Week of May 27th – June 2nd

He not busy being born is busy dying.
– Bob Dylan

Monday May 27th
Moon in Capricorn

Art by Jake Kobrin
Art by Jake Kobrin

This is the day I choose the hook for–the quote–which defines the week ahead: He not busy being born is busy dying.” It is true.  Are you being consumed by all that is wrong in your life or all that is right.  Today, as the Moon in Capricorn passes over Pluto, this theme is more than present.  It sensitizes us the the Pluto/Uranus square which was exact in the sky a week ago when the tornado ravaged Oklahoma.  In a personal sense, this crazy weather is also present within you.  Don’ t let the darker thoughts spiraling out from your shadow spin you out.  See where they are trying to direct you and eloquently expand!

Tuesday May 28th
Moon in Aquarius

The Moon moves into Aquarius today, giving an objective awareness to the overwhelming desire blooming inside of us.  This relates to the Moon’s trine to Mars, augmenting the essence of our deepest desires.  The fact that Venus is also conjunct Jupiter today doesn’t help.  We are lusty.  We will feel like we want more than we can handle.  And so, using the airy unattached looking glass of the Aquarius Moon, we can see what is actually happening here.  Through it, we can see how to make better and clearer decisions.  Don’t fall victim to lower desires.

Wednesday May 29th
Moon in Aquarius

Art by A M Konahins
Art by A M Konahins

There is a strong wind blowing through our mental tunnels today.  With Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and even the Sun  in Gemini, ideas are soaring like fierce chinooks.  The Moon is also in Aquarius supporting this heady flow of ideas.  Keeping this awareness in mind, it is good to know that there is an idea that can help defeat the Moons square to the Nodes of the Moon.  Whenever the Moon does this (twice a month) there is a feeling of karmic retribution–something which comes up to distract us from our true path and flow.  Don’t get sideswiped, stand strong like an old wise tree as the wind blows through your singing leaves.  This too shall pass.

Thursday May 30th
Moon into Pisces

Art by Milton Glaser

The waters rise today, bringing our emotional meters to a new level, testing our ability to keep a cool composure through it all.  As Mercury moves into Cancer and with the Moon in Pisces, we are downloading a strong sense of what is going to come for this Summer.  Mercury will actually stay in Cancer until August 7th, bringing our awareness straight into the heart of what it means to be emotionally stabile.  A question which looms like an eclipsing Sun is: Who is our true family? Is it our family of origin or our family of choice?  Good question:  Ask it and listen deeply.

Friday May 31st
Moon in Pisces

Art by Wim Kuenen

Here it is, another quarter of the Moon cycle, bringing about an amalgamation of challenges meant to test our intentional magic of the New Moon Eclipse 3 weeks ago.  Don’t falter. This Moon in Pisces might trigger us to fall into its shadow, keeping us nice and choked up, burping bubbles as we sing to the Moon, thinking we feel perfect , clear, seeing everything clearly, but it’s likely it’s just an illusion.  Mars also moves into Gemini today, sharpening our tongues like nicely tempered swords.  Keeping that tongue dull around others is key.  It’s all fine and dandy to use this upon yourself if you please, but if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.  Mars in Gemini is like a horny goat (Pan) who will say nasty things if it doesnt get what it wants.  Rest assured my friends, all will come to you in due time. Cultivate your patience.

Saturday June 1st
Moon in Pisces

Art by Felix Klee

Why do our thoughts taunt us the way they do? Whats the point?  They can be so misleading at times!  All that we are trying to become can be so easily thwarted by certain ideas or thoughts that throw us right back into the slums.  As the Moon in Pisces squares the Gemini party today (Jupiter, Venus etc…), all the great ideas we have been having can easily be trumped by ungrounded, fantastical ideas of what we are not, or what we wish we are meant to become.  Watch your thoughts today like silly shaped clouds making nice shapes in the sky and just smile.  Don’t act on anything.  Just watch! It will help you beat the oceanic blues.

Sunday June 2nd
Moon in Aries

Art by Karmym
Art by Karmym

Continuing on the topic of Family of Choice vs. Origin, Venus moves into Cancer today, making us all too aware of what is most important to us.  Venus relates to essential needs/values.  When she moves into the sign of Cancer we become more sensitive to what nourishes us the most. We become more sensitive period. Try your best not to take to much bullshit to heart and become clear about the difference between needs and wants.  The Moon in also now in Aries, which can exacerbate this venusian dynamic, making us more impulsive than usual.  You possess nobody and they don’t possess you.  How can you be free to share and receive love? The question of the day! The question of the week! The question of our lives!