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“Divine sound is the cause of all manifestation. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.” 

― Hazrat Inayat Khan

Introduction by Ehren Cruz

We are approaching a time in the human story where the greatest advancements in science are merging with the deepest arcane knowledge of spiritual traditions born centuries ago. The power of sound to create, heal, and transform has been long documented as a foundational element of the human experience since the beginning of civilization. Over 100 origin myths begin with the utterances of creation sounding forth from a progenitive force. ”And God SAID, Let their be light…”, Genesis 1: 3.

Through this realization – that we are all sound – we are all resonance – and we are all light, we can thus use tools, structures, and intentional frequencies to regenerate our bodies, calm our emotions, relax our minds, and immerse into deeper states of spiritual well-being. The Soundala Project, envisioned by Renee & Joel Whittaker, allows us to all experience this incredible phenomenon within a safe, comfortable, and therapeutic container. Solpurpose is honored to share such a pioneering project!

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Foreword & Article Written by Renee Cruz, Founder of the Soundala Project

Renee Cruz, Founder of Soundala ProjectThe Soundala is the product of a lifelong dream – To create a space for people to be at peace, release, and unfold into a sacred space of sound healing.   After several months of intimately blueprinting how to create this structure – Joel and I developed a plan to use Ancient Sonic Temple building technology paired with a modern otherworldly craft-like aesthetic to create the Soundala experience.  The result is a large 24 ft. octagonal temple (Eight representing infinity) built using Peg & Beam technology, within a fractal roofing structure, filled with tribal healing and empowering symbols.   The Soundala will also play host to a dynamic interactive light display to create a warm inviting space for healthy and safe integration during powerful transformational festival events.

When approaching the Rootwire Music & Arts Family with the idea to debut the Soundala at this years festival – we were astonished at the level of welcoming support we received.   Since then, dozens of patrons from all throughout the country have shown up to support the building of this project!  We are incredibly grateful of this opportunity – and now have even been invited to bring the Soundala to Burning Man!  We will be joining together with the Cymatica Satellite camp and integrating into Sacred Spaces Village as an official Temple on site!

To fully honor and celebrate the Soundala Temples evolutionary journey, we have decided to make the Soundala Experience into a short documentary film!  From the initial build, to our debut at Rootwire Music & Arts Festival, to our journey to the Playa, and finally our experience offering the temple space with Cymatica & Sacred Spaces in the heart of the Burn – all will be documented in detail and shared with you to enjoy by Thinking Eye Productions!

The Soundala’s Mission

Different frequencies, tones, and sounds — through drumming, chanting, or the use of a wide array of instrumentation– can induce physiological states that promote healing for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Advancements in quantum science have revealed that our bodies are systems of vibrating atomic particles; living receivers and transmitters of resonance.  With this knowledge, we can utilize specific frequencies to return our body systems to balance and shift the healing process to target the emotional and mental causes of disease, before the physical ailments even manifest.

The Soundala structure will utilize cutting edge techniques employed in sound and resonance therapy, targeting the senses to promote the self to return to its optimal state of balance. From this space of emotional receptivity, we are able to better access healthier choice discernment patterns, creative and imaginative thinking capacities, and objective experiential perspectives.  Creating new expansive pathways of life prospective can have dramatically positive effects on our sense of happiness and well-being.  This is the essence of Soundala Project, the development of a safe, healthy, and comfortable container that can help facilitate positive personal and community transformation.

Being a licensed sound therapist, teacher, and practitioner with a Master’s degree in Public health, I have an extensive background and working relationship with vibration and frequency in both integrative health and academic settings.  My intention is to create a portable structure that fuses together vast scientific knowledge of resonance healing with ancient architectural and creative techniques honored by some of our world’s most cherished spiritual traditions. With the help of veteran craftsman and artisan Joel Whittaker, we will create an octagon based sound therapy free-standing experiential mandala structure.  This geometric sound healing chamber will be hand crafted, complete with ornate visual artistry and will house a bevy of both traditional and modern resonance therapy tools to create the Soundala; a mandala of symbiotic sound.

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Burning Man Project Intentions

For the playa, we are elevating the Soundala experience to become a fully interactive installation utilizing a fractal sound engineering technology, which will be emanating mantric chants, solfeggio tones, and tribal & downtemple compositions, while captivating Playa dwellers with a dynamic internal and external light display.  The Soundala will also feature a fully produced schedule, including comparative and meta-histories of sound forms in ancient and modern cultures, interactive workshops & presentations on sound & frequency, sound baths using crystal bowls, chimes, tuning forks, crystal harps & didgeridoos.  Additionally, a sound Cymatic Violin will reveal the immediate interaction between sound and form, focalizing on the primary, primitive, essential aspects of creativity.

The deeper legacy of Art & Sound will be honored through Transformational screenings including Electronic Awakening (Andrew Johner & Julian Reyes), Dreams of Damanhur (Keith Busha) , Out Of The Silence (Tessa Shields) and The Bloom Series (Jeet-Kei Leung, Akira Chan), as well as footage from Soundala’s own documentary in the making (Filmed & Produced by Christopher Essey of Thinking Eye Productions) – documenting our 2,300 miles journey from Rootwire Music & Arts festival to the heart of BRC!

We will be joined by a host of world class sonic allies in the Cymatica Satellite camp, integrated with Sacred Spaces Village, collectively generating a powerful transformational experience for all to experience and explore through sound!

The Soundala’s Call to Action!

We are announcing an open invite to all friends, family, and contributors within the greater Columbus, OH area to join us at a Soundala Fundraiser campaign hosted by Julie North, Doe Hart, and Renee Cruz that will be held at the Unity Church in Columbus on June 7th, 2013 @ 6:00 p.m.!  Event Details and ticket option available to the event Below!

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From Tuesday 5/28 through Monday 6/02 a generous donor has also offered us $1000 for the campaign if her contributions are matched in full!  So in other words, every dollar up to $1000 total will be completely matched if we reach that goal by Monday 11:59 p.m. PST!  This is an incredible opportunity for us to push toward the final stages of our goal!

Thank you so all so much for making this great dream a reality.  We hope to see you out there on the journey and our sincerely honored to share the Soundala Experience with you all!

Please Contribute to the Soundala Project Campaign