[dropcap]S[/dropcap]olpurpose is honored to explore the new album release of Anthony Thogmartin’s independent side project Earthcry. In his debut album titled, “Hear the Earth, Heal Yourself ∞ Heal the Earth, Hear Yourself” – EarthCry dives in a realm of powerful compositions with riveting frequencies that moves your body and soul.  Filled with intention and intrigue, this experimental effort is far more than your average electronic album.  In the following interview hosted by Solpurpose founder, Ehren Cruz, Anthony unveils the intricate details behind the creative genius in this release; and offers a unique lens into his musical process that continues to inspire thousands around the country and throughout the world.

50% of all proceeds for Earthcry Album go toward Rainforest Conservation.


The name EarthCry holds an incredibly potent charge. And The title of your debut EP – “Hear the Earth, Heal Yourself ∞ Heal the Earth, Hear Yourself,“ speaks of a deep symbiotic relationship between self-care and planetary stewardship. Can you speak about your personal intentions behind the creation of your name?   What experiences inspired the title of this album?


I spent most of my youth hiking, camping, exploring, and writing music in the seasonal forests of Wayne National Park in southeastern Ohio. Much of the time, my adventures into this beautiful woodland were spent alone. When we are alone and in silence, the mind tends to wander and play. I would imagine there was a little creature that would walk around with me . I would speak to him telepathically and we kind of developed a friendship. I came to recognize this imaginary friend of mine as kind of representative of the forest.

Over time I found my way back into civilization and made it into the live music bar scene in Athens, Ohio. I was busking for whiskey money on the streets with friends. I was joining all kinds of different bands making all kinds of music. Funk, Soul, I even was the lead singer of a metal band. I soon came across the boys in Papadosio.

After a couple years of touring we found ourselves taking a group trip down in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. As strange as being in the southern hemisphere was, far far away from anything we have ever known, there was this feeling I had in the back of my mind of utter familiarity. I couldn’t put my finger on it but the entire experience did not seem as alien as i expected it to be.   In many ways it felt safe and welcoming.

One night during a very deep ceremony, I was sitting in a hut in the river basin of the Madre de Dios, all alone.   Suddenly a voice sounded loud and clear, yet it was in my mind. It instructed me to position myself comfortably and listen closely. I found this to be very odd yet that feeling of familiarity and welcoming had increased in a way that can only be described as what a lost child must feel like when they are reunited with their mother.

The voice was caring yet stern, overjoyed yet hurt.   In an effeminate yet powerful voice she said, “Where have you been my child? Remember we used to walk together in the woods? You have been and always will be my guardian.”

Then I began to have images of poisoned rivers, strip mines, oil spills, fires, logging operations, and all kinds of man made environmental disasters. It was the most beautiful and sad experience I have ever had.  She had cried out to me.

The work I am trying to do with this project is twofold. First of all 50% of the proceeds of sale of this album as well as 50% of any EarthCry tour revenue is dedicated to environmental conservatism.  My hopes here are that while it may seem like a humble offering, that the simple act of buying this album will catalyze in people the beginning of a charitable and beneficial lifestyle – Where the act of giving and ultimately healing isn’t so alien and uncommon.

The second is the interior work that this album suggests. As it was extremely deep inner work that brought me to the place I am now.


How does this album sonically align with the powerful message conveyed in the title?


Each Track in the album is synchronized to a particular “solfeggio frequency,” which serves as a catalyst for a specific type of healing or intrinsic transformational change.


Can you illuminate us as to what are the solfeggio frequencies are and why you chose to use them as the base scale for the composition of this album?


Absolutely!  The intention here is not so much to concern the listener with the specifics and meta science of the effect solfeggios can have on someone. But moreover to just get them interested in the idea of inner work and experience it. You see, we live in a time where everyone is so absolutely obsessed with the exterior world of form. If its not about the latest pyramid unearthed or ancient mayan and egyptian prophecies and the position of the planets.  It is less common for people real inner work that requires rigorous introspection and healing.

