In the Spirit of Solpurpose comes a shimmering reflection from the annals of Visionary Culture. Borne beyond the brink, this ancient-future metamedia collective has delivered a metaprogram, part dj’ed and vj’ed media environment, part presentation, part prayerformance, part education, part entertainment, a post-paradigm pastiche of thoughts, visions, sounds and sights. We gave the live media archives to visionary media maestro Andrew J O’Keefe of and he created this video short to share some reflections of this uniquely creative festival outreach education initiative.

The production and its video features elements from a dynamic team of lineage contributors to the world festival culture including music by Noah Pred, visuals and music by Naasko of Interchill Records, visuals and vocals of Sijay James of and vocals by Delvin Solkinson, live digital art by Andrew Jones, prayerformance by Luna Ravenchilde as well as creative contributions and prayerformance from Eve Ladyapples, Marisa Scirocco, Isis Indriya and Lynzee Lynx.

“Endless blessings and low bows to the World Community.” ~ Crystal & Spore Oracle

It is Solpurpose’s deepest honor to share this innovative educational model created by the visionary hearts and minds of the Crystal & Spore team.  Through the direction of this pioneering system, we are gifted with tools to partake in an interactive and synergistic educational experience – where traditional boundaries between teacher and student are dissolved in an immersive fully integrative model.  May these grounded expressions of creative synergy and visionary leadership inspire us all to continue to push the limits of contemporary education systems.  Moving us ever closer to the initiation of fully accessible and holistically integrative programs that awaken our minds and inspire our hearts to make powerful positive changes to the future of global learning.