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[dropcap]P[/dropcap]roject Nuevo Mundo (PNM) is an emergent organization with the mission to build an on-the-ground permaculture network through providing regenerative technology, skills, labor and professional media to festivals, impact centers and communities within the United States, Mexico and Central America.  Imagine an Earth Odyssey on each continent, building self-sufficient homesteads and villages from the ground up while training and empowering passionate individuals to make their own sustainability dreams come true. Constantly connecting new permaculture projects and expanding the community network reach – That is Project Nuevo Mundo‘s mission.

marissa and DavidSo what exactly is an Earth Odyssey? An Earth Odyssey is a mobile village of living experts equipped with a full spectrum of skills and technological know-how needed for growing a new paradigm of sustainable living.  The inaugural PNM Earth Odyssey  tour departs Emerald Village, California on November 2nd on a four month journey that roots into nine impact centers and transformational festivals throughout the United States, Mexico, and Central America.  By providing skilled labor, professional media resources, and an array of workshops taught by the EcoNauts, the Earth Odyssey team will educate all walks of life on ways to live in greater harmony with the planet. Twenty econauts, two buses, and a mission to build a network of interlinked impact centers is a potent formula, yet only with the support of the greater world community will we catalyze a movement that will last long after the tour.

In the following interview hosted by Clayton Gaar (Founder of Tribal Council & PNM EcoNaut), David Casey, co-founder of Project Nuevo Mundo, reveals some of the deeper implications of his vision for the project and why he believes the Earth Odyssey model has the potential to facilitate powerful lasting change all over the world.

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CG: Project Nuevo Mundo’s mission – To build an on-the-ground network of “festivals, impact centers, and communities” providing places with the resources they need to thrive and therefore maximize their ability to affect lasting positive change in the world.  I’ve seen many organizations and initiatives over the years that aim to connect different ecovillages and communities, but this is the first time I’ve seen festivals thrown into the mix. As a festival producer, can you speak on why festivals have been included in PNM’s overarching vision?

DC: I see a festival as a temporary village. The world tribe is just beginning to regrasp the understanding that we crave community environment where we come together to share art, music, play, creative expression, and share skills. Each one of us offering, and each one of us receiving. In the festival we create it around us for a short period of time, building it up and breaking it down again. We are a culture in its infancy, still nomadic, still searching.

The first festival I ever attended was the Symbiosis Gathering in Northern California almost ten years ago. It made me understand that a “tribal revival” was taking place, as many converged in one place for the fall equinox, acknowledging and celebrating the passing of the seasons. I realized that humans had been doing this for countless generations, and we are in a period of remembering this, of searching and seeking something fundamental that is missing from our modern lifestyle.

The Project Nuevo Mundo network comes alive and activated at festivals like the Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala. The festival raises funds for our social outreach work in Guatemala, and the coordinators of the projects come to present their work at Cosmic Convergence. This attracts more support and collaboration for the projects we already have going, and it also can spark ideas for new innovative projects that organically form from converging. Events like Cosmic Convergence are a platform for new and old ways of living to be put on exhibition. The Tribal Convergence Network has a very important exercise called “Tribe Talks”, where all attendees are encouraged to present their projects in front of an audience with the hopes of attracting collaborators or sponsors with similar ideas. The festival experience is a container space, where we can create the world around us as we believe it can be, and share with people what is possible, provoking them to re-imagine their own life and their own relationship to self and community in new ways. Festivals are also large-scale enterprises where we can introduce our network and our mission to a broader public than would otherwise be possible.

CG: There seems to be an increasing movement happening right now all across globe that can be described as a “tribal culture renaissance.”  This trend can be seen in all sorts of grassroots local initiatives and transformational festivals, but it seems to be developing much deeper and farther than merely the creation of organizations and temporary autonomous gatherings.  People are seeking more permanent forms of communal living and relating. How do you see PNM and its Earth Odyssey fitting into this tribal renaissance and how does it facilitate these lasting experiences for the people who are seeking their tribe?

