Co-created by an international roster of visionaries and festival professionals, Burning Man’s mega-camp Fractal Planet is a unified offering, and at it’s essence: a micro-festival showcasing a flourishing & cohesive culture with a powerful vision of a bold future for us all. It is a platform to bring together nodes of this innovative artistic community into a singular collaborative expression of evolution.

fractal nation planet burning man 2013
Fractal Nation, Burning Man

In the third & most Internationally representative incarnation of the Fractal Nation project, this year’s Fractal Planet camp features a domed gallery filled with over 80 visions from dozens of painters and other installations, a full-scale soundstage with five nights of top musical acts and performances, a fully programmed educational dome, the Zendo Project, a tea house, multiple large scale installations, 20 hexayurts, plus infrastructure for 400+ campers from around the globe that will call the camp home.  Four Naga-Babas are journeying all the way from India to spend time with the camp, upon personal invitation of camp founder Andrew Jones.

Visit and
Visit and

With sustainability as a founding principle, Fractal Planet is powering all components with cutting-edge wind turbine technology in partnership with ReVair, as well as utilizing solar panels and generators fueled with biodiesel.

Burning Man is a temporary environment that sparks short, potent, bursts of momentum.  The platform of Fractal Planet assembles a team of global manifestors to carry out a single unified vision.  This act solidifies a growing tribe into a deeper sense of shared mission.  The temporary village becomes a melting pot of ideas, information, inspiration, and connectivity.  Meaningful exchange builds trust as the collective desire to step into positive, intelligent evolution continues to reveal itself.  Practicing new ways of being together helps translate transformational experiences into relevant, long-term, life affirming projects.  Each participant contributes to the formula of working examples of integrative, inspired living, which are then carried off the playa and repeated on a broader scale.  Just as a fractal is a detailed pattern that repeats itself, scaling in size from the microcosm to macrocosm (and vic versa), each individual can take imprints of these patterns and repeat them outwardly ad infinitum.

Workshops in Art Gallery

The impressive selection of global festivals collaborating with Fractal Planet include Boom Festival (Portugal), Shambhala (Cananda),  Envision Festival (Costa Rica), AfrikaBurn (South Africa), Rainbow Serpent (Australia), Earth Frequency (Australia), Resonant Temple (Australia), Sonic Bloom (Colorado), Lucidity Festivals (California), Enchanted Forest (North Carolina), and Festival Ometeotl (Mexico).  Other production partners include the M.A.P.S. Foundation, Zendo Project, Tribe 13, Temple of Visions, ReVair Wind, Yum Sauce Lounge, and Exile Nation Project. SolPurpose is assisting with the production of the Art Gallery.

This year’s artist line-up and design team are on par with the caliber of professionals affiliated with Fractal Planet.  The art gallery includes visions from Android Jones, Amanda Sage, Michael Divine, Carey Thompson, Martina Hoffmann, Luke Brown, Xavi, Jessica Perlstein, and many other world class fine artists.  Music headliners include Liquid Stranger, Emancipator, Polish Ambassador, Opiuo, Random Rab, Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, Imagika Om and more.

The workshop and speaker series covers topics ranging from Shamanism & Spirituality , Transformational Festivals & Communities,  Love & Corporeal Alchemy,  Visionary Business, Applied Permaculture & Sustainability as a Lifestyle.  Noteworthy speakers include Dr. Rick Doblin, Brad Burge, James Oroc, Jamie Janover, Dr. Bruce Damer, presentations from featured artists, and many activated voices from this global community.  There will also be a screening The Bloom by producer Jeet Kei Leung. For the complete educational line-up, which includes performances and music, visit the Facebook page.

The Future by Android Jones (Detail)
The Future by Android Jones (Detail)

Fractal Planet is currently running an IndieGogo campaign to help fund the project.  The incredible perks offered to donors include limited edition fine art prints, festival tickets, MAPS membership package, a week-long stay at a permaculture retreat center (Aroha), your portrait by Amanda Sage (!), album downloads, and more. The $10,000 Fractal Pass gets you all access entry to EVERY partnered festival in the next 12 months, as well as camp dues and meal plan, a large limited edition giclee print by Android Jones, topped with medicinal honey chocolate for a very sweet deal!

Tonight in the Bay Area, The New Parish in Oakland will host the Fractal Planet Fundraiser with music from Love & Light, Lila Rose, Lafa Taylor, Cello Joe, and more. Art gallery curated by Tribe 13 & Android Jones, live art, tea lounge, and MAPS presentations.

If you make it to this ground-breaking event, don’t miss a visit to Fractal Planet, located at the cornerstone of 2:00 and Esplanade. You can still register to camp with Fractal Planet here.  Capacity is fast approaching, so register today to be a part of this epic village!


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Event designer, art curator, writer, permaculture student, networker, community organizer, social activist, dreamer, and promoter of the inspirational. Liana Sananda is an altruist focused on connecting a growing network of passionate creatives to their unique place in the puzzle. She seeks to intelligently manifest a vibrant, healthful society based in right relationship with the earth, one another, oneself, and spirit.