Dréa Drury – vocalist, composer and sound therapist – just released Warrior, her first release under her new project Anilah.  In the past, she has  released a series of ambient and vocal compositions through her previous project Zoetic.  

Warrior creatively fuses deep drone-like soundscapes of shamanic instrumentation and percussion with elements of progressive rock, dark ambience and sacred chanting.  The album invites the listener into a spiritual journey, oscillating from serene melodies to powerful surges of metal.  Medicine vibrations beckon within  each song creating a dynamic and initiatory sonic experience.  As I listen, I am continuously reminded that my whole being is a musical symphony.  As I tune deeper into the immersive soundscapes, I can feel Dréa’s open heart pouring love and universal life-force through her intentional compositions.

Drawing inspiration from shamanic sound practices, sacred chant, toning, dark tribal and Indian Classical traditions, Anilah brilliantly melds organic and synthesized sounds to create entrancing soundscapes for the listener to voyage and meditate within.  Ceremony and ritual are deliberate processes spelled into core of Anilah’s composition.

“The reason I use ritual and ceremony in a creative context is to help dissolve perceptual boundaries, and to enhance my ability to hear in a different way. Usually this involves actively creating a trance state through pranayama, kriyas, or mantra.”

The album opens with Dréa’s voice emerging gracefully through natural sounds of birds chirping, Tibetan bowls singing, and synths droning.  These sounds echo like whispering wind in a mountainous outdoor timbre.   Dréa then  layers her own voice on top of itself, creating a rich tapestry of choral harmonics.  In the song “Calling the Others,” this intentional driven fabric cascades through the listener like pulsating waterfalls.  Each song feels more and more alive as the listener expands deeper into the soundscapes.

Dréa grew up in a remote area of British Columbia developing inspiration through her experiences of being in nature.  Her musical orientation includes the understanding that one can learn and appreciate everything about sound through experientially observing the elements around them.  This knowledge can become accessed more clearly by tuning in and listening carefully to the stirrings of various landscapes in a receptive state of silence.  Dréa provides the following example of this process at play:

“When I am walking through the forest and allow myself to open to the larger conversation that is happening, I feel myself filling up with the sheer grace of being, and literally have no other option but to express my gratitude – and this happens in the form of a song or melody. So to rephrase: I breathe nature in, I breathe melody out. My creativity takes this form.”

Here is a beautiful video of “Calling the Others” from Warrior created by Simon Haiduk

She currently resides in the Selkirk Mountains of Western Canada where she produces the majority of her material, as  well as on Cortes Island on the West Coast.  The title track, ‘Warrior,’ was composed at a time when Dréa was an active practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and deeply involved in ceremony.

“The entire melody, lyrics, and composition came through in one moment, and there was a very visceral grace-like experience that came with it. I remember that my whole body felt weightless, and there was sensations of radiant angelic like wings surrounding me in all directions.”

Goddess of Dust, Android Jones, visionary art, sacred art, Solpurpose
“Goddess of Dust” By Android Jones

Dréa has completed a certificate in Psychoacoustics (the effects of music and sound on the human nervous system) and Sound Healing at  the Globe Institute.  She  offers private sound therapy services utilizing various methods such as drumming, acutonics, and voice work.  She has intimately  studied the art of using the human voice as a healing modality with sound healers and shamans for over 10 years.  Dréa’s interest and exploration into the esoteric application of sound is infused into her musical offerings of  Anilah.

Sound and music have been used as tools for thousands of years to create harmony within the physical and non-physical systems of the human body.  The natural overtones within the human voice can nourish the nervous system with healing vibrations by entraining and re-tuning frequencies at a cellular level.  The voice can be used to clear tension and blockages within the human body allowing frequencies of the various human systems to resonate at their natural potential.

“If the water in our cells can be affected by vibration, then we can begin to understand how music isn’t just ‘heard’ through the ears, it is changing structure and form. The implications are vast. I would encourage anyone interested to do their own research.”

Dréa humbly does not take credit for the music – only the thousands of hours she has put into perfecting the instrument of her voice and developing an understanding of the natural architecture of melody and harmony.  I encourage you to find a quiet and comfortable opportunity to deeply relax and attentively tune into the medicinal music offerings of Anilah.  The follow up full-length album to Warrior is already written.  She intends to launch a crowd-funding campaign in the next few months.  Visit Anilah’s website for more information.

Nicholas works at a community-based mental health and recovery agency where he continues to find opportunities for holistic balance, while exploring neurological techniques of meta-programming with the intention to inspire and support each person’s potential to self-heal. His vision is to co-create holistic health centers in local communities that embrace a multi-disciplinary and integrative approach to therapy and healing.