“Disinformation is duping.
Misinformation is tricking.”
…and most information isn’t helping
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Art by Hans Walor
Art by Hans Walor

Rumor has it there is a “Grand Sextile” about to occur on the +29th of July. An aspect in the sky relating to 6 or more planets all in harmony with one another (via Trine & Sextile). It creates the Merkaba-or Star of David- when you draw lines connecting all of the planets. Spreading like cyberspiders across the web–esp. on Spacebook–this possible alignment is said to be “the One we have been waiting for” according to Randy Bruner. It is another portal, star-gate, or galactivation station….but, when you peek closer, pick up the meme and look at it from a few different angles, you actually find no alignment happening at all–at least not Astrologically.

I get it, we want to Ascend! We want change NOW! But haven’t we learned through Y2k, Elenin, 11.11.11, and the Solstice of 2012 that there is no one day or moment when this “shift” occurs. I will graciously admit, that I too had some expectations about 2012. I don’t want to say it was a dud of a day, but whatever happened was so subtle I could have just made something up. From where I stand, I see all the changes more like tectonic shifts slugging along in the fabric of Consciousness–or our connection to it. I feel the only instant Collective change possible, is if God were to hit Earth with a Louisville slugger, putting us over the fence into another dimension. And so, how about we take a peek at the infamous “Grand Sextile” chart, setting aside our 4d glasses, so we can see it a bit clearer.

The Colossal Aspect:

As I write this, it is the day of the exact alignment of the Grand Water Trine (one of the two triangle’s which creates this “Grand Sextile.” ) It is a three-way trine (120 degree aspect) between Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter +at 4 plus degrees in their respective Water signs. When talking alignments, we cannot leave out exactness. These 3 planets perfectly aligned on July 17th, creating a deeply emotional–even magical–ripple throughout the Collective. The feeling was one of an ease of understanding how the transformation of our beings must occur. Now, just because the aspect happened on the 17th, it doesn’t mean we still won’t feel it for days to come. They are slow moving planets and will be lingering in the orb of this space for a couple weeks, all the way up to

+July 29th, when this supposed “Grand Sextile” is set to occur.

Art by Anon
Here is the Chart for the 29th. The day of the “Grand Sextile.” I’m sure you’ve seen it on Spacebook:



It’s beautiful right. Catches your eye? With the Merkaba in the middle. But upon closer inspection you see that the degrees of the Planets involved are not actually lined up. This Chart which flooded the Internet and created dozens of emails and questions coming my way is using wide orbs to allow these blue aspect lines (shown for a trine) to show up. When you change the orb’s to create a lens for seeing the exactness of certain aspects, it actually looks more like this (I even used 1 degree orbs to be fair):


Real Grand Sextile

Where did the Merkaba go? It vanished….because there is actually no perfect Grand Sextile occurring on this day. Now, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a glorious configuration happening, it’s just not a Grand Sextile. It’s in the ballpark, the planets are in the right spaces, but not perfectly placed. Does this mean the Stargate is not opening and the Merkaba ships aren’t going to take our lightbodies to Sirius? I’m afraid I cannot answer this. Perhaps both are always available to us!?

Playing with two Triangles:

Art by Android Jones
Art by Android Jones

In Astrology, Water relates to our Emotions, Earth to Matter–material things. With the loosening of the Grand Water Trine and the ever so close Grand Earth Trine, it does bring up some titillating energies. Again, the Grand Trine is a gratuitous aspect creating wondrous harmonies between three or more planets. Let’s play with this idea;

The Grand Water Trine:

“Dancing Leviathan”
Art by David Chang
Art by David Chang

Saturn in Scorpio says, “it is your dharmic duty to admit you are fucked up. So go into this shadowy domain and commence the uphill battle of transformation.”

Neptune in Pisces laughs in response, blowing out etheric smoke rings, and answers, “Exactly man. You are messy. The Earth and her Waters the same. I’ve been watching from Dreamtime for nearly 200 years. It is the end of hope and the beginning of Truth. It is finally time to wake up.”

Jupiter in Cancer, a bit taken aback, carefully responds, “I’m just trying to find some comfort in all this chaos. I wanna find my tribe. I want a home. I just need to feel grounded. Is that too much to ask?”

…a blue electricity then moves between the three, the Archetypes disappear, clouds form a perfect triangle and begin to tesselate…

“The Grand Earth Trine”

“Anti-Frack SuperMan”


Pluto in Capricorn appears like a nightmare and whispers, “Everything you ever thought you were is going to change. Your deepest fears are your greatest teachers. Face them, or I will turn them into curses. Demons who will haunt by day and by night.”

The Moon in Taurus looks up from counting her change, and asks, “But what about my house, my car, my money, my body…..are you going to take them too?”

Pluto: “Have you ever seen a hearse with a trailer hitch?”

Moon: “Right….”

(healing thoughts)

Venus in Virgo interjects, and adds, “I think there is a way to save us all. What if we were all to share our gifts in selfless service with the whole world!? What would happen then? Really, all I care about is helping others. So this is what I will do.”

End of InterPlanetary Trialgue


Concluding thoughts:

All in all, we should just be happy we made it through another Mercury Retrograde cycle with the ability to write and read on our machines. I mean, what would life be like without Spacebook and all the viral memes in there waiting to infest our poor little minds. It is important to be discerning. Protect your mind. Ask questions. Don’t believe everything you read–esp. me. This is all subjective. Just an intellectual carousal, spinning round and round, painting metaphors on the walls for you to look at. In the end, we are just an opinion, then turning into stardust and light.

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