At the heart of transformational festivals lies the desire to enrich lives and build deeper connections. These festivals also foster a community of self improvement, art, and expression, and help to manifest a holistic society.

This year in South Carolina over the weekend of May 15-18, 2014, Kinnection Campout created just such a space. Through beautiful music, gentle caring of the land, and life-changing workshops, a place was created for people to get to know each other and themselves a little deeper. With the opportunity to know others in these ways through shared and meaningful experiences, we are able to see into our own inner worlds with that much more appreciation and understanding. One moment that captured the essence of this event was a workshop held by Isaac Cotec that discussed what he calls the Artistic Process.

Stillness Dawns Ryan Johnson

On Saturday, Isaac curated a panel discussion with some of the headliners performing their music at the gathering. It included such inspiring artists as Sixis, Futexture, Earthcry, Subaqueous, and Push/Pull.  The discussion moved through a journey of their inner artistic processes and how it all unfolds. Topics ranged from spirituality and music, to how we create culture through dance, where inspiration comes from, and more.

The audio from this discussion was recorded and is available to stream and download.

Tides of Twilight, Isaac’s third full length release, is a compendium of art, music and storytelling. Released 11/11/14 on Merkaba Music, he enlisted visionary artist and SolPurpose favorite, Ryan Johnson, to create a series of digital paintings to go along with each track. Accompanying the audio and visuals is an enchanting narrative told by Elise Barrett. The wholistic story is told at

The Dissolve Ryan Johnson

Isaac Cotec is constantly curating and sharing knowledge on music production, the creative process, and his own music at