lux victoriaLux Moderna – sound producer, master of ceremonies, and yoga instructor from San Francisco – just released Black Sun, her second dose of deep sonic medicine with the followup album to her 2012 release, Sacred Heart. Rich in symbolism and focused intention, Black Sun invites the listener onto an intrapsychic voyage, deep into the mystic realms of the collective unconscious. As a devout priestess and yogini of sound, Lux, spells a beautifully balanced sonic offering blending deep sacred bass with deliberate mantra-esque poetry.  Lux:

“My music is deeply influenced by my meditation practices and chanting mantra. Throughout Black Sun, I am singing prayers for Unity, honoring the divine within, and the remembrance of Love.”

The album seems to have been released in synchronistic flow with the cadence of the cosmos as it aligned perfectly with the Hunter’s Moon and Lunar Eclipse.  On October 18th, the Earth’s shadow, cast by the sun, blotted out part of the Moon during a penumbral eclipse.  This amazing celestial event coupled with Black Sun’s simultaneous release provided me with a grand opportunity of release and reflection.  Honoring the natural rhythms and mysteries of nature, the album provides the listener with an audio-yogic journey into luminous darkness, a remembering of our true origin.  While voyaging deep into Black Sun, I sat in meditation as the outer shadow of the Earth slowly covered the lunar being.  Many epiphanies surfaced while listening and I felt an inner calling to project my own light and conscious intention into the eclipsed Moon.

lux ceremony rw2k13

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lux looks to the heavensLunar eclipses provide a potent opportunity to bring together opposites in a clear and powerful way.  The album opener, “Singularity,” flowed perfectly with this cosmic theme and set the tone for the rest of the album to unfold.  Within moments I felt visceral bass gurgles tunneling around and within, opening up channels of communication with the universe.  The sacred bass pulsations orchestrate and sculpt sonic pillars for an inner meditative space that I dwelled within for the rest of the album.  These sounds weave together with organic threads of Lux’s choral mantra work.   Through this rich sonic fabric of harmony, I felt the slow emergence of a vibratory womb resembling a mandorla.  I sincerely felt as if I was walking into sacred ceremony, moving deeper and deeper within myself.  As the devotional chanting continued to harmonize and spiral within the architecture of this sonic cathedral, the womb opened up around me and I felt microcosm collide with macrocosm.  Within this singularity, I experienced an initiatory spark of the alchemical magnum opus.  Lux:

“The Black Sun, my Sacred Heart, is the internal access point through which my consciousness connects to the eternal Universal essence. Now is the time for all of us to lend our consciousness to the completion of the Magnum Opus, the Great alchemical Work, transmuting our base nature into the purest gold. As we shift our focus to invoke the highest and best in this world, we purify our hearts and minds. Our heart’s true dreams and desires begin to manifest all around us.”

white goddessThe album provides inspiration and opportunity for personal reflection as we learn to open our hearts and minds to courageously step into the transcendental fires of own Great Work.  For each individual this Great Work may take different forms.  Carl Jung, a pioneering psychotherapist in the realms of alchemy, archetypes and the collective unconscious, once said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” As we move into the winter months ahead, we can go within to honor the rising darkness and changing tides of our own experience.  Becoming aware of our shadow and taking ownership of our projections allows us to clearly discern the darkness we unconsciously carry into all of our dealings.  An individual initiated to the path of self-knowledge realizes that whatever we find wrong in the world can also be found inside.  In my perception, this album encourages the listener to cultivate the audacity to deal with our own shadow, allowing us to continue our own authentic path of healing.  Lux:

“I chose to release Black Sun on the night of the Hunter’s Moon, when we have passed the Equinox and the days are getting shorter and the darkness is rising. This encourages an introspection and self-reflection. I hope that my album can serve as a beacon of light while simultaneously honoring the experience of being in darkness as we travel through the Winter.”

lux performance

Like the Hunter’s Moon, Lux’s intentionally orchestrated sonic temple and poetic guidance provide a supportive and illuminating presence on the journey inward.  Her profound, thunderous bass ripples through the nervous system, shaking loose and facilitating the release of what no longer serves our highest good.  The sacred tapestries of Lux’s musical prayers pulsates focused seed reverberations deep into the root and core of her listeners, providing them with a profound opportunity for vibrational healing.

lux smiles

I have so much gratitude for Lux and this beautiful sonic offering.  Black Sun is an authentic gift of devotional sonic poetry interlaced with a heartfelt purpose to honor the depths and beauty of this world and human experience.  I personally invite you to find the time and meditative space to close your eyes and voyage deep inside, into the Black Sun, the invisible source of all that is.  Turn up the volume and immerse yourself into the sacred bass sounds, allowing for the co-creation of a ceremonial sonic temple deep in the heart caverns of your own being.

Nicholas works at a community-based mental health and recovery agency where he continues to find opportunities for holistic balance, while exploring neurological techniques of meta-programming with the intention to inspire and support each person’s potential to self-heal. His vision is to co-create holistic health centers in local communities that embrace a multi-disciplinary and integrative approach to therapy and healing.