Anne Stavely CroppedI’ll never forget the first time I really dropped in with my sister, Pacha. We were sitting in front of a fire and we went deep, fast. I was so greatly touched by her creativity, truth, and wisdom. We were soul family, I knew, from that moment forward.

Edica Pacha, known by those who love her as Pacha, is a seamstress in Boulder, Co. She started sewing in an effort to devote more time to her art & creative expression. Soon, it took her over, seeming more like a way to channel and be in flow than just a hobby or a past-time.

Now, Pacha’s clothes are in high demand. Known for their unique, custom & hand-crafted designs and playful, comfortable feel, people want some Pacha Play! This creative entrepreneur can no longer keep up with production and she’s ready to take her game to the next level!

Pacha’s asking for support so she can make her clothes more accessible to more people. She’s has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for her business so she can have sewers make her clothes and produce them in larger quantities. This frees Pacha up to continue to design innovative & stylish clothing & offer those clothes online. That is good for all of us.

Click here for Pacha Play Urban Jedi Street Fashion!

Pacha chose Kickstarter because it is a community funded, grassroots way to spread the word about businesses and raise money for artists in a way that is accessible and community oriented. That’s badass if you ask me.


17819_10151625693866004_1506237197_nIn this day & age of big corporations, it is grounding and inspiring to support the art of someone who creates clothes that we can wear that are different from the mass-media market clothes usually available. Pacha’s pieces give us a creative, unique look that lends itself to movement practices like yoga or martial arts and also looks good and feels comfortable kickin’ it with family or friends, or traveling, tribal style.

Pacha may seem at first to just be making clothing, but as a friend who knows her well, I see that Pacha embodies the deep spiritual gift of living our passion and sharing it with the world.

She’s found her calling and she dedicates to it, day in and day out; and now the time has come when she’s ready to spread her wings & fly! What could top supporting local artists and Grassroots funding? Perhaps only supporting individuals and collectives on a mission with a message for the world!

Thanks for reading & I hope you’ll head on over and check out Pacha’s campaign and view her awesome video.

Click here for Pacha Play Urban Jedi Street Fashion!

The best part is, you’ll receive your very own custom Pacha Play design for contributing!  It’s a win-win!

Thanks for spreading the love!

Rachel Claire Haynes (Pacha’s soul sister)