The “Master of Emotion,” Random Rab, is back at it with the release of his newest masterpiece aptly titled Release.  Rab’s fifth full length album features frequent collaborators like Jason Cedar Miller on the majority of the album.  The title track repeats the mantra, “May you release me, release me completely,”  which creates a feeling of “letting go” that fills the listener whenever hearing Rab’s music.  Both joyfully bouncy and emotionally introspective, “Release” takes listeners on a journey to the depth of feeling and back, setting them down gently with a soft kiss on the cheek and warm embrace.

If anything, Rab’s newest and most triumphant album yet is more of the that same, juicy Rab sound that we have all come to know and love.  Here is a quick description from the master himself:

“Random Rab’s new album begins with the birth of an idea before falling into a Release of emotion and sound. Eloquent strings, abstract rhythms, and mysterious melodies channel the spirit of Rab’s journey futher into the digital Americana landscape with rich vocals telling the story of memories past and future. Enjoy the music.”

Creative Director of SolPurpose, creator of The Human Mandala Project and founder of Digital Empathy Design, a web and graphic design collective based out of Boulder, CO. I consider myself a life artist. The world is my canvas and my experiences, relationships and feeling are the medium.