“Visionary art speaks toward a profound life experience we can embody and experience each and every day, if we free our souls from self imposed and socially accepted limitations, and embrace our inherently divine nature.  When I first encountered Darren Minke’s Alchemistas book project, I was immediately touched by the deeper mission this compendium represented.  Beyond the dynamic design and breath taking visions, this books stands as a lasting testament to a grand fellowship emerging within the heart of the artistic community.  Alchemistas represents a great dissolving of competitive boundaries, championing unity and diversity in one profound expression of cocreative collaboration.  

Each reflection within the book unveils a series of unique intentions, revelations, and dreams brought to light by the artists. Yet together, they form a codex of light language and divine interpretation honoring greater principles of stewardship, altruism, and creative celebration of the blessing of the human experience.  May this offering assist us in the unearthing of our own greatest potential, guiding us onward into the harmonic expression of our art, our story, and our our legacy for the betterment of ALL life.” ~ Ehren Cruz, Founder of Solpurpose


Article Written By Darren Minke :: Creator of the Alchemistas Book Project

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or the first time, many of the world’s most celebrated Visionary Artists have come together to publish an amazing collection of their artwork in a full-color, beautifully designed, coffee table style Art Book.  This is a community-funded project, started as the dream of a single artist, and collectively supported and championed by all artists involved.  They have all donated their images to create this book from the ground up, in the hopes that it will inspire people worldwide and become a lasting imprint of the emergence of this important artistic movement!


We have created an Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign to help get this unique project off the ground and give people a chance to order a copy of the book, or purchase some beautiful artwork from these brilliant artists!  Every contribution helps get us closer to our goal and will be used to design and publish the first round of books, which will go to our supporters before they are available to the general public!

What is Visionary Art?  It is the child of surrealism and fantasy, but with a stronger message of conscious evolution.  Art that captures the depths of imagination, the infinite potential of other dimensions, the journey of altered states of being, and the quest for spiritual enlightenment.  It is a glimpse into other worlds, or what our world could become… check out the artists here on SolPurpose for more examples of their amazing work!

The book will feature these luminary artists and more: Mark Henson, Andrew Gonzales, Andrew Jones, Luke Brown, Cameron Gray, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman, , Mariela de la Paz, Amanda Sage, Carey Thompson, Darren Minke, Chris Dyer, Xavi Panneton, Adam Scott Miller, Michael Divine, Hans Haveron, Ishka La, Autumn Skye Morrison, Michael Garfield, Brian Paul Smith, Mark Lee, Krystleeyez, Jessica Pearlstein, Dave Lawell, Viandara, Justin Totemical, Geoglyphiks, Tourmaline Todd, Michael Heltebrake, Adam Fu, Keerych Luminokaya, Ka Kathryn June Amorastreya, Ryan Johnson, Jamie Kaminskas, Laura Borealisis, Ashley Foreman, Emma Watkinson, Brig Marlin, Laurence Caruana, Benedigital, Hakan Hisism, Abi Thati, Mugwort Artemesia and Radhika Heresy.

All of the artists will be presented in a unique way, highlighting the personal style and message of their artwork (see examples).  These pages will be so beautifully designed, that you may want to take them out of the book and frame them on the wall!

In addition, we will have inspirational writers from the community contribute their thoughts and words to meld into the message of the artwork.  This book is sure to become a collectors item and a touchstone of artistic achievement for Visionary Culture!

We are inviting the intentional community to join together and take an active role in Cocreating this project.  We do not have any corporate sponsors, trust funds, or secret benefactors providing the funding for this project… It is from the gracious offering of friends, family, and conscious organizations that this is going to make this happen!

We started this project from a dream, a vision to bring cutting-edge Visionary Art to people everywhere at a time when its message is needed most.  We hope to inspire the collective community to dive deep into their consciousness, heal old wounds and patterns, express their creativity, and live to their highest potential in a way that respects our bodies, our relations, and our living planet…  ART is the heart of eARTh!

If you have ever experienced a piece of art or vision that moved you and captured your imagination – this is your chance to help us share that feeling with the world…  Please take a moment to look at our fundraising campaign and pledge whatever you can, and get some great artwork or order your advance copy of the book!  The creators of this project have faith in the power of our community and sacred commerce to step outside of the old paradigm of the publishing world and support the artistic projects that we want to see…

Many thanks and blessings to you for becoming a part of this project and manifesting our collective vision!