For the First time.. The masterful Time-lapse vision created by Krystleyez for The Bloom Series Episode 2  is now available in a signed & numbered first edition limited edition Giclee Canvas or Archival Print.  We welcome you ALL into the “Heart of the Mirror”…

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]emembering the pathways of gender alchemy.   Honoring the embodiment of a shared divinity.  It is in the stewardship of our connection with each other that we find wholeness within ourselves.  And it is through embracing our inherent beauty we are able to find the beauty in all things.   As we grow to respect the blessing of this sacred opportunity, we step into our birth right as guardians of creations bounty; and progenitors of a transcendent way of being.

The visionary artist seeks to reveal the perfection of a harmonic universe.  As celestial map makers, they guide humanity into pathways of symbiosis – balancing a love for self with an understanding of life’s subtle connections.  

Krystle SmithKrystle Smith’s masterful vision, “Heart of the Mirror” reveals to us our true gender reflection.   The intricacies of pattern, the pulsating life-force, and the fiery alchemy in each moment unfolding right before the lovers’ eyes.  

Her vision also reminds us, beyond the form resides an even deeper union resting at the heart of our shared experience.  From the birth of a universe to the pollination of a seed, to the sons and daughters of Adam & Eve, all is created through the miracle of two becoming one.  

Introduction :: By Ehren Cruz


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“The Heart of the Mirror”

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“It really strikes me – for me it feels like a thinly veiled big bang of the union of man and woman – and creation itself – atoms that form molecules that form flowers of life – i really feel the yin yang – with her work it always feels like my consciousness is recognizing it’s reflection for the first time.” ~Akira Chan | Co-Producer of the Bloom Series

“Inviting our favorite visionary artists to create an original piece of art to introduce each of the dozen themes we explore in the series has been an absolute treat. 

Having each artist record a time-lapse of their painting coming into being gives us such a special view into the process of creation that is really insightful and engaging. It’s kind of like standing over their shoulder the whole time but compressed into 30 seconds. 

We felt intuitively that Krystle held the piece for ‘Co-Creation’, the first theme in our second episode. 

I’m enthralled not only by the work she created, but knowing the process saw her dedicate two months of her creativite energy to bring this expression to life. 

Both the piece itself and the process of collaboration really exemplify this new paradigm value of ‘Co-Creation’ so perfectly.”  ~ Jeet Kei, Director & Executive Producer of the Bloom Series 


“Heart of the Mirror | Feminine Reflection”
Written By :: Krystleyez

The colliding of co*incidents
and the friction between sheets
gives rise to mountains, emOceans and heat….
forming new forms

Yin yangs of big bangs….
elemental alchemy
Source of life and units of unity

Constellations of connections
magnetic glue of realities
spiraling dance of particles with possibilities….

Passion igniting action….
and perpetual rebirth
of being

Forming the relationships in*between
a circle and square
a vision and a prayer
a moment and its meaning
a lotus expression and a pond for reflection
a piano and its strings

It is the patterns we sing
and the possibilities we paint
and the child we create
the seeds we sow and fields we feel
it is the wisdom we share and (w)holes we seal
its the environment we shield.
it is our hands
and the temples we build
it is everything
and the emptiness we’ve filled
It is the wave that flows and sandcastles that fall…
It is the space created by a window and a wall

There would be no place to gather without room in*between,
or a way to come together, without another to be free.
or a glow of the moon, without the sun to be seen
and so it is with you, I return to me.

One at the heart of the mirror
where our dreams can convene
To birth the infinite into the earth
from all of the love that we’ve seen

“Heart of the Mirror | Masculine Repose” 
Written By :: Ehren Cruz

It is in your eyes I return home,
It is in your heart I dwell everlasting,
Between our two silhouettes rests a sacred stillness –
Where all is Golden perfection – All is omnipotent love…

Once we were one,
In the heart of the first ocean,
And then I remembered your name,
A longing, an echo, a yearning…

And then I saw you for the first time,
And within your beauty I burst into a billion stars,
Surrendering into a great dream of becoming,
Born of the first sacred touch…

My song still rises,
A great cry of exaltation,
As my head bows deeply,
Into the outstretched hands of the first Fire…

And you hold me there closely,
In the foundry of our first embrace,
As we return our gazes to the first stillness,
And unite in the spark of our first kiss…

And it is here we reenter that space of dreaming,
Where all is us.
Where we are all.
And All is One…


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