DC: Project Nuevo Mundo’s roots are in indigenous Guatemala, which is the heartland of the Maya people. We believe strongly that many of the solutions to the problems of today’s civilization are encoded within tribal systems across the planet that continue to exist through thousands of years of colonization, genocide, resource exploitation, and cultural warfare. Project Nuevo Mundo seeks to connect people who crave this connection with our tribal roots, with real indigenous tribes, with opportunities to learn how tribal people survive, how they eat, how they build their structures, how they worship and pray, how they use plants for medicine. Through reconnection with traditional ways of living, we reconnect to a part of ourselves and re-awaken what is inside of us.

As elaborated above, Project Nuevo Mundo believes strongly that transformational festivals hold significant potential for creating transformational experiences on a large scale. These experiences can be considered gateways and portals that we can walk through to explore specific facets of community and tribal lifestyles. They are also the “gathering” space of our modern tribe, a nomadic, disconnected, un-rooted and un-grounded tribe, seeking to find where they belong. Many people within the transformational culture have been seeking to go deeper, traveling to places like Peru, Guatemala, Bali, Thailand, etc. Project Nuevo Mundo is currently mapping out impact centers and homestays in these places for individuals that seek authentic cultural and practical educational experiences, so that everyone can consistently find exactly what they’re looking for. By building this network, we wish to catalyze a collaboration of our tribe across the planet to connect with others and start building new projects.

CG: There are some people that may argue that the western “civilized” world has done enough damage to less developed countries and the indigenous people who live there.  Why is a trip like the Earth Odyssey necessary and beneficial for the impact centers it visits? Can you shine some light on how the Earth Odyssey plans to help the communities it visits?

DC: I am with those many people who believe that Western influence has in large part not been positive. I believe that many of these countries would be better off left alone. But the economic realities of globalization are that we live in a world where nothing is protected. Because we do not want to be considered as foreigners coming in to “help” less developed countries, we have selected a team consisting of many Spanish-speaking natives from across Latin America, including Mexico, El Salvador, and Argentina. We are an international network, we are an international tribe. The Earth Odyssey is about connecting, sharing, and exchanging with impact centers, and empowering them to reach their full potential of having a large impact with the work they do. By visiting impact centers, the Earth Odyssey is mapping a trail for future travelers and it is highlighting the amazing work that is going on in these places. These impact centers will have the benefit of promoting their workshops and educational courses to a wider public, attracting skilled individuals to fill needed gaps in their organizations. Many impact centers are working in isolation, and can exponentially increase their effectiveness by sharing things like construction models, skilled labor, seeds and propagated plants, etc. At each center we visit, we will also provide a push to whatever project needs most urgent attention, working side by side as a symbol of cooperation and laying the foundations to build intercultural bridges.

Institute of PermacultureCG: It seems like after learning about the Earth Odyssey and PNM’s plans, some individuals (perhaps many) will feel passionate about the mission and want to get involved. How can these people get involved with PNM’s activities? In what particular areas does the movement need support, and what are the various ways people can plug into the vision to take action?

DC: Project Nuevo Mundo is a young organization, and we have very ambitious goals. We are vastly understaffed and can use a lot of volunteer support. Here are a variety of ways people can help out:

    • We are reaching out to our extended networks for support for our Indiegogo campaign to send off our first Earth Odyssey!

    • We are looking for builders who have a passion to participate in mobile building crews that teach workshops while physically building up infrastructure for self-sustaining settlements.

    • We are looking for nomads who roam the earth to visit and recruit new impact centers, to spread the word of Project Nuevo Mundo through word of mouth, by leaving flyers at traveler hubs like youth hostels, cafes, organic farms, retreat centers, etc.

    • We are working with the Valhalla Movement to assemble an international nomadic team of filmers and documenters to create media and video footage of the impact centers, of events, of classes.

    • We are looking for bus owner-mechanics to captain future Earth Odyssey voyages.

    • We are looking for people with social media experience to spread the message of Project Nuevo Mundo through the virtual world

    • We are looking for writers who are passionate about the culture of sustainable living and of the tribal renaissance to produce content for our website.

    • Everyone is encouraged to attend our events and fundraisers and connect with other people that share the same vision for the future


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