.  (Also cruise through the SolPurpose feature we did with Dreamcatcher, here.)

Dreamcatcher by Andrew Jones

 Sweetest Dreams Lovelings…!

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Aluna means initiate, student, alight on the moon and daydream. Verse is song and poem. And so it is that with these symbols, I choose to show up in life. At the apex of my sol mission, I am an inspiratrice in service to reawakening mastery of the sacred in "work", art and dreams. I believe when we align with our sacred, we remember our sol purpose as creators, lovers and dreamers. In addition to being a student of vulnerability, I'm currently receiving my bachelor's degree in Game Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA. Trained in digital artistry, ever expanding in my ability, I have a variety of design skills to offer up to the community.