Events here on Earth move in step with the alignments of the planets. That the alignments of the planets are cyclical in nature suggests events here on Earth mirror the same cyclical nature. One of the most significant outer planet alignments of this decade is the ninety-degree angle, or waxing square aspect, between Uranus and Pluto. The archetype of Uranus symbolizes disruption and rebellion, technology and innovation, the sudden and new. Pluto represents the potential for decay, death, and rebirth inherent in all things. Forces of nature, hidden powers, instinctual drives, and underworld realms are also associated with Pluto.

The previous alignment between these two planets, a conjunction, occurred in the 1960s. During that time collective instinctual drives [Pluto] toward rebellion [Uranus] led to protests throughout the world. The Civil Rights moment and Women’s Liberation movement came into their own power. When the current ninety-degree square alignment began in 2008, a woman and an African American ran for president of the United States – and the African American, Barack Obama, won the election. Thus we see efforts made during the last Uranus/Pluto alignment coming to the next stage of their fruition in this current Uranus/Pluto square. The recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage can be equated to the rulings of Loving v. Virginia that made interracial marriage legal across the United States, just as recent protests throughout the Middle East carry a revolutionary power harkening back to the 1960s.

It is worth noting, however, that the Plutonian push for the death of the old and the Uranian urge for the release of the new merge to manifest novel and unanticipated themes alongside the cyclical reemergence of previous themes. In the 1960s rock and roll came into its own as both an outlet for libidinal release and an anthem for driving revolutionary urges. In 2013 the Rolling Stones, a rock and roll band emblematic of the revolutionary impulses of the 1960s, went on tour once again. Yet, alongside this cyclical reemergence, we see a new and unprecedented form of music known as Dubstep take center stage by utilizing the technological innovations of electronic music [Uranus] to portray thumping guttural roars that seem to emanate from the underworld [Pluto].

Protests across the Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America begin small and suddenly [Uranus] erupt [Pluto], allowing the populace to vent [Uranus] deep urges [Pluto] toward freedom [Uranus]. In the movie Spring Breakers, four young women set out to experience the free-for-all [Uranus] of debauchery [Pluto] known as spring break along the Florida coast. Two of them become suddenly and unexpectedly [Uranus] possessed by destructive impulses [Pluto]. An eccentric television show depicts a dog named Wilfred as the embodiment of his human friend’s liberated [Uranus] subconscious instincts and impulses [Pluto]. Whether the manifestation is a re-emergence or truly novel, once one is acquainted with the qualities of Uranus and Pluto their combined presence will be hard to miss. May familiarity with their qualities help you to recognize when you are in their company and help you to honor what challenges and potential gifts they bring…

A post-script on synchronicity: the surprising and unanticipated nature of synchronicities places the phenomenon of synchronicity squarely in the camp of Uranus’ symbolism. I feel it worth noting that as I wrote the above piece I was sitting on a B.A.R.T. train. While noting the tendency of Uranus and Pluto to show up in new & unanticipated combinations, a young female commuter stepped on the train wearing a shawl and nothing else. Writing on Uranus and Pluto at that moment seemed like an act of invocation, and I had to smile – on so many levels, the two archetypes were present in combination with me at that moment. Pluto and Uranus were both present in the liberation [Uranus] of the sexual organs [Pluto] that comes with being nude. The taboo act [Pluto] of being nude in public was shocking and disruptive [Uranus]. The woman in the shawl carried an air of liberated [Uranus] empowerment [Pluto]. And of course Uranus was present in the stunning nature of the synchronicity!

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James Moran is a yogi and astrologer with two decades of experience. He has taught yoga for students ranging from those with severe disabilities to Fortune 500 executives. James is also an artist and a writer who regularly publishes fiction, poetry, and material on yoga and astrology. He is currently based out of Oakland, CA were he partakes in numerous events having to do with astrology and other healing modalities. His website is here.