An Ocean of Open Source with Subaqueous

Ideas have incredible power; the ability to shape our world. Unfortunately, many great ideas are often not fully expressed.  Many times they are held on to and kept secret in fear that someone else will take them.  Ideas that are not shared freely don’t last as long or have near the potency. Though these ideas still may permeate the noosphere, a constricted grip will allow it to affect only so much. Alternatively, ideas that are shared and spread, morphed and bettered by other people have the potential to be paradigm changing. When ideas begin to split into ever complex fractals, it becomes possible for a concept to have an unlimited potential of impact and rippling change.

Letting knowledge move through you, be it by custom or choice, can also lead to a long-lasting legacy of knowledge. This may be observed in the deeply developed musical traditions such as those of the masters of the Indian tabla and the Chinese guzheng, as well as  countless other culturally maintained styles of music.

 Subaqueous USBA modern-day example of this is the work of Isaac Cotec, aka Subaqueous. Through his collaboration in art and music, a thriving community has grown around his website There he’s built up a large collection of free resources, instruments, articles, and knowledge about music production.

Recently, Isaac has taken this idea a step further through his Kickstarter Campaign for the Subaqueous USB Splash Drive & Remix Album. The USB Splash Drive is a producer’s dream, packed to the teeth with his custom instruments and samples as well as the full Subaqueous discography and remix stems.  With this splash drive, other musician can have access to his huge production library, and are encouraged to collaborate by creating remixes. Isaac is calling on his community of fans to help support and spread this vision, as well as receive some fantastic bonuses for contributing.

isaac cotecIsaac explains his vision:

“I have been devoting myself to my craft for years. I spend countless hours creating tools and instruments to use in my music. The way I see it, I could hold onto my sound and not share it, but then all that work might only end up going into a single track or two. I would much rather share what I created and see others use it in their own unique creative works. This way I become a conduit for not only my own musical journey, but for others as well.“

This idea of sharing knowledge touches on the deeper subject of education and mentorship. At Awaken Festival he held a panel discussion on internationalizing music, where he said:

“As an electronic musician it’s important that you are constantly connecting with your peers that have more developed skills then you. That way you can learn new concepts and further your craft. In turn it is then important that you share the evolution of this knowledge to those looking to learn.  That way you allow the knowledge to pass through you in a continuous cycle.”

Having collaborative access to a pre-existing body of work not only jump-starts any future endeavors, but allows artists from novice to advanced the unique chance to discover how someone else has crafted and developed their own sound, inspiring deeper levels of individuation.

skytreeSubaqueous’ Kickstarter isn’t the only project that is pushing toward a more collaborative musical culture.  Skytree also released his Indigogo Campaign on the same day with a similar message. Through his crowdfunding campaign he is asking his fans to support a new album, collaborate on visual arts and is offerng his own custom sample library USB Drive.

Phutureprimitive is yet another example of how electronic music can creatively bring about collaboration. His Fan-Fueled Official Music Video Contest invites his fans to help submit their own footage and create the video with him.

This movement towards open source music and fan collaboration is just one way we are bringing forth the world we want to see. Join the movement by supporting Subaqueous’s Kickstarter and grab one of his USB Splash Drives for yourself or a fellow musician.

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