Feelings that seem to shimmer and glow like crystals
Lie within us, waiting like a chord to be struck.
My quest is to capture these moments and share them.Born in Brampton, Ontario, on September 24th 1993, Ricky has lived through creative expression since he could walk and talk. With an artist for a father, he was introduced to painting at an early age and developed his ability throughout the early years of his childhood. In high school, after a poignant spiritual experience, he bought paints and canvases of his own and began to paint again, at a deeper, more intimate level than before. A trip to Guatemala for the month of December 2012, where he participated in 7 Sacred Fire Ceremonies at the mayan ruins throughout the country, changed him as a person and moulded him into the perfect conduit. Upon returning home, he erupted with paintings and, in the years since, has produced over 100 works of art with no signs of slowing down.

Ricky Schaede’s Gallery