Michael Divine | “Judgement”

Michael Divine | "Judgement"
“Judgement” card #19 of the Major Arcana by Michael Divine
The judgement card offers this: where and how do we find balance in the world?
We create identities and judgements and value systems around so many things: gender and politics, money and food, our actions, our speech, how we love. Are we standing on one side of the scales while we try to push and pull the other side? Or we somewhere in the middle, dissolving and resolving, raveling and unraveling… Relaxing and opening… Releasing ourselves into the everything.
When there is no one left to judge – no I left to cast judgement – no value systems – no higher or lower – no final insurmountability – no heavens opening – no rays of light – no more no mores…
Only then. Only then.
Only now.