What does it mean to ReInhabit the Village? 

For me, a 10 year festival veteran, that translates to harnessing the energy that is spent creating large scale music and arts festivals into something that promotes sustainability, builds community and creates resources.

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Imagine walking through the gates of your very own adult theme park. A place that you have helped to design and build. A place where you work and feel joy from the effort that you put in. A place that you keep coming back to because it is a central hub for your community. This place is beautiful. Everything here is intricately crafted because it was done with love. Talk a walk through the gardens and greenhouses, where life explodes from the ground because of the care and nurturing that you have helped to provide. You sink your hands into the dirt.


After your organic, farm to table lunch, you struggle to decide between taking your favorite yoga class or taking an afternoon natural building workshop with nature artist, Nature Dreamweaver. Both free with your membership to this amazing land, of course. You decide on the yoga class and afterward, help cook dinner for the 50 people who have registered.

With the dinner coming to completion, you walk over to the amphitheater on the land, complete with a beauftiful  stage built from natural, local sourced materials, to watch The Polish Ambassador throw down one of his infamous “Party with a Purpose” sets. Afterward, you drive home, or maybe you walk to one of the many domiciles on the land that are available for short and long term rent and ownership. You breath a sigh of gratitude, because you know that you have finally found that place that you belong to, that family and that home. You smile as you fall asleep at the thought of getting up tomorrow to do it all over again.


This is a vision that many of us have seen. It is the reason many event producers get up in the morning. We build these temporary villages, one weekend at a time, in order to practice and template the skills and knowledge necessary to create the scene described above.

It starts by bringing the voices together, which Jamaica Stevens and the ReInhabiting the Village team are doing beautifully. Currently in the middle of a crowd funding campaign, RIV is producing a physical edition book, ebook, workbook and resource database focused on next level event production and community building. It features the voices of the transformational community and is a must have for anyone who is interested in festival culture or community creation. Whatever your dream for community is, this project has best practices and practical approaches to building healthy communities, healthy people and a healthy planet.


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