“The bad news is that you are falling. The good news is there is no ground!”
– Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Monday: 24th

Moon in Capricorn

Art by Kris D

This week begins with a feeling of being in between dreams. Sundays SuperMoon is still swerving throughout our flashing synapses and Mercury is swiftly moving towards his Retrograde cushion. We may feel frozen. Unable to grasp these fleeting emotions. This Capricorn Moon also opposes Mercury today, as he contemplates the Cancer Labyrinth he will be traveling in the weeks to come. Themes of conditioning, early childhood, attachments, deep patterns, emotional scar tissue, and MEMES are all plugged into the mercurial radar. Today is but a taste of what is to come over the next month. Deep sea diving. Swimming with sharks. Finding hidden treasures in the abysmal. (A whale slaps the sea).

Tuesday: 25th

Moon in Aquarius

Art by Mukesh Singh

If only there was a Google Maps for our Mind. We could type in: EMOTIONAL BLOCK, TRIGGERED BY MOTHER. Then, no different than with Google Earth, a fast spin and catalogue would fly us right into the center of our limbic system which is currently storing our “emotional block.” With this awareness, we could then remove the blockage, making room for my space for Ideas to grow. The Aquarius Moon squares Saturn this morning, thwarting us with a gauntlet of emotacons, distracting us from the present moment. That App would really come in handy here. Use the objectivity of the Aquarius Moon instead. There is nothing the Mind cannot do. Shoot, it is the Mind that will create such an App.

Jupiter also moves in Cancer today, where the King of the Gods will remain for a year. Exalted in Cancer, Jupiter is going to assist us in better understanding how to nourish ourselves, feel more comfortable in our skin, and how to edit our Personal Mythology. If we were trees, we would look a bit mangled from the past year. New shoots coming out all over the tree. A year of ADHD prone Gemini will do this. Now, it’s as if we are a healthy cutting, slowing rooting in an ideal environment. Our roots healthy white and moist with thousands of receiving hairs pulling in the goods from our surroundings.

Wednesday: 26th

Moon in Aquarius

Art by Christiano Siqueria

Wednesday. Miercoles. Mercury’s day. What does this tricksy shapeshifter have in store for us today? Ahhhh yes, another Mercury Retrograde cycle. This one in Cancer. As you read this, while waiting for AAA on the side of the road, with a skipping CD playing in the background, remember 2 things:

1. You created this

2. It’s perfect

I welcome Mercury Retrograde. I think they are the most magical 3 week periods of the year. Thank God we are graced with 3 a year. They are humorous, full of hidden meaning. We get to be the explorers and problem solvers to our lives greatest mysteries. And so, starting today, at 23 degrees Cancer, Mercury begins his trip into the depths of our conditioning, not emerging from the meditation until July 20th at 13 Cancer. He will find the virus. The imprint from childhood that is keeping you from being a happier monkey.

Thursday: 27th

Moon in Pisces

Art by Aurelien Police

You awake from a dream, hanging upside down from a strange tree, laughing hysterically, naked. How did you get here? Was that just a dream? It was a storm. You were out at sea. You were knocked unconscious and were told by drunken mermen to just “Let go.” So you did. Darkness fills the blanks. Nothing. How. Did. You. Get. Here? This is the Pisces Moon aligning with the rest of the celestial bunch in Water (Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, and the North Node). Life is but a dream and you are the dreamer. With Venus moving into Leo today as well, this haphazard approach to finding destiny will begin to feel more playful. Your Muse has found you. Hop, skip, and jump your way into the canvas. Paint. This is your song. Sing.

Friday: 28th

Moon in Pisces


When was the last time you honestly took a different perspective on your life. Looking at yourself through another persons eyes perhaps or peering through a lucid dream lens watching yourself move throughout your day. With the Moon still adrift in the imaginary realms of Pisces, she squares Mars today in Gemini, creating a little bit of frustration around our ability to make our dreams a reality. Use Mars (your Will) to get another vantage point on your situation. Jump off a cliff with a hang glider to your back, flying through the dreamscapes of self. Zoom through your past, glimpse your future, and push yourself beyond your comfort zone, coming fully into the present. Don’t be afraid of what you see. Admit to your faults. Keep flying, continue watching, and you will find the resolution to this frustration you are feeling.

Saturday: 29th

Moon in Aries

Art by ANON

It is the 3rd Quarter of the Lunation cycle today. The Aries Moon squares the Sun in Cancer, asking us to snip a cord attached to ____ so that our New Moon Intention can be fully integrated into our Being. The Waning square (or 3rd Quarter Moon) relates to a time of turning our awareness inwards. We become a pilgrim whose territory is the Inner Universe. It is a ripe time for art. The point is to bring forth all your feelings and experience into 3 dimensional space. A wonderful time for meditation and reflection. We have a great support team for this as well, in that Mercury is now Retrograde. May you discover vistas of unbridled creative potential in the ineffable landscapes and Temples of your imagination.

Sunday: 30th

Moon in Aries

Photoshoped Sufi in Antelope Canyon

What is home? Is it a place? A person? A feeling? Is it outside of yourself or within? Important reflections to marinate on as Mercury sinks deeper into his Cancerian trance, letting his realm of technology and communication to wither and fall apart. Overlaying this question is the Moon in Aries straddling the Pluto/Uranus square today. This never easy configuration in the sky, shows us once again what we are most afraid of (Pluto) teasing us into the potential future we can inhabit if we were to only face it (Uranus). However this Fear emerges for you today, just walk up to it, look it straight in the eyes, then tickle the shit out of it. it’s not real. Watch as it dissolves before you. Tickles cure. Laughter as well.

Life...is stranger than you can suppose! As an Astrologer, I feel it is my duty to attempt bringing all of the unseen, strange, and ineffable information to you through words, art, and sound. If you would like to discover the true depth of these energies in your own Astrology Chart, you can contact me through my website, holestoheavens.com.