Look at the clothing the some of the conscious community is wearing. Women are objectifying themselves blatantly, and men are spending thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest vest and tattoos.  In essence, my underlying scheme here is to get people to actually climb the stairs, walk out onto the diving board and hopefully convince them to jump off.  One who is cultivating inward awareness recognizes that there is a vast and infinite world to explore within, devoid of form, and full of healing and union. Solfeggios are indeed powerful tools, but they are still only tools.  I can only hope that listeners will spark an interest in the inner realms and pursue a path that is in true alignment with their hearts.


How do these frequencies catalyze such dramatic change within our bodies?


I like to think of them as a kind of a universal language. As if each of them was a unique and autonomous “power word”. For example you could loosely associate them having the same effect as the word “love” has over us.  The slight difference being, they are universally understood.  The thing to remember though is this – That we grant words the power they have over us, based on our level of consciousness, cognition, and understanding of the word. Throughout the ages, the word “love” has cultivated an incredible amount of akashic meaning. In the same way I believe that these frequencies have been charged up with our faith in them and what they stand for.

The effect of this charging can be felt by those who allow it.  It should also be noted that we are working with subtleties here.   If someone comes in to a solfeggio meditation or an EarthCry show with a large amount of skepticism, it is unlikely they will experience very much as they have decided to limit their own power and perception through resistance.  Yet on the other hand, for an open mind and heart, experiencing the frequencies in a potent setting can be powerfully transformational.


The Earthcry live experience is a wild amalgamation of ceremony, performance, dance party and even educational lecture!  What deeper intentions or greater vision do you hope to translate through this unique live initiatory experience?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see ceremony return to normalcy within our culture? And im not speaking of some alien, strange, and super serious, pious churchy or religious ceremony. I mean ceremony that is as normal as drinking water or driving a car.  If anything, I just want people to explore the totality of what it means to “be”. As being is not limited to what we can sense on the outside. Additionally, there is a vast world to explore in the scope of alternate tunings in music. I  also hope that this album can inspire more music with experimental tunings.


417 – A tone of Change ~ At first this song strikes me as a classically composed harpsichord piece one might hear at the renaissance ball, but before long the beat drops in to a super catchy upbeat groove. This type of eclectic yet very thoughtful approach can be rightfully said about each track in the series. Besides the solfeggio scale and the correlations of those energies – is their any other stylistic approach or thematic overtone you hope to convey through this record?


I definitely pulled all the stops out as to what I thought would be common or acceptable in the realm of “conscious music”. I often find a lot of it sounds similar. I wanted to have a creative outlet for the music that I create that I feel doesn’t apply to the live band environment. And that is really the only criteria that directly constitutes which composition is an EarthCry song. It is the intention behind anything we create that ultimately provides it with meaning and direction.


Where is the EarthCry star ship heading next? It looks like there is a big tour on the horizon with Papadosio!

Papadosio Fall Tour w/ Special Guest EarthCryAnthony:

Yes happily I will be opening for the entire fall tour! And it should be noted that while the album is available for digital download via this link: http://earthcry.bandcamp.com/.  I’ve only printed 1000 physical copies of the debut album, and that it is only available on the tour.  The reason for this is that I didn’t want to have to add packaging and use energy in the delivery of this music as I feel like that will be counterintuitive with it purposes.


Are there words you would like to share with young inspired producers seeking to manifest their dreams in a challenging music industry?


Just be you, the weirder and more creative the better. People don’t react at all to sameness. If you want everyone to dance, thats easy. Create a trap song with a hit music sample. If you want however for everyone to be inspired and take something away from the show, make ORIGINAL MUSIC.

LOL, well perhaps a little more constructively..  Also look closely at what the your intentions are when you produce music.  And have gratitude for the people who are supporting you now. Having played stages large and small, I can say with utter conviction, that I get the exact same feeling from a crowd of 100 or 1000, or 10,000 people.  If you are on a stage, no matter how small or large, just realize how blessed you really are in that moment to be loved and supported.  And play your truth for the world to hear.

Look for EarthCry on Papadosio’s National tour this fall & winter and stay connected with EarthCry using our Sol Music Alliance Database Profile.  And prepare to experience a whole new harmonic in electronic dance music.  



Purchase EarthCry's debut album on band camp!


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