“The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday: July 8th, New Moon in Cancer

Art by Gilbert Williams

New Moon @ 16 degrees Cancer (1:14 AM Mountain Time)

The theme of this Moon is the title of the Report: Find your Tribe! I feel as if we are in phase 2 of the greatest transition of our time. Phase 1 was the messy challenges we have all been elbowing through since the Spring of 2011. With Phase 2, we seem to be emerging –partially or fully – transformed. Now out of our chrysalis, we are sharing our gifts with the world, naturally attracting all of the perfect people into our lives. Tribe is building, gaining incredible momentum. But what is this “edge” so many are referring to? An ominous “edge” just waiting to steal our fun away. Is it the CHANGE we’ve been waiting for? This Shift….it won’t be easy. With Pluto and Uranus still squaring off in the sky, Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, and Saturn now Direct in Scorpio, it is inevitable. All themes point the way to another worldview. Yet, how perfect is the flow of the Universe to set us up amidst the perfect people, in the best of places, to experience the change we have all been waiting for. When does it arrive? IT IS ALREADY HERE!

Sabian Symbol: The germ grows into knowledge and life.

…I love these symbols. These channeled messages for every degree of the zodiac never fail in their poignancy. The germ comes from the First Phase, the Second is the Knowledge (now), and then LIFE happens (Third). The only constant is change. Embrace it.

Tuesday: July 9th, Moon in Leo

Art by Saeed Akhtar

There is an invisible field of intelligent energy surrounding us. Call it AKA, call it the Morphogenetic field, call it what you please, but when you realize your thoughts and actions can effect it, your world will change forever. It can be programmed. It is the fluid which works with your intentions and your manifestations. Today, as Mercury makes its Inferior Conjunction to the Sun, a fresh mental program is able to sprout forth. Embody this idea, know how your thoughts create your reality, and you will overcome any obstacle in your path: i.e. Venus squaring the Nodes of the Moon today; a transit which puts all our values, our love, our relationships in check. Feel the pull into the doubt, then change it with your Mercurial/Mental magik. Watch the AKA field morph with your Will!

Wednesday: July 10th, Moon in Leo

Art by Android Jones
Art by Android Jones

The first visible slice of lunar pie is dished up tonight as the Moon in Leo separates from the Cancer Sun. With this subtle glimpse into how our New Moon intention is growing skyward, the Moon also trines Uranus and passes over Venus (via conjunction). With Venus, this visitation is a soft dialogue relating to what is most important to us; what nourishes us the most. After yesterday’s Venus square the Nodes, there may be some residual bitterness with what we experienced, but don’t fret, the trine to Uranus is filling your inner sky with a myriad of ideas to light the way into your “new day.” Attach to these visions. Evolve.

Thursday: July 11th, Moon enters Virgo

Art by Julianna Swaney

In the space of late Tropical Leo and Virgo lies the royal star Regulus – the Heart of the Lion. The Moon passes this star today. A star which relates to manifest destiny, regalness, personal power, and legacy. What is it you are bringing forth into this world? What is your legacy? It may feel far away (Moon opposed Neptune) but this is only an illusion. Believe it and it will be so. Don’t put any limits to your dreams. Opposition is just an illusion.

Friday: July 12th, Moon in Virgo

Art by Android Jones
Art by Android Jones

The clean up crew has arrived to the battlefield in our minds. Whenever the Moon is in Virgo, there is a feeling of picking up the pieces, organizing what we choose to keep, making it all useful. As the Moon brightens the sky, she harmonizes (trine) to Pluto, giving us all a clear view of what is lying in the shadows pulling many of our indecisive strings. She then makes sweet music (sextile to Mercury Rx) allowing our sweet mess to rise, float, and move back into its right place. You are god, you are Shaman, never forget this.

Saturday: July 13th, Moon in Virgo


I’ve grown impatient with passive aggression. Just be direct! Speak what you think! Don’t be afraid to hurt another! Seriously. Today, Mars moves into Cancer, which exacerbates this theme. Mars is said to be “fallen” in Cancer. Weak. Why is this? What were our ancestors observing when our Warrior/Will moved into soft and sensitive Cancer? I think they were observing aloofness. The ducking and dodging of conflict because of the silly desire of not wanting to disrupt the peace, or hurt another. Not too different than Mars when he is in Libra, we are now going to be face to face with awkward conflicts. Be the bigger man or woman, and just say what is on your mind. If you do so, it will all make perfect sense.

Sunday: July 14th, Moon in Libra

Art by Igor Stravinsky

A day of Whatever. Lounging on the teeter-totter scales of Libra, we are thrown two tests throughout this lazy Sunday; 1. a lunar square to Jupiter; 2. a lunar square to Mercury retrograde. As we bob up and down in seesaw motion, our thoughts are carried by the winds of our mind, floating languidly into fascinating places – past, present, and future – only to test and enthuse. Make no decisions today. Learn from your daydream visions. Rest. Smile with open eyes, swim that mental river bare. Find worlds you never knew were there.

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