Serpentine Apotheosis By Hakim HisimI want you to dance with me
like you dance with God.
Bring me the stones from your
spirals on the Pacific sands.
Feed me the drops that fall
on your tongue beneath the
redwood canopies in the spring rain.
Pull me up the red stained rock monuments
with your eyes to see rooftops of the world.
Twirl my senses about your
Toes and put me in the earth.
Root me in.
Tap the everlasting well of light
behind my eyes with your hips and your smile.
Paint me with your flower lips
for miles and miles and…

Remember to pause along the way.
Remember to stand with me and
simply sway as the crescendo falls around us.
The dance floor writhing, tithing its life force to source
with no hint of remorse.
Because we know we’ll get it all back around the bend
In the River –
My feet twist and turn – I shiver and yearn for a sliver of gold spun
ripples to return through time from a future prime
for my becoming.
Mahabhuta By GeoGlyphiksI make move-dras invoking you
sweet sistar and there you are
all shimmering sight between the heat waves of
summer sweat and winter’s fading night.
Reminding me that the sun is rising on us.
The golden dawn is coming
I am not afraid.
We will hold each other’s hands
Each mile we dance higher up into God.
Each smile we root deeper down in out soul.
Each piece of compassion we choose to applaud.
We cease separating ourselves from the whoile
I shed the control.
I surrender.
Dance with me like you ARE God.
Destroy me and breath me
new life – blossoming and verdant
as a jungle that springs from the desert floor.
Dance me like the tops of trees in a storm;
dance we like a whirling dervish.
Dance me like a spider dreaming,
weaving through the dark all the sinuous pieces in their place.
Dance me home.
I see you.
We are home.

Wren LaFeet is Nomad Dance in collaboration with anyone who will dance, anywhere. He views dance as a microcosm of culture and a metaphor for relationship. He created Nomad Dance with the mission to inspire social partner dance as an integral facet of an emerging global culture, promoting community, consciousness, sustainability, well being and peace through movement.